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Original and very elegant, practical, versatile in terms of combination with clothes and attractive in price - all this is about silver drop earrings, which have more and more fans every year. Such accessories are equally suitable for adult women, young girls, teenagers and very youthful ladies, and a variety of designs makes it possible to find the perfect model for any look. The main thing is to find a high-quality jewel for sale and the most convenient for you. You can make such a successful purchase in the FJewellery online shop. We provide the best service, offer a wide assortment of precious decorations, cooperate only with trusted manufacturers and guarantee 100% authenticity of our products, which is confirmed by certificates. Join now and get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from shopping with us! Welcome!

How did the long and successful path of earrings begins?

Archaeological excavations and conclusions of scientists prove that the age of this jewellery can reach as much as 7 thousand years! The most ancient and unique finds were made on the territory of Egypt and many Asian countries. Of course, then these were by no means the accessories that we are used to seeing them now. In those days, simple improvised materials were used to create earrings, such as wood, clay, stones, wire, and so on. Such products were very big, heavy and massive. In different peoples and cultures, these decorations had their own sacred meaning and certain rules for wearing them.

So, in many nations, these were not womens accessories - more often they were worn by men and there were special reasons for that. In Egypt, the priests and pharaohs used these decorations as a demonstration of their belonging to the upper class - it was an integral symbol of their power and wealth. In Ancient Rome, slaves were branded with the simplest hoop in one ear, and the nobility wore several drop earrings made of noble metals and with rich precious decor. The Greeks preferred exquisite filigree forms and natural motifs:

  • delicate flower,
  • plants and vines,
  • graceful animals,
  • etc.

In the Middle Ages, there was a period when personal jewelry was banned and such self-expression was not at all welcomed by the church - a gloomy and dark era. Then only representatives of very marginal strata of society allowed themselves to wear any kind of silver decor on ear: pirates, thieves, robbers. In this way they showed their disdain for authority and laws. For pirates, each earring meant the ship he captured, and a large golden hoop said that this corsair had crossed the equator.

The advent of the Renaissance was a real breath of freshwater - the flowering of culture, where the creators paid tribute to precious luxury. Chic earrings with inserts of sparkling stones and natural pearls have returned to fashion, and jewellers have even begun to compete with each other in their art of creating really sophisticated and expensive accessories. In many ways, this was facilitated by the opening of sea routes to India and other countries of the East, from where many natural gems were imported to Europe. At the same time, cheap jewellery began to appear, where glass, artificial pearls, and so on were used instead of expensive inserts. Everyone wanted to wear fine earrings, but the cost of precious minerals was very high, and such alternatives looked very artful and helped to meet the growing demand - everyone benefited!

The next stage in the development of fashion for chic accessories was the lush baroque, and ladies began to try on elongated and voluminous chandelier and girandole earrings. These items with double and triple pendants, encrusted with diamonds, became extremely popular and even today there are such specimens in the royal precious collection of the English crown.

Later, the period of the Rococo style began, which was marked by delicate, airy and openwork products. Dainty earrings with gem elements in the form of stars or a water drop became the subject of dreams of a fashionista of that time - they shimmered amazingly when walking and played with all the colours of the rainbow in the light of the sun. Contemporary designers still love this original style dearly and create real masterpieces on its basis.

Nowadays, modern brands and well-known fashion houses are increasingly turning to past eras for inspiration and each season offer us unique novelties in the spirit of antique and more recent pieces of jewelry art. That is why drop down earrings silver are now rising to their pedestal again and gaining immense popularity. FJewellery boutique specialists could not fail to notice this, and therefore our range includes all the most trendy and bright novelties. Check out our website and see for yourself!

Timeless noble mineral

Surely you are wondering why such an emphasis is placed on silver today? But there is a very logical explanation for this. Sterling silver drop earrings are a real and immortal classic that was popular hundreds of years ago and has come back to us again. The thing is that this type of metal has special properties - extra softness and incredible pliability, which allows jewellers to create the most improbable and amazing precious forms on its basis.

Yes, this mineral isn't the most reliable and durable, but this is easily solved by applying a protective coating. To do this, the silver product is coated with a thin, barely noticeable layer of rhodium, which gives the accessory an unusual shine and ensures its strength. It's also able to protect the jewel from unwanted mechanical damage - various chips, scratches and deformations. 

