Eternity Rings

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What are your expectations from modern eternity rings? These designs are available in different sizes and shapes, which makes them more universal and flexible in comparison to other layouts. If you like how sparkling gemstones and metals can be when united within the same design, then check what options are recommended by FJewellery.

How Divergent Ring Eternity Designs Are?

Overall, there is a classic subdivision of ring eternity types, including two major categories:

  • Full eternity rings — if you are a fan of luxury and gorgeousness in jewellery, this piece is the right shot. Just a quick look at such a model will tell you a lot about how amazing and dainty it is. The main peculiarity is the ring of gemstones that circle the entire band. Layouts differ with their frames, so the impression from full eternity accessories is amazing and dainty. Bespoke collections are distinguished with a unique choice of stones and their cut designs.
  • Half eternity bands — in turn, these bands under consideration have a line of gems only in front of the circle. Either skinny or with wide sides, this simple layout has great value. There are plenty of ideas for decorating half eternity rings. The combination of white gold and diamonds is standard, but visuals of yellow gold and other transparent gems aren’t worse.

Eternity Rings

But who says that these bands can’t be more than that? Here are some designer creations that are custom and based on fine original pictures of rings eternity formats:

  • Double prouds rings — to wear this accessory on hand means to promise to live happily forever and ever after with your second half. But its deep senses are commonly associated with the life circle. Instead of one row of jewels, you achieve two beautiful lines with small stones located close to each other. It is an absolute symbol of commitment and everlasting love.
  • 3 row fine designs — as the name says, here you will see three rows of fancy stones. Since there are many of them, their karat weight and size aren’t impressive. Unique options may include one central large element to create a special vibe to the overall image. Among the matching solutions, there are chains paper items with their interestingly shaped links and pendants necklet models.
  • Unusual eternity bands — contemporary designs are proof that masters get lots of inspiration in comparing different images to find the best features and unite them within the same layout. Eternity rings don’t mean strictness in lines and shapes. There may be hollow zones to make it look airier, as well as plain mixes of metals, and more. Such goods can be either skinny and very delicate or quirky and chunky. A great sample of dainty designs is a double edge scallop band. Another breathtaking option is the looped eternity ring, where two band lines are intertwisted with the loop element with stones. It is also a good idea to buy eternity ring like that along with earrings rhodium style for her.

Excellent Gemstone Cut for Your Filigree Accessories

Without a doubt, gemstones are what make buy eternity rings so unique and full of meaning. Either small and round or bigger and square, each style deserves special attention at consumers’ end. Let’s get a deeper insight into their variety:

  • Round cut — it is a pretty typical choice for contemporary eternity bands. Its self-explanatory nature allows visualizing the image of the round cut without hassle. In this case, a deep vibrance is achieved. It contributes to the beauty of stones of several shades and tones, optimizing the light dispersion in the object.
  • Trillion cut — triangular stones with unique facets will suit rings for men. Besides, it is a marvelous solution for those who are passionate about implementing geometric patterns in their style. It does look cool on finger. You will hardly find layouts with stacked gems — usually, space is left between them to empathize with their brilliance.
  • Princess cut — it is one of the most spread and sought-after designs to order. In this case, excellent sparkling effects are guaranteed. Along with a slim ring, they will create a delicate accent on the owner’s hand.
  • Oval cut — due to its elongated shape, the illusion of a larger stone is created. The bigger the gem, the more eye-catching it seems. However, of course, their clarity shouldn’t be neglected since it influences their vibrance.
  • Marquise cut — this style works excellent for dark stones, enhancing their colour depth and presenting the maximum light reflection.

Which Metal to Choose for Eternity Bands

Brands are interested in providing their target audience with the best deals, and FJewellery isn’t an exception in this case. That’s why looking at the images of our models, you will see several options available for sale in our online catalogue. This means that precious stones and metals are much more affordable thanks to discounts and promotions than ever before.

Since sticking to budget limits isn’t the main choice criteria anymore, it is high time to take into account other aspects that differentiate eternity rings from each other. Which metal is better to pick up? Here are some considerations for your decision-making:

  • If you are to define the most popular metal for accessories, would you know the answer? One of the first guesses is gold, and that is definitely the right answer. There are several reasons which keep the material under consideration in this so-called rating. Gold isn’t applied in its pure form. It is overly soft for jewellers to craft unusual lines and weaves out of it. Besides, the durability would leave much to be desired, so premises are added in its alloy to solve the issue. In turn, instead of one material named “gold”, we receive lots of its variations. Thus, its capabilities to satisfy customers’ objectives are enhanced dramatically. White, yellow, and even red gold — just imagine how sparkling different layouts are. The recommended carat weight is 18K or 14K. The higher the figure, the brighter blicks will be. The lower the figure, the more durable and scratch-resistant metal will be achieved.
  • Silver differentiates with its affordability. It is a nice visual alternative to platinum and white gold. In addition, it doesn’t spoil the purity and clarity of transparent stones, which can happen in the case of coloured metals. Sterling silver is the top-quality version of the material under analysis. Taking into account its relatively low price, it is a perfect solution for those who would like to renew their accessory wardrobe frequently. Preparing goods made of silver as a surprise gift for casual occasions (just to please your beloved ones) is a genius tactic.
  • Platinum is extremely durable and resistant, so you can sigh with relief and forget about the risks of losing your treasure because of corrosion or tarnishing. However, this sample of noble metals isn’t that pleasing in terms of price as gold or silver. Moreover, compared to these metals, platinum is the heaviest one.
  • Palladium, stainless steel, titanium, tungsten — the assortment of semi- and non-precious metals for jewellery is truly captivating. However, you should bear in mind it may be troublesome to find accessories in them since the preference is usually given to gold and its substitutions. These materials are gaining momentum and are more popularized in the field of accessories for men.


Do engagement rings have to be the same for the groom and bride-to-be?

Eternity rings are among the most appreciated options when it comes to buying engagement bands. However, these elegant pieces are perceived as female accessories more (although there are some brutal and less decorated styles for him). From this perspective, the question of whether the rings should be the same or not is urgent.

Eternity Rings

If checking the norms and rules of modern engagement and wedding fashion, the clear answer can hardly be found — a lot of nuances depend not only on the local traditional tendencies accepted in the region, but also on your own preferences and beliefs. One of the most spread choices would be simple and identical gold bands for couples. But selecting unique rings for each partner is beneficial as well. In this case, you will pick up soulmate solutions that will contribute to your appearance most. For instance, the right choice of rings is especially necessary when you desire some visual illusions to take place (to make fingers seem thin and not thick, cope with large knuckles, etc.). Eternity rings for her are a great way to emphasize her individuality and make the purchase personalized.

How much do eternity bands cost?

When it comes to prices, there are both the cheapest and most expensive options in the market. If you would like to minimize the cost to spend, then you are welcome to look for less unique and stackable designs, giving a chance to solid constructions like half eternity brands. On the contrary, platinum with coloured gemstones that are rare will require significantly more investments, especially if lots of elaboration takes place. Another method to take control over the price is to check the pre-owned collection of eternity bands. At the FJewellery online store, you will find several models of decent quality.

Wrap It Up

You don’t have to consult with the committee on finance and budget in your area to make a successful purchase of accessories — the support team of FJewellery is always there to provide a step-by-step guide of how to pick up the most suitable pieces to satisfy your particular goals and aims. The best thing enthusiasts can do for their shopping experience at online shops like this is to take their time to get the right priorities and narrow down the options. Following the instructions offered by professionals, receiving pretty jewellery of a perfect fit for daily wearing is as simple as ABC.