White Gold Lockets

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When it comes to personalized jewellery, locket white gold has always caught our attention. They always look appropriate in any look, and are great for a gift to a loved one or to buy to pamper yourself. The FJewellery online store offers a large collection of these and other accessories.

White Gold LocketsWhite Gold Lockets

Advantages of white gold lockets

Even though this shape was invented a long time ago, medallions do not go out of fashion. There is always a demand for them, and this is understandable because they have an impressive list of advantages, the main of which are:

  • The medallion fits almost any style of clothing. You can wear it in summer and winter, over clothing or on the body, completing a strict classic, casual, or extremely stylish look. It also pairs well with different styles of jewellery. Do you like something sporty? A medallion pendant and any model of Huggies earrings would look great. Do you like gemstones? Choose ruby cluster rings and a pendant with the same crystal. Any option you can think of is available. The cost of the piece will depend on the weight and value of the components.
  • If we talk about personalised jewellery, perhaps there is nothing more personal than the mystery inside a locket. You know that inside such a pendant there is a cavity into which you can insert a photo of your beloved or loved one, a note with the most cherished wishes, or a prayer to a saint. All these little things dear to your heart can be kept in a small piece of jewellery on the neck, as close to your heart as possible.
  • A huge number of designs. There really is a lot to choose from. You can find ready-for-sale medallions in the form of geometric shapes (oval, round, square, hexagonal, pentagonal, etc.), as well as no less popular fantasy medallions (heart, filigree star, shell, etc.). In addition, the design of medallions is very diverse. They can be gem-set, engraved, and plated. The latter option is preferable if you like a perfect silver sheen.
  • Functionally, it is also quite useful and interesting. First, this beautiful piece of jewellery looks harmonious when worn separately and in tiered designs. Second, there are models available that can be worn as a pendant, hung on a chain, or used as a charm on a bracelet. For this purpose, trace chains or any other type of weave will do. Thirdly, the models themselves can be multifunctional: you can wear photos in them; a prayer and wishes written on a piece of paper; as well as solid perfume or cheap gauze soaked in essential oils; a picture or logo of a favourite character or company. We're sure you can come up with a couple more, or maybe more, options if you wish.
  • Materials for the white gold medallion. In this case, we are talking about white gold jewelry in any number of carats. It looks great and suits everyone: those with warm skin tones and those with cold skin tones. The thing is, no matter how much silver is added to the alloy, it still turns out a little yellowish. If you want to get a piece of shiny silver jewellery without a hint of golden hue, then pay attention to medallions of white gold coated with rhodium. This metal is in the platinum group. It lends an exquisite shine and a flawless silver colour to any piece of jewellery. It also protects the piece from scratches. Just don't forget to renew the coating from time to time at the jeweller.
  • It is also one of the best gifts for him and for her.

Pendant design

It is believed that in the very beginning of the appearance of this design, the medallion was referred to as a plain metal disc. It depicted generals, rulers, or beautiful places. It is believed that pendants with hidden niches appeared during or just after the Borgia era. It is thought to have been an elegant answer to rings with a hidden compartment. Anything from a portrait of a loved one to scented oils could be stored there, which could slightly conceal unpleasant odours.

Lockets made of White GoldLockets made of White Gold

As before, modern models have several options:

  • Open like a book (with loops on the side, top, or centre).
  • Floating design (slides left or right).

As a rule, they are closed with a latch to protect the contents from sudden openings.

They can be large, medium, or small.

The classic version has two surfaces that are movably connected. The inner parts are framed. They can be on one side (in which case you can place only one photo) or on both sides (you will have space under the photo). There are more complicated designers that can accommodate two or more photos. Of course, the "secret" pocket is out of the question in this case. This is an extremely functional model, which will allow you to keep photos of all relatives, insides, etc.

The FJewellery online store is glad to please you with its new collection. You'll find both modern models and vintage-inspired jewellery here. Also, you can always order our jeweler's unique work to order. In this case, you will become the owner of a one-of-a-kind model. Each pendant in the catalogue is illustrated with a detailed photo and has a detailed description and price. If you need help, you can always contact our concierge.