Fancy Сrosses

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Good taste and classic solutions will always be in vogue. However, the trend towards originality is competing with them. Therefore, along with the traditional methods of cutting, fancy cross is in demand. You can buy rings, signet rings, pendants and earrings as well as other jewellery with fancy-cut stones from the F jewellery website.

Cross and style

The cross fancy is a symbol of faith, which has recently become not only a religious attribute but also a beautiful design adornment that is very popular among both women and men. Furthermore, a gift given to a child for a christening is an indispensable amulet in Orthodox culture. According to popular belief, it is not only a model of faith but also powerful protection.

The style of the jewellery is determined by the insert. Black remains a classic in both clothing and jewellery. The drama of the palette transforms into their elegance. Even laconic compositions are unique and mysterious. Black varieties are inherent in pearls, cubic zirconia, onyx, agate, aventurine and other precious and semi-precious stones.

Black gemstones act as contrasting motif and are combined with different metals. Dark stones set in silver, red or white gold are regarded as a classic. Combined metals mixed with them are a fashion trend. You can see pictures and buy them or a necklace on our F jewellery website catalogue at an attractive cost.


  • The charm of fancy crosses or mens signet rings to order lies in their loose, almost magical structure. The design can even include individual inserts. Moreover, they are not always symmetrically arranged.
  • The combination of two or more precious metals in a single piece with an unusual structure makes the piece special.
  • A large number of decorative elements will make the piece look heavier.

The cross for sale is one of the oldest symbols inherent in many civilizations and cultures around the world. A sign born of the embodiment of life - fire - was later adopted by religion, philosophy and fashion. In addition to traditional Orthodox and Catholic vests, fancy cross and women bracelets are very popular.

Wide and narrow, small and large, with or without stones, with additional decorative elements, unusual shape, engraving, inscriptions, cheap an expensive - all this variety unites crosses. You can buy a product, chains rope or pendant of your choice at an affordable price in a couple of clicks in the F jewellery store assortment.