Silver Signet Rings

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Silver signet rings are jewellery used for official and private purposes. They may be engraved to identify the owner of the ring or to create a personal mark. Such items can be made from various materials, but silver is one of the most popular due to its beauty and affordability. The FJewellery online store offers a wide assortment of items at an attractive price.

Features of a sterling silver signet ring

Silver signet rings have been used since ancient times, with a history dating back thousands of years. In ancient civilizations, they were an integral part of society, used to seal contracts, create signatures, and identify important individuals.

Today, 925 signet ring have become a popular accessory, used not only for official purposes but also as a fashion statement. They can be designed in various styles, from classic to modern.

They can be worn on different fingers, but most commonly on the pinky finger. However, experimenting with other fingers is also allowed. Such rings also look great on the index finger, as well as the thumb.

If we are discussing the traditional understanding of the design of such jewellery, then there are several options:

  • A simple yet elegant signet silver ring with an oval print is a popular design. It often has a smooth, plain surface without any embellishment or ornamentation, and may be adorned with only minimal engraving, such as the ring owner's initials. This makes such a ring a personalised piece of jewellery.
  • The engraved embossed design is also eye-catching. Such a square ring can be engraved in the form of a coat of arms, a monogram, a coin, or another symbol that is significant to the owner of the ring. Relief engraving on the ring can be made in different vintage styles, such as antique or gothic.
  • A ring with an oval signet adorned with intricate ornaments is another popular design. The ornamentation on the ring can be made in different styles, such as Art Nouveau, Rococo, or Baroque. Such a ring can be decorated with a precious stone, such as onyx or garnet.

Signet rings in sterling silver may also have more modern designs, including geometric shapes, but classic designs such as oval signets or engraved embossments remain popular with people who value tradition and history.

If you are looking to buy silver signet ring, consider these models:

  • With a cut-out logo or symbol, which can be created using laser engraving technology, allowing for clear and detailed designs on the ring, is a popular option, especially for custom-made models.
  • Unusual shapes are also eye-catching and can include oval or square rings, as well as custom shapes such as rectangles, hearts, or stars.
  • Inlaid gemstone. For example, a silver signet ring can be adorned with stone, such as a cheap onyx or a diamond, to add vibrant colour and uniqueness.
  • Combined design. For example, a ring can be made of both silver and gold to create a more interesting and unusual look.
  • Minimalist. Such a ring can have a very clean and simple look, adorned only with a small engraving of initials or a symbol.
  • With symbols of cultural or religious communities. For example, a ring can be adorned with a symbol from Eastern culture or a zodiac sign to express one's interests or beliefs.

These are just some of the possible modern solid sterling silver signet ring designs and each one can be unique and special to its wearer.

What to wear with such an accessory?

If you're still unsure about how to wear it, we have a few tips. A silver signet ring is a versatile accessory that can be worn by both womens and mens. Of course, the style and design of the ring may vary depending on gender, but in general, it can be used to complement various outfits.

Here are a few hints for him:

  • You can wear them on either hand, but usually, gents wear them on the little finger of their right hand.
  • Use them for everyday wear or formal events. For example, a signet ring can be worn as an accessory with a business suit to complete the look.
  • You can pass them down as a family seal or ancestral symbol.
  • They complement both classic and modern styles.

A few tips for her:

  • Ladies can also wear such rings on either hand, but the most common place to wear them is on the ring finger of the right or left hand.
  • You can use them on both casual and formal occasions, depending on their style and design.
  • Choose bright colours, like jewel-toned or richly embellished, to emphasise femininity and give your outfit a more elegant look.

Please note that there are no strictly male or female designs. Nowadays, conventions are becoming more blurred, and you have a great opportunity to choose something perfect for you. This item pairs well with different accessories. You could wear it with pendants zodiac sign on curb chains or any other type of chain. And, of course, you could choose earrings in any design, such as gold stud earrings. There is only one rule that should not be ignored: a signet ring, even if it is small, or especially if it is chunky, is a visually heavy and bold accessory in itself. Therefore, it is important not to overload your look by drawing attention to other, brighter pieces. Everything should be harmonious.

There is an opinion that male models are more expensive. This is only partially true. Guys rings are just bulkier and have more weight due to their size. Additionally, the cost of any piece of jewellery depends on the amount of metal used, the presence of inlaid stones (type of mineral, its cost), and the level of engraving.

All information on FJewellery models can be found in the description near the picture. You can find jewellery for any occasion on sale, in a variety of designs ranging from vintage to modern.