Children's Bracelets

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From a very young age, little fashionistas strive to keep up with their parents in matters of style and self-expression - children love to copy the outfits and accessories of their elders in order to also seem more mature. And if your child is already fully interested in your collection of jewelry, then maybe it's time to help him create his own, and you can start it with childrens bracelets. These beautiful and practical accessories will be a great gift for growing fashionistas and will help them develop their own unique taste. And you can buy an impeccable first model for a baby in the FJewellery boutique. We have prepared for you a wide assortment of bracelets for babies in a variety of price categories, and even with a very minimal budget, you can find a worthwhile and original jewel here. Visit the site, choose high-quality goods and make the most pleasant surprises for your beloved kids! Welcome!

How to select the first precious accessory for a child?

When choosing any decorations for kids, their quality should always be a priority, which means that the type of material from which they are made is very important. Speaking of precious metals, it's, of course, classic gold or traditional silver. Both metals have hypoallergenic properties and are absolutely safe even for the smallest childs. It's silver that has become widespread among children's decorations, due to its low cost - kids may well lose or tear the decoration, and in this case the loss will not be so critical. Gold, on the other hand, costs a little more, therefore it's recommended to purchase it for older children, who already understand the value of this thing and will treat it more carefully.

Also, don't forget about the additional protective coating for the metal - it will save the product from damage and scratches, and also give a special shine that will definitely impress young ladies and gentlemen. Rhodium plating is what you need for this!

The second stage of selection will be a suitable design. This is a very individual parameter, which completely depends on the tastes and hobbies of the child. As a rule, kids prefer bright and colourful decor with fancy elements - these can be:

  • favorite characters from funny fairy tales, movies or popular cartoons;
  • floral or animal motifs;
  • volumetric geometric patterns;
  • hearts, stars and other cute attributes.

Any fashion designer who creates kids' accessories knows for sure that the brighter and more original the product is decorated, the more attention it will attract kids, which means that the abundance of multi-coloured inserts and unusual sparkling elements is a must-have for such jewelry! And in the FJewellery catalogue you will find many such pieces - as unique and shining as your little stars!

And the third essential criterion is the selection of suitable sizes. Children grow up quite quickly and if you buy a piece of jewelry that is exactly the size of a wrist, then very soon it can become too small. The ideal solution would be one-size-fits-all bangles or expandable models - they will fit any hand, and you can easily vary the diameter as your child grows.

Accessories for teenagers

This is a completely different category of jewellery, because at this age, young boys and girls are already more meticulous about their appearance and are closely following the changes in the fashion industry. They want to look cool and stylish, keep up with popular trends and show their individuality as much as possible, and therefore if you are looking for bracelets for teens as a gift, then keep in mind that they should be as personalised as possible to the character and preferences of the recipient.

A common trend today is layered jewellery sets that combine various styles and designs. It's easy to make such a stack of bracelets and teenagers love to do it on their own, using original themed accessories. So, for teenage girls, bracelets with delicate openwork weaving and cubic zirconias can be an ideal present, and for teenage guys, daring bracelets made of stainless steel and stylish black leather or chain models with massive and voluminous links are suitable.

Thus, it's much easier to choose a bracelet model for a teenager, so you can clearly understand their wishes and select standard universal sizes. In addition, it will be more interesting for girls and guys to create their own exclusive kits of accessories based on them, adding other precious decorations to them, such as:

You yourself can pick up such a kit for your child on the pages of the FJewellery website. All products in sale in our store can be classified into categories: select specific designs, compare styles, types of metals and decor, etc. Each model in the catalogue has a detailed description and real pictures, and therefore you can easily assemble an interesting thematic set. Also, our managers are always in touch and if you need advice - just contact us in the online chat! Waiting for you!