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Some believers are convinced that wearing a cross will result in their absolute protection from evil. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter whether you prefer cross crucifix layouts for their inner powers or stunning appearance, these accessories are beloved by both Christians and non-Christians. If you would like to prepare gifts for your relatives and friends but are out of great ideas, then such necklaces will turn out into gorgeous options for different people, regardless of their age, gender, and occupation. Take into account the FJewellery recommendations to select something brilliant.

Which Religions Use a Crucifix?

A strong faith also means a careful attitude to details. If you would like to prefer crosses with a crucifix for their great meaning, then you can’t but consider which religions welcome this symbol. Overall, this element is applied not only by western and eastern Catholics, but also by the representatives of Lutheran, Orthodox, and Moravian directions. It is not very typical for Protestant churches though.

In its first place, the symbol under account is applied to signify and emphasize the sacrifice of Jesus. This is an always-to-be honour and respect to wear this pendant and remember God’s love and care. The crucifix in Christianity is a symbol of the victory of life over death, and, paradoxically, almost an object of joy, because it contains the idea of the Resurrection. If we let us be slightly distant from the religious part of the deal, such designs function as a powerful protective amulet. In the role of a charm, it will be useful for non-Christians too.

Today stores offer a great variety of crosses of different shapes. However, very often not only parents who are going to baptize a child, but also salespeople and consultants cannot explain which is the Orthodox cross and which is the Catholic one, although it is actually very easy to distinguish them. In the Catholic tradition, the cross is a quadrangular cross, with three nails. In Orthodoxy, there are four-pointed, six-pointed, and eight-pointed crosses, with four nails for arms and legs.

How to Choose the Best Crucifix Crosses

If the cost isn’t that meaningful for you, then you achieve an excellent ability to purchase a custom-made ensemble of accessories. In this case, it is important to ensure the materials and dimensions of the cross and chain will be matching. When it comes to cross with crucifix, its weight should be twice less than the size of the necklace itself. Then the actual balance will be kept even after a prolonged wearing period.

The following pieces of advice will also contribute to your decision-making:

  • The reason why this product is a wonderful gift is in its universal nature. If you accompany a crucifix cross with chains unisex options, then you are up in arms to congratulate your beloved women or mens on a significant date.
  • Besides, this layout allows preparing personalized presents. While solutions for her can be jeweled necklaces and come along with double gemstone rings. Platinum rings for him will be a male ensemble version.
  • It is a nice idea to experiment and mix styles. On the one hand, earrings Claddagh pieces will look gorgeous with Celtic crosses. On the other hand, the alternative under consideration will create an adorably new vibe.
  • With the advancement in craftsmanship, there are new technologies that allow going further from typical one-material crosses. Apart from pretty standard tubed crucifixes made of gold and silver, there are numerous fancy designs. For example, that could be hollow crucifixes where different metals are combined to highlight several composition elements (yellow and white gold, etc.). Besides, some areas can be cut out which makes the piece look more gentle and delicate.
  • Pay attention to the metal’s purity in the alloy. Usually, the lower the percentage is, the higher hardness will be achieved. For gold caratage, 9ct refers to 37.5%, while 14ct, 18ct, and 24ct to 58.5%, 75%, and 100% purity. The last option isn’t recommended since it is too soft and not durable, especially in comparison to other alloys.

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