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Without a doubt, heart shapes are amongst the most recognizable symbols in art. Images with such patterns are magnificent and full of romance. In the universe of jewellery, heart pendants are no less attractive and attention-grabbing. Although someone may call them tacky and outdated, the reality is quite the opposite. Are you ready to find out more about these survivors in fashion trends? Stay tuned with FJewellery. Onwards!

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The Meaning of Heart Pendants

The picture of heart pendants is usually warming and pleasing. Such ornaments are usually preferred when sweet and romantic holidays are upcoming, but their power isn’t limited to St. Valentine’s Day celebrations only. The analyzed jewelry can become a gift from a son to his mother, from a husband to his wife, a symbol of friendship, a visual encouraging means, and much more.

What does a heart locket symbolize? The list below will emphasize brilliant ideas that usually don’t come into mind first:

  • Love and affection — these are commonly the first associations. However, love isn’t one and the same, so the attraction towards the other individual isn’t the only way to interpret the heart jewellery meaning. It can be used to highlight strong feelings that are experienced towards something, including non-material values.
  • Hope — whether you take a romantic or any other sense, heart shapes promise a brighter and happier future, becoming a visual symbol of connectedness and dreams. At the same time, they can be appreciated as an ambassador of unity, given they create bridges between people, memories, events, etc. Let’s be more precise. Since this emblem stands for true love or related feeling, it can and should be shared with others. So heart pendants are, therefore, recognized as excellent gifts for any occasion.
  • Femininity — although heart lockets can be used as accessories for couples, they are still more female pieces of jewellery. Undoubtedly, you won’t mistake it if you compare them with symbols of women's power and strength.
  • Life — where there is love, there is the right place for love and other colourful emotions. Heartbeats won’t let you forget about this connotation.

What Is the Difference between a Charm and a Pendant?

Choosing the right necklace with a hanging souvenir, many enthusiasts don’t usually pay a lot of attention to terms that seem synonymous. That can be illustrated by charms, lockets, and pendants. Each of the latter can be presented in the heart shape, so knowing the difference between them will allow selecting the most appropriate design for your desires:

  • The assortment of charms is impressive, but what does the term itself mean? The function between each illustrated term is the same — to decorate a chain. In the case of charms, they are usually small and convenient to hang on bracelets and put on the wrist. Moreover, a fixed bail isn’t characteristic for them.
  • On the contrary, pendants are larger versions of charms, which include additional attentional elements to be hung on a necklace. For example, along with the bail, this function can be performed by a jump ring or a loop component in the layout.
  • Lockets have extra space inside, allowing interested parties to put photos or other sorts of padlock varietals in. Its value as a personalized owning is enhanced exponentially.
  • There is another type of pendants, which is recommended to be aware of — drops. Its composition has a so-called built-in element for putting in chains or other necklace materials. Simply put, there is a hole in the pendant itself, enabling you to attach it to the corresponding necklace. In the world of jewellery, this mechanism is applied for some solitaire styles of accessories.

Heart Pendants

Is Heart Jewellery Popular?

The recommended pieces amaze with their deep meaning and outstanding functional potential. Anyway, the emotions they provoke are positive and create connections between the sender and the gift recipient. Given the divergence of styles, it is clear that the market will be full of such designs forever and ever after. This is a sort of never-to-die classic approach but with different faces each time:

