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18ct White Gold Diamond Crosses

Buy diamond crosses made of 18ct white gold in FJewellery online

When it comes to preparing gifts for special occasions, one of the most frequent preferences is cross. As the practice of FJewellery work shows, 18K white gold diamond cross pendants are especially popular. They are divergent in designs, and the choice of such a gemstone makes it an absolute treasure worth being inherited by further generations. What is more important, the model’s versatility in style allows picking up appropriate samples for him, for her, and for children.

What Caratage of Gold Is Better to Choose?

When it comes to goods made of gold, customers often think of yellow gold solutions only. However, the divergence of these products is truly amazing. Unlike platinum options, such a metal is available at different cost rates thanks to its alloy purity. Besides, the latter parameter defines the overall quality of the cross to choose.

If you are looking for something extremely valuable, then 18 carat white gold diamond crosses are worth sticking to. The category under analysis differentiates with a high percentage of pure gold in the alloy, mainly, seventy-five. Gold is considered to be a rather soft metal. That is one of the reasons why designers can create unique samples with elegant lines and marvelous forms so easily. However, there is a drawback with every advantage. There is a common rule of thumb in this case: the purer the gold alloy is, the less durable it is at the end.

From this perspective, 18 carat solutions are a great compromise. It still benefits with excellent longevity in its original state and is more precious than 10K, 12K, and 14K alternatives.

Editor’s Choice: Top Recommendations for Beginners

The assortment of crosses is more varied than it may seem at first. To avoid typical newcomer mistakes, here a few pieces of advice to take into account:

  • This type of accessory comes in several sizes. Its weight of up to five grams is considered the most universal and suitable option. Don’t forget that a chain has to be twice bigger than the cross itself. Otherwise, there is a high risk of its non-withstanding the pendant’s weight and breaking over time.
  • Pay attention to how wide the cross’s eye is. This is necessary to consider when looking for a matching chain.


The statement several customers are limited by the product’s cost is hard to decline. However, with the FJewellery catalogue and qualitative images, magic is in the air: due to sales and promotions, the average price range is cheaper and thus more appealing to different consumer categories. It is a great opportunity to choose a wonderful ensemble and match a luxurious white gold cross with necklaces diamond models, gold rings and earrings stud pieces.