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Vintage seems to be always in fashion trends. But there are numerous other jewellery samples that will impress you with their beauty yet the vibe of the past times. Old cuts that never lose their popularity and importance are a gorgeous choice for any occasion, whether you are looking for a gift for someone’s birthday party or to make a proposal to your second half. The F Jewellery experts guarantee — Claddagh rings are universal soulmates in this case.

Design Peculiarities

In general, there are three basic design components any ring of Claddagh should include. First of all, it is a heart that is an obvious symbol of love. Secondly, a crown in the layout goes for fidelity and trustworthiness of feelings. And, finally, the visualization of friendship is represented by two palms. Although such a combination isn’t typical for American and European designs, users worldwide have been already accustomed to this style and find it suitable for various occasions.

According to the Irish tradition, this is a perfect sample of items for heritage, to preserve family treasures from generation to generation. Since the cut and finish vary, the same relates to the target recipient — it can be any relative, friend, or partner of yours.

There are several famous personalities and celebrities of present and past times who are known for their attention to Claddagh rings. For instance, it was a must-have accessory for Edward VII and Victoria, as well as foreign rulers like Ronald Reagan, King George V, etc. Such crushes for millions as Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, and Jim Morrison also used this accessory to complement their fashion style.

How to Choose Rings of Claddagh Properly

Recommendations are commonly the same as in the case of other accessories. To make the right decision, it is highly advisable to bear in mind the following choice criteria that are extremely influential on the results of your purchase deals:

  • The decision to buy Claddagh ring among others narrows down your palette of choices, but there are several other nuances to be aware of. First of all, it is a must to keep it style- and age-appropriate. Heavyweight constructions are more typical for senior customers. Besides, you don’t have to forget about the consumer’s comfort.
  • The assortment of bands made of gold and silver is amazing. But Claddagh bands are not quite spread in the market, so it might become a challenge to find other samples, although they do exist. There are models crafted from non-precious metals, including steel, zirconium, etc. Besides, if you are looking for samples with gems, there are alternative options with cubic zirconia ones to reduce the overall cost to spend.
  • Dainty or chunky, contemporary or original layouts vary in price and their look on hand. Small and gentle options will work for her, while solutions whether the minimum of colours and components are combined will be the right shot for him.
  • Regardless of expensive or inexpensive prices, check how firm the crystals’ fit is. Don’t hesitate to ask for more details from the manufacturer. Prouds rings under analysis have to be not only beautiful, yet unusual and qualitative as well.
  • These types can suit the tastes of minimalists too. Instead of adding volume to the piece by hollow zones and different-shaped lines, the common ring can be decorated with engravings that are basic for the style under the account.
  • Fenian Claddagh rings are a separate type of Irish finger rings. The main difference from its pioneer is the absence of the crown element in the design. Its pretty gloss and simple style are appreciated by jewellery experts all around the globe.

Claddagh Rings with Gemstones

If you are looking for accessories that speak for themselves, then this style is the right shot. When inserted with gemstones, Claddagh bands promise to offer lots of wealth and well-being to their owners. This style includes a lot of details in its real design; adding updates and more luxury isn’t forbidden:

  • There is no generally accepted definition of the term "gemstone" today. In a general sense, this category includes only those natural stones that meet three basic criteria: beauty, rarity, and durability. The beauty of a specimen is determined by its color, luster, and other optical properties. From this perspective, diamonds are one of the best possible options.
  • The gemstone colour and its suitability to the metal’s shade shouldn’t be neglected. Diamonds will look amazing with white gold, but their clarity and purity can be reduced by yellow gold (but the design is essential too).
  • The size of the crystal is a crucial choice parameter. There may be a large central stone or several tiny gems that decorate the crown or represent the heart of the layout. Solutions deprived of inserted elements won’t look worse than their substitutions, but pieces with ones are more eye-catching.

The Mysterious Symbolism of Ring Classagh Designs

The most widespread story hidden behind the true birthplace and date of the Irish Claddagh band has its roots back in the seventeenth century. Because of the hard times in Ireland, Richard, a young main hero of the plot, had to leave his motherland. Unfortunately, there was a long way to the “live happily ever after” ending.

