Women's Gold Pendants

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Gold pendants for women have long been an integral part of the contemporary wardrobe. A huge variety of types, designs and shapes allows you to choose an appropriate accessory for any style and image, making it a key element of the outfit or just a small additional detail. The variety is very large, and it's simply impossible to find one single thing among all this precious assortment - that is why in the collection of each girl there is far from one pendant, for every occasion and for different costumes. But here's the paradox - there are never many of them! And buying another new one is almost as familiar and easy as going to the grocery store. But the jewel will impress the girl much more, which means it’s just an ideal and really cool option as an unexpected surprise for wife, sister, girlfriend, mother and daughter.

Women's Gold PendantsWomen's Gold Pendants

And if you look at paired models, even more options for a present open up - double products for best friends or lovers are a popular trend and a win-win option to demonstrate your feelings. That is why we have collected so many stylish and trendy pieces of golden pendants from 9, 14 and 18 carat alloys in the FJewellery catalogue - for every taste and at the most affordable price. In our store you are sure to find what you want, and if necessary, our managers will help with the selection! Join, buy the best decorations and delight yourself and your loved ones with high-quality and exclusive gifts! Welcome!

Small accessories - big possibilities!

Pendant for girl in gold is not just a beautiful and fashionable decoration, but also the most personalised element of the image, which says a lot about its owner and her character. No girl will put on this or that jewellery just like that, for her every detail of the outfit always carries a special meaning and reflects her mood, thoughts, state. When choosing a new precious item for her wardrobe, a woman is always in the moment and feels exactly what she needs right now. Therefore, when choosing a similar gift for a lady, it's always important to take into account her personal preferences and desires, not relying on chance.

Latest, we can notice a trend towards very rapid changes in the fashion industry - what was relevant yesterday is far from being at the top today. But in any case, fashion is cyclical and there are always such accessories that remain timeless - they are modern and always appropriate. And the female gold pendant fits this description perfectly. We will talk about them right now and start with a simple one - varieties and styles.

Precious pendants - what are and who are suitable

  1. A simple golden classic - a product made of pure metal and nothing more. Traditional forms, smooth lines, conciseness - this is what distinguishes this type of jewellery, and it invariably crowns every top of fashionable attributes. Whatever trends are relevant now - simplicity will always be appropriate! You can see for yourself by looking at pictures in glossy magazines and fashion blogs.
  2. Pendants on neck with precious stones. This is another classic that will never lose its relevance and popularity. As they say: "The best friends for ladies are sparkling diamonds" and it's simply impossible not to agree with this! There is only one "but": the cost of a natural diamond is quite high and may not fit into the available budget. Fortunately, there are alternatives - many luxurious gems are more affordable and no less chic. Further, the choice already depends on the individual - an elegant product with a large main gemstone or bright and shining one with a scattering of crystals.
  3. Fancy pendants. This is a very large category, including the most original and unusual designs, colours and elements. You can list them endlessly and still hardly remember everything.

These are perhaps the three main categories into which ladies gold pendants can be divided. Of course, there are no definite frames and boundaries, but it's easier to navigate.

And so, if a girl prefers simplicity and conciseness, then this is the first category, which includes:

This is the best option for casual, sports and business looks - elegant, subtle, concise. The precious accent in the image is noticeable, the necessary feminine charm is added and this is the main thing!

The second category is represented by more chic and sophisticated accessories suitable for evening or cocktail looks - bright, spectacular and expensive. It includes the following models:

Such products look great with sophisticated and feminine dresses or bright stylish suits. Thus, it's possible to create holistic and harmonious images that look extremely rich and elegant. You can dilute them with wedding earrings and luxurious rings with gemstones.

Pendants made of Gold For HerPendants made of Gold For Her

The third category includes all the most non-standard and unique forms, where you can find suitable thematic models for both children and adults. And here are just a few options:

The best addition to such pendants will be equally original and bold accessories, such as twisted bracelets, creole earrings or big cocktail rings. In this case, you can mix completely different jewelry, regardless of their style or shade of metals - each model will be relevant if you like it! Why follow the rules if you already know exactly how to break them correctly? 

Want even more inspiration and helpful tips? Then check the FJewellery website, follow our blog and look for the most fashionable and unique accessories on sale in our online store! Waiting for you!