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Silver Curb Chains

Buy curb chains made of silver cheap in store FJewellery

Silver curb chains are timeless classics and contemporary fashion trends are firmly intertwined in these stylish accessories, making them the most popular among women and men of all ages in all corners of the world. Adults and children love to wear these jewels, they are basic and versatile, ideal for any wardrobe and must be in everyone's personal collection. For sale on the FJewellery website, a wide and varied assortment of these necklaces is presented, and everyone can find a model here to suit their taste and budget. Also, in our store there are constant discounts and many promotional offers for all our customers - which means that here you can buy the highest quality and original precious accessories at the most affordable price! Take a look yourself!

A bit of history

Since ancient times, people have loved to wear a variety of jewellery, and the most popular among them were bracelets and necklaces. The very first samples were found by archaeologists date back to the times of the Paleolithic. Then our ancestors used mostly improvised materials to create decorations (feathers, seashells, real animal bones). It's believed that initially only a man could wear such accessories, and for him this determined the status and position in society.

As soon as people learned how to mine, forge and solder metal, the first samples of gold and silver chains appeared. They were then made exclusively by hand and there wasn't a wide variety of designs. Later, experienced master jewelers learned to create more and more unusual and bizarre models of this beautiful accessory, and with the advent of machine production, the process of making them became much faster and easier. The cost of chains has also decreased significantly, and the range has become much larger.

Today, the 925-silver chain is a basic unisex accessory that is insanely popular and in demand. Cheap, ideal for all-day wear and combined with any style of clothing - and these are not all the main advantages of this decoration!

Chain selection recommendations

Sterling silver curb chain is a flat tightly sealed links, securely intertwined. This method of weaving is considered one of the most reliable and durable, because such a chain is almost impossible to break. The classic version of this necklace is oval or round links of small size. But there are other, more original and non-standard types of such knitting.

In men's models, thick square or rectangular links are often used - the necklace turns out to be heavy and chunky, and is more often worn as an independent accessory. The optimal curb chain length for a man is 22-24 inches.

Womens models, as a rule, are always thin and elegant, light and graceful, delicate and airy. They look very sophisticated on the neck and are an excellent base for other decorative elements. The average standard length is about 20 inches.

Often, when creating curb chains, jewellers use a technique called a diamond cut. It creates an incredible effect of radiance and gives the product an extra shine. Moreover, it looks fine, both on very thin links, and on large ones.

Such chains are perfect for wearing pendants and all kinds of decorative items. They go well with:

This silver jewelry is also unique in that they pair perfectly with any other precious accessory, regardless of design or style. With them, you can assemble any set, combining, for example, silver and white gold, or any other metals and colours of your choice. The kit can be assembled from:

In the FJewellery online catalogue, you will certainly find a unique and special curb link silver chain and other original accessories to go with it. Our website has a simple and understandable search system, with which you can quickly find the desired product. You can also always contact our consultants who will accurately select the most suitable models for you. Experts will tell you all the main characteristics, show detailed pictures of each jewelry and help you compare the options you like with each other. Please yourself or your loved one with an inexpensive, but spectacular and solid present, and we will be happy to help you with this! Welcome!