The man appeared on the ship, which was conquered by pirates and was sold into slavery to one of the Moorish jewellers. Luckily, he managed to come and share the secrets of the jewellery craftsmanship in his native land. Since the story took place in Claddagh, a territory nearby Galway city, the ornament was called in its honour.

Overall, this type of accessory implement lots of meanings. Taking into account it is given as a token of friendship and a wedding band, that is a symbol of love and committed relationships between the two, as well as sincerity, open-mindedness, and strong trust and belief in other peoples.

It can also be associated with a precious piece of jewellery that defines a person’s status in society. The reason for that is the rarity of this layout in the market. Although there are numerous modern variations on the theme of a classic gold ring of Claddagh, online shopping with its access to genuine images and pictures of each model under different angles simplifies decision-making.

How to Wear Original Rings from Claddagh

The history of these Irish accessories is definitely special, so there is nothing extraordinary about the fact a ring of Claddagh also has some traditional approaches to its wearing:

  • If the future owner of the band under consideration is looking forward to meeting their partner in a committed relationship full of love and support, then the accessory should be worn on the right hand. Besides, the heart element of the sample has to be faced toward the fingertips.
  • In the case the band’s owner is in love already, there is no need to change the hand of wearing. But the spatial orientation of the heart element will be altered then — it should face the ring’s wearer, namely, the position is the finger bottom area.
  • It is an accepted scenario to wear these bands on the left hand too. The meaning would be different though — it symbolizes a happy union of two loving hearts.

The number of rings to wear also varies. Since Claddagh bands are rather formal in terms of size, they are not really matching with numerous rings for knuckles — they require an absolutely different concept. There isn’t a wrong or right answer to this question, but keeping the balance is crucial. Two-four rings on both hands are a pretty good combination. They don’t have to coincide in their main design principles — wearing all pieces with gemstones will mean going beyond acceptable and beautiful in the jewellery industry. The impression would be completely different from the planned one. You won’t seem fashionable and glamorous, but rather your manners would be perceived as tasteless.

However, the informed described above shouldn’t be accepted as rules of thumb. When it comes to rings, a lot depends on your particular preferences and interests. Claddagh rings are popular choices for engagement and wedding ceremonies, so the wearing requirements are predetermined not only by the occasion itself — local cultural traditions have a significant influence as well. But if you desire to implement more ritual meaning to this gift, then don’t hesitate to stick to these recommendations.


Is it bad luck to purchase such rings for yourself?

There is a total myth that making such a purchase may negatively influence your life and well-being. There is no need to trust these superstitions and misunderstandings caused by the wrong interpretation of the Irish traditions.

Is a ring Claddagh model a solo player?

You can wear this masterpiece with other accessories, and this won’t decrease either the quality of items separately considered or the ensemble as a whole. For instance, earrings topaz and pendants ingot solutions will work for her, while bracelets ruthenium will contribute to the image for him. A lot more combinations are available — all you need to do is to choose the final impression from the complect. If you would like something delicate, then smooth forms and a few materials/shades are to be preferred. For something cool and dainty, experiments with a number of materials and their quality are very welcome.

Can I modify Claddagh bands?

Usually, the only option to get a more personal vibe from this type of layout is to add special engravings. However, you have to make sure there is enough inner surface for the planned word or even phrase. You can use abbreviations that are known for you and the target recipient only or secret language to contribute to the significado of the piece. But don’t forget that far from all the metals can be engraved. The popular players like platinum, silver, and gold won’t cause any barriers for this idea to be implemented, but that doesn’t relate to some not quite typical non-precious metals. Moreover, please account for the budget extra spending because of that. On average, there are numerous factors influencing the procedure’s cost, but it varies from ten to one hundred dollars (or equivalents in other currencies).

Are there any special rules to clean my Claddagh band?

Overall, the approach is the same as in the case with other jewellery. There is one thing you have to consider though — whether your masterpiece has gemstones. The latter requires additional care and maintenance.

Wrap It Up

Online shopping becomes more and more advantageous for end users. Thanks to the advancement of modern technologies, even remote access to the store’s catalogue and the assortment is a guarantee your capabilities to find solutions to suit your dream will be second to none. At the F Jewellery store, customers are welcome to pick up different unique models, including those for sale and cheap goods in the pre-owned section. To buy inexpensive yet luxurious jewelry has never been simpler. Check it out!