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If you are looking for an original gift that will allow your chosen one to fill it with its own meaning, then we recommend paying attention to our collection of gold lockets. They are simply mesmerising. FJewellery, an online jewellery store, sells both vintage and modern models to keep the most important secrets hidden.

From the moment of their appearance, these cute little things attract attention. They have a certain mystery and unique charm. They are used to keep the most cherished items near the heart (it can be a curl, a photo, a prayer, etc.) or to scent the space around them. And it is equally the best and most meaningful gift option for her and for him.

Gold LocketsGold Lockets

A bit of history

In fact, no one really knows who was the first to suggest this type of jewelry. It is believed that Queen Cleopatra gave a hexagonal medallion with her image to all her subjects travelling to distant provinces.

In ancient Rome, this miniature casket held the largest sector, a lock of a person's hair, with which there was a special relationship. In the Middle Ages, the size of the medallion slightly increased and became larger. And this is not surprising, because it had to accommodate more than just a curl. They were adorned with portraits of loved ones and close friends. In that era, it was done by an artist, and in the near future, photographs began to be inserted into medallions.

Today, many designers add this elegant jewellery touch to their looks. Especially interesting are the vintage pieces, which are imbued with the spirit of romanticism and store many stories.

In the 19th century, the medallion still retained this interest. Many designers agree that the value of such jewellery is not just in its beauty and value as a piece of jewellery. It is the story that is stored inside the golden medallion. These two parameters, the aesthetic appeal and the physical value of the locket, make it one of the most desirable jewellery acquisitions.

What can this little box, located near the heart, hide? There are several options for use:

  • A photograph or a portrait. The second option looks more authentic and mysterious.
  • A love message or a lock of hair.
  • Various talismans.
  • Prayers or wishes are written on a piece of paper and kept until fulfilled.
  • Medicines.
  • Herbs.
  • Fragrances.
  • And even a music box.

Of course, you can come up with your own version.

What does a locket in gold look like?

Today, you can find many designs of this wonderful jewellery. The following main features can be distinguished:

  • Gold medallion can be part of a necklace (i.e., attached to the neck) or act as charms (pendant). In the first case, you buy a gold locket ready to use, already with a chain to wear around your neck. The latest option has several options. You can wear the pendant on a chain near your heart or for chain charm on any other piece of jewellery. Of course, if it is not too heavy. The latter can be any type of weave and almost any long.
  • Material. You can see on the market that they are made of silver and gold of various types. Pure gold is hardly ever used in jewellery today. You can select from solid 18-сarat gold, versatile 14-karat gold, or cheap 9-karat gold. The precious metal can be yellow, rose, or white. When choosing jewellery, choose a shade that matches the colour of your jewellery. This way, it will be more convenient to combine different options, and you can always find the perfect look.
  • The product can be of different sizes. From extra big pieces to very mini pendants that can get lost among other key chains.
  • Decor. It comes in all kinds of shapes, and that's the beauty of the pieces. It can be something with no decor at all, just polished or engraved metal. You can also find a model that has a bas-relief and a gemstone. The product itself may also look like a wicker basket and be light weight. There can only be 4 grams or 2 grams of gold in such a tiny openwork medallion. The cost of such models will be quite acceptable.
  • The medallion can be heart-shaped, round, oval, square, or have any other fancy shape. It all depends on your understanding of beauty.

Lockets made of GoldLockets made of Gold

 If you're picking an accessory style, here are some ideas for you.

  • New design. Beautiful modern accessories surprise and attract attention with their unusual shape and original design. They can be made of almost any colour of gold, but yellow and white are still the favourites. Items are often encrusted with precious stones (diamonds, sapphires, and other gems).
  • Vintage style. It can be a modern design created to look vintage or a piece of jewellery that already has a rich history. They are traditional and have a rich decor on the lid. Most often, one finds fantasy bas-reliefs on a plant theme; less often, on an animal theme. Such models are often inlaid with precious and semiprecious minerals.
  • Fancy. Bespoke pieces can be extremely stylish and real unique. Such items are unique and are the perfect example of personalised jewellery.

This simple decoration can have several design options:

  • The product can have only a frame for the image. The front of such medallions opens like a book; the back has a frame on the inside, into which a photo can be inserted. If the design provides a translucent cover or a cover woven from thin elements, the pendant will show the photo.
  • Two frames in a locket. This option is very convenient if you need to insert a couple of photos, for example, of your parents. The front of such a model opens, and from the inside, both halves have a frame in which you can insert a photo.
  • Advanced features. Dainty is an option if you have a lot of pictures, such as grandchildren. This model has a frame inside, which is a plain plate of precious metal with frames on both sides. Thus, four images can be inserted into one medallion.
  • Medallions with transparent walls. This, of course, is not the best option if you want to keep something secret, because the front and often the back wall are made of crystal and completely transparent. Often, such products are used by young people in order to be able to change pictures. This way, you can look different every time.
  •  A small prayer box. As the name suggests, such a traditional pendant is used to store prayers and icons. As a rule, such a variant has a volumetric structure. Today it is used to store the most cherished wishes written on prayer paper or souvenirs.
  • Aromatherapy accessories. In this incarnation, the product is a diffuser in which the owner can store essential oils. In the past, herbs, flowers, and other fragrant plants were stored in such models, but today you can take your favourite fragrance from the collection of essential oils with you and enjoy it all day long.

Medallions are a great gift for anyone of any age for a birthday, Christmas, some memorable day, or just because you wanted to do something nice.

How to choose a medallion

Despite the fact that this jewellery is very personalised, when choosing, you should still pay attention to the parameters and harmony so that the product does not fall out of the look.

The taller you are, the bolder the design can be, and the chain is more massive and longer. If you are petite, you should look for small, neat pieces that will create an aura of mystery.

How can you wear this pretty piece?

You have several options to showcase your elegant and original style. Below you will find some tips to help you fit the locket into your look:

  • A casual look. Almost all models are suitable for this variant. The bigger and brighter the piece, the more it will attract attention to you and your image. Here you will find semi-transparent medallions, diffusers, boxes, and simple models with or without decorations.
  • A formal event. If you have to abide by the dress code, we have good news. This jewellery can be worn under your clothes, even closer to your heart. Choose models with a minimalist design, with or without neat decoration.
  • A party. Not surprisingly, such jewellery has attracted attention since ancient times. You risk getting a lot of questions about your necklace. It will look cute at a wedding, a formal event, or a beach party.
  • Separate from other jewellery. Such a large pendant is capable of playing the main fiddle in your cut. Feel free to experiment and choose unique looks that will be the envy of everyone around you.
  • Part of the set. The small to medium-sized pendant looks great in tiered designs. They go well with chains of different lengths, thicknesses, and widths.

Golden MedallionGolden Medallion

The FJewellery online store offers cute medallions at an attractive price. On sale, you will see medallions of various shapes and styles, and, of course, you can order a contemporary model from our jewellers. In addition, online shopping on our website will delight you:

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