Men's Bracelets

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Bracelets are one of those pieces of jewellery that many gents continue to enjoy wearing. And if it's chosen correctly, it's a smart option to transform your look. The FJewellery online shop offers a large collection of bracelet for guys at an attractive cost, different styles and designs.

Men's BraceletsMen's Bracelets

A little more about decoration

This is probably one of the most popular types of jewelry for male. The word "bracelet" itself has Roman origins. Legionnaires used them not as valuable but as part of their armour. They were supposed to protect the hand during the battle.

But the accessory was particularly popular in ancient Greece. Perhaps this era can be considered its heyday. Bracelets were unusual, wide (sometimes on the entire forearm or shoulder) and had unique decorations.

Such jewellery was also special to the Egyptians. It was custom ary to wear deity-themed talismans.They used a huge number of techniques to decorate the pieces, turning them into real works of art.

Then the bracelet was practically out of fashionistas' arsenal for a while. And his second coming will take place in the XVII-XVIII centuries.It again becomes an obligatory attribute of the nobility and the rich. The designer's experiments with materials and different ways of processing led to the appearance of original items. So trends were formed. Since then, they have gradually evolved and changed, adding to the modern picture of the fashion world.

How to choose bracelets for men

It is a versatile piece of jewellery that suits absolutely everyone. With one caveat. You just have to learn how to choose the right piece. As a rule, these three parameters are sufficient to make the right choice:

  • Your body proportions.
  • The style of clothing you prefer.
  • What is the destination?

Let's look at each of them in more detail.

Body proportions

A beautiful piece is only a beautiful piece, for the jewellery to harmonise with you; it must fit your proportions and sit correctly on your hand. Here are some simple rules:

  • Heavy bracelets always look great on a chunky wrist.
  • For the owner of a skinny wrist, a small and more elegant accessory is a better choice.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a large, loose bracelet that constantly slides down your arm. This is unacceptable. This is clearly not an option for an adult who knows what they want. The jewellery should be quite tight, but at the same time, you should be able to slip a finger or two between it and your hand. This will be the right answer to the question of which length suits me best: 7 inches or 9 inches. You can find the answer in your own senses and appearance.

If you have worn a watch before, this could be a simple tip. The feel of a stylish bracelet should be the same. We also recommend wearing this valuable watch, tucked under the cuffs.

Bracelets for HimBracelets for Him

What style do you prefer?

Perhaps this is the next important question to answer before you decide to buy mens bracelets. What effect do you want to achieve? How do you want to create the look? Perhaps these tips will help you:

  • Harmony of the look. Be natural. Your accessory should be part of your casual look. It should not draw too much attention and become the main point of your look.
  • Choose materials that perform well. These can be timeless classics: bracelets made of metal (silver, gold, titanium, steel, etc.), nice wooden, or leather ones. They all get better with time. They can be worn with any outfit and for any occasion.
  • Make up a story. Nothing is more mysterious and alluring than a story. Let personalized jewellery complete your look by keeping the legend alive. It always attracts attention and looks trendy.


Your outfit, like your accessories, should always match the place you plan to visit. It is rare that an accessory is suitable for all occasions. So it will be difficult or almost impossible for you to choose a bracelet that suits all occasions. A few options will help you put together the most complete pool. Using such a gentleman ly set, you will always be able to choose the right one for all occasions. So here it is:

  • Something of a dark colour. It can be something made of wood, leather, or metal of an appropriate alloy.
  • A gold or silver accessory in a matching shade. You can select from white gold, yellow gold, or pink gold. It can also be silver. It all depends on your preference, skin tone (which metal looks better), and the colour of other accessories (e.g., a watch).
  • A bright venue requires bright accessories. Even if you don't like a lot of sparkle in your everyday life, a party or dinner at a restaurant is just the right place to wear bright accessories. These can be gemstone models, jewel-encrusted models, or original designs.

The good news is that the bracelet can always be removed. If you believe you have the incorrect accessory, you can always replace it or simply remove it.

Trendy staff for men in 2023

They are in vogue today, and judging by what we see of them in fashion shows, the trend isn't going anywhere. We've rounded up some of the best trends for 2023 to help you decide on a gift for husband, BF, etc., or for yourself. Extremely popular will be leather and metal, pearls, boho style, and nautical themes. So, the most popular options for next season are:

  • The bracelet for him with the use of enamel. It looks stylish and restrained.
  • Rough patterns and solid accessories. The more brutal they look, the better. As usual, cuban and curb chains are not in competition. It can also be imitations of bicycle chains, one-piece hoops imitating a wrench, etc.
  • Luxury with expensive gemstones and beads. The bracelets are available in a range of sizes, from small beads to big stones that take centre stage.
  • All sorts of cuffs. This looks very fashionable and bold. The designs may be the most different: from fine one-strip to bracelets with thick and colourful decorations.
  • On an elastic band. Many people underestimate this option, and yet it's quite attractive and comfortable. Anything can be stylish and beautiful; the most important thing is that the beads are in harmony with each other in terms of style.
  • Thin and small with a single centrepiece for a focal point. It can be a leather bracelet in the shape of a Shambhala with a single mineral, or a gold cuff with a central gemstone in any cut or no cut.
  • The classic minimalist chain continues its triumphant march. This accessory will continue to be popular in the future. It can be any type of weaving.
  • Leather with a precious metal clasp. A beautiful and modern duo that appeared this year, it may well continue to do so.
  • Tactical bracelets. A separate category. This product requires precision in the choice of outfit.

Bracelet for GuysBracelet for Guys

How to wear: three main rules

When we look at fashion magazines and scroll through Instagram feeds, things look pretty straightforward. But when it comes to the selection itself, a lot of questions arise. We'll try to clarify the most basic of these:

  • There has to be harmony in everything. If you wear jewellery, it should blend in with your personality and accentuate your personality traits. Make sure to look at yourself in the mirror before you go out.
  • If it is single. This is probably the cute st option. You can choose one or more pieces of jewellery and wear them on one wrist. Once... and your new look is complete. It's quick and easy. If you wear a watch, it's a good idea to wear them on the opposite arm. Or just change your traditional bow, take off your watch, and put these bracelets on your hand. When it comes to colour, you always have the option of leather, a cheap wooden bead, a gold, or a silver bracelet. Just pick what you like. Products made from these materials are quite easy to combine. If you want to experiment, pick the most delicate shade in your outfit (a line or a button on a shirt) and try picking an accessory in the same colour scheme. It'll be cool!
  • A few bracelets. Looking at the pictures in glossy magazines, you might think that the more colourful the bracelets, the better. Extra is not always good. If you have worn any accessories with beads in the office and worked at a computer, then you probably know that this is very inconvenient. Not to mention a few bulky pieces of jewellery. Start with a simple one. Choose 2-3 pieces that will match and fit your look intelligently, such as if you're wearing Celtic crosses. Experiment with texture. Different shades and materials look better in one set. Добавьте еще один, если понимаете, что вам удобно и композиция выглядит гармонично. How do I choose variations? Pay attention to the popular combinations of chains with different types of weave and sizes of chain link; beads of different sizes or styles, a pair of leather bracelets; and silver jewellery. The latest option is especially popular today, but not everyone can look perfect with the right approach.
  • Complete with a watch. It's very stylish, especially with the right combination of the watch, tie clip, belt, and cufflink buckle. The look you're presenting now looks a little vintage, but it always works. When putting together a look like this, you need to determine right away who's playing the lead fiddle. If it's the watch, the rest of the accessories (including onyx signet rings) should complete the look without derailing it.

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