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When your brain catches the word "medallion," what associations does it make for you? For the vast majority, such jewellery is associated with something warm, family-oriented, charming, mysterious, and personalized. Perhaps you have already seen such a cute bauble on someone. They always look great. Jewellers believe that lockets silver has such a vibe because it combines emotion and material value. The FJewellery online store offers you a big collection of jewellery made in a variety of styles. To help you choose, we have prepared a tiny guide where you can find answers to most of your questions.

Silver LocketsSilver Lockets

Why Silver Medallions Are So Attractive

This is out of the ordinary and very romantic. He looks like a small book. Inside there is a cavity, and depending on the purpose, a frame (a picture holder) or just an empty space can be built into such a product.

It is believed that for the first time, they learned how to make such an ornament in Ancient Egypt, and Queen Cleopatra gave a six-sided medallion with her beautiful images to her subjects so that they would never forget who they serve. Then such products were widely used in ancient Roman times, etc. The medallions never left us, but they were something custom and really special.

For each person who wants to wear such an ornament, the medallion can mean something different:

  • The memory of a loved one.
  • The desire to place a prayer or wish written on a piece of paper as close to the heart as possible.
  • Just a fashion item that can be functional (like an aroma oil diffuser) or just a cute accessory.

But most often, of course, it is chosen in order to be close to a loved one. It can be a loved one or a close person who means a lot to you. As before, a way has been preserved in this way to preserve the memory of the people who left us.

Are a pendant and a medallion the same thing?

It's hard to say for sure. A medallion can act as a pendant, and a pendant can be a medallion, although the latter is quite massive and often has a voluminous decoration. Especially if we are talking about vintage products. In the jewellery world, it is generally accepted that the products that we hang on a chain (any type of weaving will do) should be called a pendant. If we are talking about obesity, then this is essentially a pendant attached to a chain. That is, we cannot remove it from the chain. We will be able to remove the entire product from the neck.

Lockets made of Silver

Thus, sterling silver lockets can be both simple pendants and part of a necklace. In the first case, you have the freedom to choose the type of chain. We recommend that you take a closer look and choose something between voluminous models, such as mesh chains, and very thin options. In the first case, the whole product will look bulky, and in the second, you risk losing the decoration.

What are 925 Locket

Several options that are most often found on the market can be distinguished. Of course, you can always have your unique bespoke created and ordered from the jeweller. We are sure that it will be something special! Of the lockets that you will find in the market, you can highlight:

  • Products are different in shape. Here you can find an extra-large collection of plain round, chunky square, and oval shapes, as well as products in the form of a heart, a ball, and other options. There is even a modern version, which very remotely resembles its progenitor, in the form of a hollow, long tube with a lid floating along the cord. There are also options with a solid (closed) front cover or a translucent or open weave. But the most popular at all times are heart-shaped medallions and oval models.
  • Various model designs. The medallion can open in the middle, and the top cover or the back can open. Also, such accessories often have hidden pockets. If we talk about products that store photos, then they can have one frame (for example, on the second half), two fastening elements, or 4–6 frames, depending on the availability of additional options.
  • Medallions made with different decor. There is really a lot to talk about here, and you will surely be able to buy a silver locket that will meet all your needs. You can choose a product with a minimalist design, and it will be made of real polished metal. Medallions that can be engraved on one or more planes are also available on sale. Often, techniques such as filigree bas-relief and gemstone inlay are used to create an original effect. Pay attention to the fact that engravable can be done not only from above but also in the middle of the product.
  • Material. In this section, you can see models made in silver. This is one of the most successful and solid options since such a precious metal is hypoallergenic and is suitable even for those who have very delicate skin. In addition, silver has an amazing ability to highlight gems, so this duo always looks great. You can collect a whole collection of beautiful and cute items, such as curb bracelets, ruby halo rings, and more, and combine them for the perfect contemporary look.

Massive products with inlay and bas-relief and very thin, elegant models. The cost depends on how much metal is used to create the item. It can be only 10 grams, and then this option will be quite cheap.

Operation Rules

So that the product has been pleasing to you for a long time with its appearance and the photo does not have to be updated, use the following recommendations:

  • If you plan to insert a photo into the medallion, then it is advisable to make it using special thick paper. So the picture will look attractive for a long time and will not require replacement.
  • It is best to remove silver jewellery before entering water (pool, shower, or bath) or participating in sports. Firstly, under the influence of water and sweat, a photograph can become unusable, and secondly, silver does not like contact with water. 
  • Take the medallion to the designer from time to time to have it cleaned and polished. Pure decoration literally shines on the skin.

Silver MedallionsSilver Medallions

The medallion is an unusual gift that is suitable for a person of any age and understanding of beauty. The store features elegant women's, original men's models, and unisex styles.

FJewelery, an online jewellery store (shop), has a wide selection of such jewelry to suit every taste. Each item has a price, a detailed description, and photos, so you can quite clearly imagine how the jewellery looks in reality. If you need help, you can always ask our concierge a question. We are here to help you!