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We come across unique and unusual jewellery that has character. For example, lockets. They create a mood and look elegant. And they also have a story. That is probably the most attractive. In this section of the FJewellery online shop, you will find a large locket collection made of different materials and in different designs. In this article, you will find a lot of useful information: get acquainted with this jewellery and its history; learn what materials they are made of; and learn how to choose and take care of them. If you need help choosing the best option, you can always find answers to most of the questions we get asked. You can also ask our concierge for help at any time.

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Medallion, locket, pendant, and necklace: is there a difference?

For the general public, there is no difference between these three concepts. But for the sake of purity of perception and in order to eliminate all possible misunderstandings, we will nevertheless devote some time to this question.

  • A pendant is a decorative pendant that is worn on a chain. It can be made in any style or design and have different sizes. The main thing about such a product is that it can be suspended from one chain to another. For this purpose, the pendant has a special attachment. You can pick up any of the known types of chains that you like. We only recommend that the links be connected movably so that the product does not collapse; it is a heavy and large model.
  • A medallion is an oversized pendant that can be oval, round, square, or any other shape. These are metal plates that can have a bas-relief and be encrusted with precious stones. For example, the popular men's tags are one striking example of such a product.
  • A locket, in fact, is also a pendant that has a certain design. It can be both a separate, independent product and a part of a necklace. We will talk about the design features and shapes of such models below. But there is something that fundamentally distinguishes it from all other pendants. It opens and has a cavity inside, which the owner of the product can use for its intended purpose.
  • A necklace is a single-piece piece of jewellery that, more often than not, cannot be altered. For example, a chain with pendants attached to it has extra weight. A locket can be part of a necklace. In this case, you don't have to look for a separate chain, as it is already included. That is, you buy a chain with a locket attached to it. The advantages of this choice are that the product is already completely ready for use. The price may be higher.

Why are medallions so popular?

Jewellers believe it's all about "magic." These sentimental little things will always be with us. Medallions are not just pieces made of precious metals. Even if they are inlaid with precious stones. All this determines their material and aesthetic appeal. And, of course, when choosing, these parameters have an important value.

Zodiac LocketsZodiac Lockets

The peculiarity of medallions is that they are personalised like no other piece of jewellery. Each such piece can keep a little secret about who is close to the owner of the jewellery.

No one knows when it began, but the origin of the invention is attributed to mysterious jewellers who worked at the court of Queen Cleopatra. At least the earliest medallion found dates back to this time. It had a hexagonal shape with the image of the queen in the centre. It is believed that Cleopatra had the custom of giving it to her supreme servants so that they would not forget whom they served. Such a medallion could be both a talisman and a passport.

This ornament has not disappeared since then. There have always been people who used it. In the Middle Ages, noble womens kept aromatic herbs in them to lift their spirits, ward off insects, and soothe migraines. In addition, such medallions often held spiritual secrets. It got to the point that every European king had such a piece of jewellery. If you wanted a loved one or family member to always be there, the easiest way was to order a medallion from a designer, and the artist would draw a portrait on it. After that, it could be worn near the heart. Citizens who believed in God also kept other relics with them, such as a prayer, a portrait of a saint, and later, wishes that were to be fulfilled beyond measure.

With the advent of photography, the process of creating a custom piece of jewellery has become much easier. You can locket buy and use pics that will be printed and laminated. However, it is not necessary that the portrait be the same. There are models with translucent covers. You can change the photo every day, and each time it will look like you are wearing a new piece of jewellery.

What materials are medallions made of?

It can be something very contemporary. Even plastic will do. Or you can choose models made of traditional materials: brass, silver, gold, or plate. In our store, you will find jewellery made of gold of various karats as well as sterling silver. Let's talk about the peculiarities of the choice of material.


This cheap, precious material is very popular. This pretty and fancy metallic lustre is liked by many jewellery lovers. In addition, silver has the following advantages: 

  • hypoallergenic material suitable even for those with allergies;
  • there is a large selection of silver items for sale
  • the metal beautifully shades precious stones, making them literally glow.

When choosing inexpensive silver, most often two parameters are focused on: its presence in other products in the box as well as the cold tone of the skin.

Rose Gold LocketsRose Gold Lockets

Gold is one of the most beautiful and expensive precious metals, and its popularity can hardly be overestimated. It costs more than silver. Pure gold is practically unsuitable for jewellery accessories, as it is too soft and quickly covered with a network of scratches. The most commonly sold pieces of jewellery are 18-, 14-, and 9-carat gold. The alloying metals that are used to create the precious alloy give it additional properties: hardness, scratch resistance, and malleability, which is necessary to create complex designs. Advantages of this material:

  • A large selection of shades. You can order rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. The latest option is ideal for those who love white metal but, for some reason, do not want to wear silver jewellery.
  • Huge selection of designs.
  • Great investment.