To change the colour and texture of the metal, other interesting techniques are used that give the finished product a non-standard and even vintage chic. For example, blackening during which the metal undergoes oxidation and darkens. The nice black tint is reminiscent of centuries-old roots and creates a fabulous retro charm. In addition, it's very practical, because such accessories don't require frequent cleaning or polishing.

Such changes are very safe for the natural mineral and practically don't affect the purity of the alloy, since they are used in very dosed and in small quantities. But this allows you to keep the jewellery for a long time and bring a unique highlight to any image.

How to select the flawless model?

This question worries many ladies who dream of stylish and fashionable accessories. FJewellery experts have prepared a small list of recommendations that will help you find the right model and be as satisfied as possible with your new purchase!

The first thing to start with is choosing the ideal design that will fit your character and mood. It's important to understand that long earrings with a lot of decors can be heavy and not always appropriate. Try to build on the situation for which you decide to buy silver drop earrings. If you are looking for a product for every day, it should be something concise and plain, without weighting elements and too bright inserts. Elegant models in the form of straight lines, light hoops or a disk can be an ideal solution - they will emphasise the restraint of the image and won't distract much attention to themselves. The same advice is suitable for a businesswoman whose wardrobe is dominated by formal suits, modest dresses and classic skirts with solid jackets. A good addition to such earrings will be as discreet accessories as:

If you want something brighter and more special, then you need to look towards more fancy models. Non-standard bizarre shapes prevail in such products, and they are ideal for summer walks or parties with friends - fresh and contrasting. A delicate silver leaf or a thin ornate spiral will perfectly complement a light sundress or walking costume. This also includes forms such as:

  • feather,
  • rose or peony,
  • bulky knot,
  • angel wing,
  • and others.

To add rich colours, choose models with a path of tiny crystals or one central gemstone. In this case, a classic circle cut, a traditional cushion cut, or something more extravagant, like a baguette or a triangle, will look good. Silver rings, fancy pendants or stylish spectacle necklaces will help complete the set. When choosing jewelry for a child, it's better to opt for small huggie earrings or graceful items with light-weight decor, such as: a bead, a tiny precious dew of cubic zirconia, etc.

For sophisticated evening dresses, you need a more sparkly and chicer accessory - a linear scattering of diamonds or classic matte mother of pearls will be most appropriate here. You can also turn to the baroque style and pick up something more voluminous, chunky and shiny. The tone of the stone and the features of its shape depend on your preference - it can be either a fiery path made of natural round rubies, or a more delicate and weightless insert made of square rose quartz. The ideal precious mix for this outfit will be:

For cocktail looks, go for more extravagant shapes and styles that will shine in bright light, playfully dangle on your ears and draw all the attention to you as the star of the party. A bright pink diamond, a massive emerald cut or a swirling infinity of numerous cubic zirconias - a win-win option for such an occasion! It would be best to add equally noticeable accessories to the set, for example:

Choosing the perfect earrings for wedding is a different story, it requires attention to detail and strict adherence to the overall concept of the bride's dress and harmony for her. Smoothness and grace, romance and sensuality - these are the aspects that should prevail in bridal jewellery. Pear drop diamonds framed with transparent crystals or a flawless heart shape as a symbol of strong and tender love is what you need for such an event! And to complement the marriage dress, you can use:

However, besides the beautiful design, there is another very essential point and these are clasps! It's on them that the safety and security of the decoration and how comfortable it will be for you to wear it depends. The stud fastener is suitable for small and light products, and will be ideal for children. The back-twist element can be in the form of a butterfly or a screw with ball - as you are used to. For heavy models, the best solution would be an English lock with a drop bar - reliable and strong. The rear metal stick doesn't even fit to the ear, and therefore there will definitely not be any discomfort.

If you take into account all these significant aspects, you can find the most impeccable and exclusive pair of 925 sterling silver drop earrings for yourself. And to be sure of your choice, you can contact the managers of the FJewellery website or independently study each model in our catalogue. In the description of all products, we must add their real pictures and a list of the main characteristics, which indicate the kind of metal, the presence of inserts, the height, weight and width of the accessory, the features of the clasp and much more. We will help you easily and quickly diversify your usual images and add stylish chic to your wardrobe!

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