  • Heart and arrow — have you ever heard of cupidon? Their story can be traced back to the ancient Roman god of love and desire. According to the legend, he used magical arrows to make people and gods fall in love. Since those times, the heart and arrow are classic symbols of affection.
  • Heart in a heart — this option is also known as an analogue to double hearts. In this case, one bigger shape literally hugs the other one. The scenario can be different, and the size of the two is frequently not that proportional.
  • Puffed heart — that is not about teddy bears. You will see a lot of hollow models in this category. Instead of plain forms, the preference is given to asymmetrical lines and beautiful ornaments.
  • Infinity — these are adorable and charming designs with numerous filigree elements. They are especially popular with multiple gemstones within one layout. If you are searching for more affordable sets, you will be awarded with cheap silver and cubic zirconia styles. For lovers of noble and royal accents, the modern jewellery market offers interested parties to review the option of platinum and diamonds.
  • Twisted lines — aside from decorating pendants with gemstones, many designers stand for experimenting with their forms. It can become a multilayer ornament with additional patterns implemented in the layout. What about the blending of heart shapes and floral signs? Depending on the chosen style, the meaning will become even more multifaceted.
  • Solid forms — even if hearts are parts of a triple layout, they will be literally cut off from a metal panel.
  • Floating heart pendant — the name is self-explanatory. The pendant body itself is used as a hanging mechanism, and the heart element can freely move onto the chain.
  • Trinity — in 99.9% of cases, pendants with heart patterns are associated to have one or two symbolic emblems. But if things come in threes, third time’s a charm, isn’t it? Check the vibe of trinity pendants and verify on your own.
  • Four heart pendant — the more, the better. There are two common strategies to include this number of heart shapes within the same composition. First of all, it can be a line of small, typically flat, patterns in the number of four. Secondly, they can be attached to each other, forming a similar structure to a clover. More advanced solutions can combine the previous designs in one.
  • Split hearts for couples — of course, this approach doesn’t signify the end of great love for the two. On the contrary, a split isn’t equal to a broken in this case. Two split parts will become separate motifs to wear for each partner on the neck. They are created as a left and right part of one whole.
  • Personalized goodies — designers can create several custom models. Engravings can be especially touching. The insertion of lines like “I love you” is traditional. Accessories with such engravings are among the bestsellers of St. Valentine’s gift ideas. However, the room for creativity is open for new and unusual templates, describing the relationships of particular soulmates. Besides, the layout can include other individualizing characteristics and come with alphabets, being transformed into initials necklaces.

heart shaped pendant

Are heart lockets tacky?

People, who are aware of how divergent the fashion for heart pendants, have come up with a straightforward answer to this question. So many minds, but the majority of customers tend to appreciate heart patterns in multiple incarnations. It is not a problem to see gorgeous shapes in tattoos and implement them in the valuable gold or silver layout and vice versa.

Any heart motif is appreciated for its divergence. It is a grateful emblem. No matter what manipulations are done, the final result promises to be remarkable. Here are some world-known samples that bust the myth about inappropriate heart locket necklaces:

  • Alternative designs can be modified to the format of pendants. That happened with one of the A. Brandt & Son pins, namely, an early Victorian one. By reflecting two interlocking hearts over the “roof” of a crown, the plot highlights the reign of love.
  • Trying to incorporate heart shapes in jewellery, several masters manage to break the boundaries of their talent and create genuine masterpieces. Over time, they can easily become big names in the industry. For instance, a Cartier heart charm is a combination of gorgeousness and elegance. The famed line, decorating the accessory, is especially bright: “The Heart Has Its Reasons”.

How to Wear Heart Lockets

Take a look at how well-paired the analyzed jewelry can be with alternative models for sale. This will become illustrative material for interested parties to take into account. Aside from thinking more about the particular pendant’s design peculiarities, the size is also crucial:

  • Mini accessories don’t welcome large and oversized accessories within one ensemble. It won’t matter if they are titled or not, but the visual balance has to be followed. Such minimalism combinations are real cute treasures for your accessory wardrobe. On the one hand, they will work for dress code requirements. On the other hand, they will come in handy in situations, when wearing large pieces is a bit cumbersome and uncomfortable.
  • Medium-sized pieces on long gold and silver chains open the doors to the journey heart pendant traveling. In this case, customers can definitely come up with unique fancy necklaces to be proud of.

Once you have decided whether you desire to put a tiny or a big pendant on your neck, it is high time to see what companions can improve your mood today. Within our catalogue, you are lucky to find marvelous and luxurious models at the best prices:

  • Earrings creoles are certainly far from the first idea of what accessory to pick up to wear along with pendant heart models. The contrast between them is absolutely pleasing — just check it out in practice.
  • For mens, signet rings will be excellent male attributes to make the overall style more balanced and harmonious.
  • Usually, a jewellery ensemble is meant to include three components. Modern fashion rules aren’t that limited. The key thing is to avoid an overwhelming impression. For her, a heart tag pendant on several mesh chains will work stunningly with rings, bracelets, watches, and more.

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The Final Verdict

To buy heart shaped pendant is a simple challenge. Say “no” to chunky and non-interesting styles at a premium cost — the FJewellery online store offers a marvelous alternative to exhausting shopping in front of any gift-giving occasion. For more information, get a closer look at our knowledge base section or contact our representatives. Each heart has its own reason, so don’t hesitate to find the one that illustrates your feelings to the full extent.