When choosing a piece of gold jewellery, you are usually guided by the following parameters: whether the wearer has gold jewellery (and the shades should match), a warm skin tone if you choose yellow or rose gold, and a cold tone if you choose white. The higher the hallmark (the fewer alloys used), the lower the risk of allergies.

Design, shape, and decor

Structurally, the model consists of two planes, which are connected on one side by a hinge. The outside of the medallions can have any decor. On the inside, the plates have a frame that creates a rim. Thus, it turns out to be something like a mini casket. Such a medallion can close rather tightly with a click.

There are models on the market that are movably connected at the top with a hairpin. They do not open like a book. The front panel simply slides to the side. Such items are frequently found in the vintage sections of jewellery stores.

Here, you will find products that are structurally distinct from one another. The functionality of the medallion depends on it: you can wear one, two, or more images next to the heart:

  • There can be a single frame. As a rule, in such designs, the back side of the front cover can be engraved, which looks very nice. On the other side is a photo frame.
  • Double frame. In this case, when you open the model, you will see that on both inner surfaces, there is a frame to strongly fasten two photos there.
  • More complex designs are also possible. In this case, another sheet with a frame will be added to the medallion. As a rule, the design has two more places for a photo. There can be several such "leaves." Note that such a medallion can be more massive than its "skinny counterpart" in a single photo.


Although we'll break down all the options into several categories, each locket is a separate, perfect piece of jewellery that might fit you. We're just providing you with information so you can choose a better option ahead of time:

  • The heart is the most popular shape. The lid can be opened completely or in two directions, with two doors. Cute decorations appear to be very romantic. Most often, they are chosen as gifts for children and teenagers, as well as for couples in love.
  • The oval is the second most popular type of medallion. The convenient shape allows you to fit most photos. Quite often, this model is used to hold prayers inside. In this case, the lid is often engraved with an image of a cross or a saint.
  • The circle looks neat, understated, and concise. The ideal form is comfortable to wear and goes well with almost any image. It also goes well with jewellery made in different styles.
  • The square is not often available, but it is certainly a pretty handy format for photos, notes of regret, or to hold a prayer. This option looks very good with scented oils.
  • Fancy shapes will always be with us. You can decide for yourself what your locket should look like, for example, in the form of a tiny hollow tube with a floating lid. Such a variant looks very harmonious and stylish.

Lockets With GemstonesLockets With Gemstones

The big issue, as with any other piece of jewellery, is the presence of decoration. The pendant can be decorated completely or partially, it can be a pattern or something abstract. If we talk about vintage products or those made in this style, quite often the lid is decorated with a volumetric pattern. It can be made in floral or animal motifs. It would also be desirable to note that quite often vintage medallions are masked under the usual disc pendants. Only after a closer look can you see that there is a secret hidden in such a product.

There are several trends in modern design:

  • Design of the lid is minimalist. It can simply be polished metal without any embellishments. It looks beautiful and can be a fine option if you prefer an austere style. It is also quite a handy option if you want to fit the jewellery into different looks. It will look great on its own, complete with other chains.
  • Openwork medallions are one of the new trends. Of course, the secret in this design is out of the question. The front wall can be made of an openwork composition, such as wood, or entirely of crystal. It can be used as a diffuser for aromatic oils or simply as a pendant, to which you can attach a picture medallion to match your mood.
  • The most attractive design. The lid of the model, as well as the entire exterior, can be completely decorated with gemstones or engraved. It looks very provocative and cool.

Such products are so diverse that sometimes it is difficult to make a choice. Therefore, if you are now faced with the choice of model, read on as soon as possible.

How to choose

A plain way to pick a nice decoration is to divide your search into logical blocks. We suggest the following triggers:

  • If you decide to buy a medallion, first of all, pay attention to what kind of jewellery you plan to wear. Are you buying it for yourself? Examine which ones you have more of, and from what material and style. Choosing a gift? Observe the person you want to give a locket to. What kind of pieces and in what style does your interlocutor prefer? Match something similar in style but exactly 1:1 to the material he or she wears most often. This is an important point, especially for female looks. If your mother or wife has more gold jewellery and you give them a piece of silver jewellery, chances are they will rarely wear a pendant.
  • Choose an appropriate piece of jewellery. Decide whether it will be a piece of jewellery that you plan to wear with a specific image (such as a fragrance diffuser), or do you want a photo or prayer as close to your heart as possible every day? The décor and style of the model depend on that. It can be something dainty and stylish, done in a minimalist style, or bright and flashy, studded with precious stones.
  • The size is an important parameter, as is the length of the chain on which you will wear the jewellery. The taller and larger your build, the larger medallion you can choose. The length and thickness of the chain depend on how you plan to wear the piece. It can be something long. Such a locket is obviously not for prying eyes. It is meant only for you. It can be worn under clothing, closer to the heart. Small, neat models that are barely noticeable among the many chains hanging on your neck also look stylish.
  • Pendants or necklaces? Interesting question, isn't it? So, the advantages of a pendant are obvious: you can wear it on any chain you already have in your arsenal. If you want, you can hang the pendant on another chain, for example, next to other pendants. Fattening has its own merits. You immediately buy the finished product. You can put it on immediately and never take it off.

