Children's Silver Bracelets

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Young children tend to imitate their parents in everything: hairstyles, clothes, accessories - this is expressed even in the smallest details. And if you have already noticed such a desire for your child, it's time to help him start developing his personal taste and teach him the basics of precious style. Help your little one create their own collection of accessories and start with silver childrens bracelets. Such a cute and touching present will impress any young fashionista and give the baby a lot of happy emotions! If you are choosing children's decorations for the first time and don't know where to start - go to the FJewellery website, and we will help you with this! Our assortment contains many beautiful models for kids, and you can always get expert advice from our managers. Join now and buy gifts for your favourite babes at the best prices!

Where to begin?

Firstly, you should choose the safest and most reliable type of metal - this is the basis of any precious accessory. In this case, sterling silver is the best choice! 925 alloy is hypoallergenic, easy to care for and looks great in any situation thanks to its neutral hue. In addition, it has a very budgetary cost and this plays a very essential role. Also, don't forget about the additional coating - a thin layer of precious rhodium will help protect the metal from unwanted damage and give it a special shine that kids like so much. And if you want something more unusual, then it's quite possible to select a model with bright gilding, blackening or a sophisticated matte finish.

Size matters

When choosing a babys silver bracelet, many parents often face the problem of finding the right size, so that the decoration fits beautifully on the hand, doesn't interfere with the child during outdoor games and looks harmonious. In this case, there is a very simple solution - to pick up jewellery with an adjustable clasp or a moving element, such as expandable models, suitable for any wrist circumference. This is very practical and convenient, and will also allow you to change the diameter of the bracelet as the child grows, and in the future, there will be no problem that the jewelry has become too small. Of course, it will be difficult for infants to select a convenient size for an accessory, but you must agree that it's better to offer products such as bracelets to kids at a slightly older age.

What design to choose?

Oh, this is the most interesting stage in the selection of jewellery, because all childs are different and everyone has their own preferences. So, how to find the very design that will unconditionally conquer the baby and make the bracelet you gave him his favourite decoration? This issue should be approached as personalised as possible and based on the nature of the child, his hobbies and habits. What cartoons does your child like to watch? Who is his favourite character? What animal or plant does he like best? By answering these questions, you can easily find the perfect bracelet! So, for example, many little girls like jewels with floral engravings, bright pictures or hanging elements in the form of cute animals, stars and hearts. Boys are fonder of nautical or sports themes, and such options are also in sale.

If you are looking for jewellery for teenager, we advise you to give preference to more "adult" models: for girls, the presence of inserts made of precious gems is suitable, and for guys - daring and stylish models with a combination of leather, stainless steel and thematic decor.

To the selected silver bracelet, you can also add other accessories suitable for children, such as:

We are constantly expanding the range of children's products in the FJewellery boutique to provide our customers with more options to choose from! Stay tuned for updates and select only the best for your beautiful babies!