Multi Colour Gold Earrings

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Every contemporary lady knows for sure that to fully complete the image, a bright detail is needed that won't only focus attention on itself, but also add a harmonious accent to the whole outfit. Not every accessory is capable of this, but 3 coloured gold earrings will do the job in the best possible way! Their main feature is their versatility and this enchanting magic of precious shades, which has already won a single ladies heart.

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Unique benefits of coloured accessories - what are they?

Everything in our life is tied to colours and their combinations - in a world where there are so many shades, we want to find something special for ourselves! Indeed, with the help of different tones, you can demonstrate your mood, show character, feelings - there are so many possibilities that one or 2 colour are simply not enough here! It's at this moment that jewelry comes to the rescue, capable of completely transforming our appearance and creating the necessary wow effect around our person! Multi coloured gold earrings are a must-have item in any womens wardrobe when you want to show off your individuality and impeccably subtle and precise sense of style. Want to know more about how they work their magic? Read on!

Features of metals and their combinations

Each type of precious decoration is based on high-quality and noble metal. Literally everything depends on it:

  • durability;
  • strength;
  • wear resistance;
  • beauty.

For three colour jewels, gold is most typically used - it's the most versatile for such experiments. Such gold alloys come in different purity and shades - this doesn't mean that one of them can be better or worse, but the fact is that they are different and each is good in its own way. So, for example, 9 carat alloy is considered the most common and cost-effective - it's an ideal solution for everyday wear. 14 kt gold is also very popular and the demand for it hasn't decreased over the years. 18 crt products are especially popular among lovers of precious luxury and those who seek to profitably invest in a truly eternal metal. Yes, there are differences in the alloy compositions between them, but this doesn't affect their reliability in any way. Especially when you consider the fact that almost all contemporary accessories are made using an additional coating that enhances their brilliance and makes the metal less susceptible to any kind of damage.

Now with regard to shades and their mixes. In such jewellery, the most popular tones of noble gold are most often used. Among them, two color are considered basic (yellow and white), the rest vary at will and depending on the features of the models. Most of the pieces are complemented by such trendy tones as rose and red, but designers never tire of surprising us with innovations every season - you just have time to follow the ever-growing assortment! And we think it's great!

Variations in styles and shapes

Tri colour gold earrings are presented in a variety of designs, among which there are both the most classic and concise options, as well as more extravagant ones. We propose to consider the most popular of those that are in sale.

  1. Traditional stud. This model needs no introduction, because this design has been the trendiest for several decades now, and it's difficult to find equals to it in terms of versatility. Coloured studs always look very unusual - overflows and glitter of metals add a certain chic to this seemingly simple accessory. And non-standard and beautiful forms complete the job, for example: a voluminous knot or a plexus of rings that form the triskel sign - they are quite large, with a width of more than 9-10 mm, noticeable and this is exactly what you need for a stylish female outfit!
  2. Drop earrings. These products are considered to be truly feminine and refined, because in addition to the exquisite brilliance of metal, there is also a gentle precious lightness, which we often miss in the routine rhythm of life. Just imagine a delicate golden leaf, which is easy to dangle and complement the airy look with loose curls and openwork summer dresses - this is truly beautiful and aesthetically pleasing! And it's also noteworthy that the height of such earrings is always different, and you can easily vary and select a model for your specific outfit and depending on your convenience.
  3. Huggie. Fashionable, stylish, flawless - these models made a splash when they appeared and are still one of the most sought-after accessories for her. They look like an endless rainbow of noble shades settled on your ear and beckon you to look at it and smile! And besides, these earrings have an incredibly comfortable and secure clasp, which makes them the best purchase option for children!
  4. Creole earrings. A real exotic for girls who love to create unusual images and surprise others with their spectacular outfits. Non-standard shapes, voluminous decor, original textures - every detail in these jewelleries fascinates! We can talk a lot about this design for a long time, but just put them on ear once, and it will be love at first sight!

These models are just asking to be in your personal jewellery box! But if you still don't have enough exclusivity, then we invite you to consider other cool products from our catalogue:

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