You can insert a photo into a medallion and even have it engravable if you want to give it as a gift.

To give as a gift or to buying for yourself?

This is a wonderful piece of jewellery that you can buy for yourself. You don't even need a special occasion for it. But, as a rule, medallions are bought:

  • If you want a loved one to always be there for you. It can be a memory of your parents; of a military man who is at the front, or of a loved one from whom you are separated.
  • To young couples to emphasise that they no longer want to separate.
  • For moms and dads, always carry their children close to your heart, remember them, and, if necessary, discover and admire them.
  • To wear stylish little things that always arouse interest and attract attention.
  • To enjoy your favourite essential oils in any situation.
  • The medallion can be given as a gift for any occasion or just to please a loved one. It makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or your personal data that only you know about.

Lockets for HerLockets for Her

How to care for medallions

One of the most important things you definitely shouldn't forget about is the care of your jewellery. To keep them happy for longer, follow these simple rules:

  • Take off your jewellery every time you are going to shower or bathe in pools or bodies of water. The integrity of the picture in the pendant depends on it. If there are no hermetically sealed lockets, water will still get into the middle and spoil the image. In addition, the metal (especially silver) does not tolerate contact with detergents, especially aggressive ones. A patina may form.
  • Once a year, be sure to take them to a jeweller for cleaning and polishing. This will remove any stains from the surface of the piece and cause it to shine anew.
  • If small stains appear on the jewellery, you can remove them yourself with a soft cloth similar to the one used for cleaning eyeglasses. Do not use polish or other chemical cleaners.

Our list of the most attractive models

  • Memory knot. The model looks like lace twisted in one plane. A precious stone can be placed in the composition's centre. If you choose your birthstone, the locket will automatically become your talisman and make you lucky.
  • A medallion in which the front cover opens into two halves. This product looks very beautiful. The two halves open like doors toward you. When open, the photo will take centre stage, allowing you to fully enjoy the image.
  • Abstraction. Buy a locket that does not look like a locket. This is a great option if you want a loved one to be near, but do not want to flaunt such affection. The pendant can be absolutely any shape, but more often, such models are disguised as a disc or a small oval pendant.
  • Traditional medallion with initials.  This is a very fashionable model that goes with almost any look. You can wear it with a business look or to a party or special event. The capital letter of your name or your loved one's initials on the lid looks delicate.
  • A medallion with a transparent cover looks very interesting. It is not quite the usual variant, because such pendants were invented to keep secrets, but who said that this cannot be changed? The front wall of such jewellery can be made of translucent or transparent crystal.
  • Heart. This is always a great gift. The classic, romantic shape looks wonderful. The front can be decorated with jewels, a pattern, or simply polish. Such a gift always evokes positive emotions.
  • The medallion with pendants looks very original and cute. Next to the pendant are several cute trinkets. It can be a heart, a flower, or something whimsical. It's a lot of fun. Such charms can carry a semantic load or just be an original addition to the product.
  • A model with a large central gemstone looks very elegant, trendy, and rich. Items with landscape semi-precious stones look very beautiful if they are arranged all over the lid. It can be fire opal, amazonite, malachite, agate, and other minerals.
  • Vintage will never go out of fashion, so elegant braille jewellery, decorated with a whole composition of precious stones and as much decor as possible, looks very luxurious.
  • A medallion on a bracelet is a great solution for those who do not like necklaces and pendants. These medallions are characterised by their small shape. They look great as charms that cannot be removed from a bracelet or as a pendant that can be worn on any chain.
  • A model with pearls. In 2023, pearls will be extra popular. It really creates a kind of mystery, carrying something unique. Therefore, if you want to be trending, get a medallion decorated with pearls. This material will remain popular and coveted for years to come.

The cost of any piece depends on the weight of the piece (calculated simply by multiplying the price per 1g of metal), the price of precious stones, and the complexity of the decoration.

All of the models on the pages of the FJewellery online catalogue were created with a lot of love.  We are proud to be able to offer you the best jewelry. All items have detailed descriptions, quality photos, and prices so that you can decide on your choice. In our assortment, you will also see:

We make every effort to make shopping in our store enjoyable for you. We also offer bespoke models of any complexity. To do this, simply leave a request with our jeweller. If you need help, our concierge is already waiting to provide it.