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There are accessories that are literally created to preserve for ages and pass from generation to generation. With the help of FJewellery, your market research will be exciting, intriguing, and the one that brings gorgeous results. And among the answers to the need to enjoy pieces of jewelry for decades, bangles in gold are surely high in the rating.

Gorgeous, magnificent, and many more descriptions will try to deliver the nature of these accessories in words, but seeing and endeavouring it on your own will become a totally new experience. Stay tuned to find out more about the advantages of bangles in gold. Let’s get straight into the topic!

White Gold BanglesWhite Gold Bangles

What You Should Know About Gold Jewellery

When it comes to searching for any type of accessory, including gorgeous bangles for him and for her, gold is definitely among the most favourite options. In the market, interested parties don’t pay attention to such notions as demand and supply. It is more crucial to show how the correlation between price and quality functions.

That’s why it definitely won’t be extra to deepen your awareness of gold as a jewelry instrument and make well-thought-out considerations when shopping online. This way, you control the buyer-seller scenario more and can depict valuable offers among hundreds and thousands of deals in the UK.

Diving into Gold Bangle Quality

This assortment contains some gold plated and gold vermeil models:

  • The first category consists of layouts with around 0.05 percent of pure gold over the aforementioned base meal. The latter can be copper and silver.
  • In the second case, sterling silver performs a base-metal function. Also known as heavy plating, this method lets jewellers achieve durable yet affordable crafts. It is a hypoallergenic layout with anti-tarnishing capacities just at the cheapest cost.

However, these gold styles are just a tiny part of the goodies this online store delivers to customers in the UK. The presented plain bangles are made of solid gold of different caratage values:

  • There are slight distinctive characteristics, which are influenced by the components of the alloy.
  • There are twenty-four parts in the gold alloy. With two basic variables, interested parties can simply consider what materials work for their needs in a better way. On the one hand, the lower the caratage value, the less expensive the price tag is expected to be. What’s more, adding such metals as platinum and silver positively impacts the palette’s durability and overall strength. On the other hand, putting aside a bigger financial value of pieces with a higher percentage of pure gold, these layouts are more brilliant and have a sparkling surface.

Bangles made of Gold with GemstonesBangles made of Gold with Gemstones

What Type of Gold Bangle Jewellery Is the Best to Consider?

It actually depends. If you are searching for something to wear everyday, it is a more efficient choice to prefer models with a medium percentage of gold — like 18 karat and 14 carat. Accordingly, you will achieve fourteen and eighteen parts of gold, accompanied by other metals. Their titles vary based on the colour you pursue.

Compared to plated alternatives, the price tag will be higher. Needless to say, the quality will be drastically different. Worries about “how much cost” can be dealt with in a wise manner — just consider this catalogue’s offers on sale and optimise your prospective expenses.

Gold Bangles in Colours

The most famous varietal is yellow gold, but alternative designs in competitive tones might look even more gorgeous in particular cases. For instance, a lot of interested parties prefer rose-tinted accessories for their romantic and elegant appeal. Numerous customers have already built successful relationships of mutual understanding with silvery-white patterns — at a nice cost, these pieces of jewellery are shining layouts that do the best job when worn alone and contribute to the sparkle of inserted gemstones.

Here are a few aspects to remember about widespread versions of bangles:

  • Yellow — this format is the most organic representation of the soft base metal. To increase its characteristics’ efficiency, masters add other metals like combinations with copper and sterling silver. It is not enough just to remain in its natural state for ages — not tarnishing won’t replace the modern durability of accessories, which so many end users long for.
  • White — despite its relatively short presence in the industry, it is a strong rival of many popular and earlier established metals and alloys. Originally created as a platinum substitute, this material has already become an absolutely independent player. More and more customers pay attention to its value. Not only does it guarantee a brilliant appearance and the best features of gold, but also a higher degree of affordability is at your disposal.
  • Rose — when pure gold and copper are combined, a wonderful result is born. Its signature shade has a glamorous and luxurious vibe, which can become a charming yet refreshing beauty tool for any fashionista.

Bangles made of GoldBangles made of Gold

What Is a Rhodium Finish?

In plain English, that’s how the contemporary jewellery industry refers to a rhodium coating. It goes well with different kinds of gold alloys and has a lot of benefits compared to non-coated layouts:

  • If you check the pictures before and after rhodium coating, you will clearly see a difference. Bangles become shinier and more attractive.
  • Apart from contributing to the pretty nature of these bracelets, a rhodium coating has another important impact. It is a guarantee of anti-corrosion, denting, and scratching. It will wear off over a certain period of time, but it won’t take a lot to renew it either.

If you compare rhodium and gold as distinctive metals, the first one is a surprising winner of the battle. This jewelry-crafting material is known for its rarity and, therefore, a more expensive price. Taking into account that a coating is an extremely thin protective layer, the overall sum won’t make you bankrupt.

A Rich Palette of Stylish Bangle Bracelets

This type of jewellery can be easily considered a costume — it creates a good-looking and festive image in an instant. You will be able to control your aesthetic performance since the assortment contains so many valuable positions to choose from:

  • If you stand up for delicate yet meaningful layouts, a round white gold bangle with an infinity gemstone symbol is exactly what you need.
  • There are layouts that visualise classic designs. If you are a fan of Claddagh rings, you can find the same craft of hands, heart, and crown in large bangles.
  • Triple bangles that smoothly slide on your wrist and create a pleasant sound when you move will be even more exciting and stylish if you pick up tri-colour versions.
  • Bangles don’t have to be delicate in their looks. Models with gloving boxes or layouts with gemstone phrases like “mum” pieces shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • Layouts with engravings are different, but collecting several personalization features in one piece is an appealing adventure. What about a twisted model with gemstones, resembling an eternity band, and cute messages to your beloved ones?
  • Expandable slave bangles look stylish and will be perfectly worth together with a watch. Even without gemstones, the brilliance is decent. If you add rhodium or other types of coatings, the effect will be maximised.

As one of the top jewellery firms, this site is dedicated to steady expansion, which you can easily track once you pay attention to the catalogue from a long-term perspective. Don’t hesitate to visit it regularly to explore more magical solutions for unique and unprecedented bracelet varieties. With bangles, you will find an outrageous piece of jewellery for anyone — from children to men and women.

White & Red Gold BanglesWhite & Red Gold Bangles

How to Define the Best Size

When you see marvellous pics of unique bangles in gold, it is hard to intuitively understand what measurements should be done. Since alternative products within this assortment favour checking wrists’ circumferences as a top priority, dealing with the analysed model is more complicated.

Any visitor of this shop shouldn’t worry about issues when taking measurements — its representatives will help you consider a perfect match for your needs. Unique pictures of layouts show in detail what the width, length, and height of these accessories are. Then you can compare those results with your measurements and figure out how suitable they are.

Here you can check the most popular approaches:

  • Contrary to paying attention to your wrists, take into account the size of your palm. To be more exact, your task is to specify how big your knuckles are. Please turn your thumb finger “inside” to your palm and let it touch the pinky finger.
  • Ensure your hand is relaxed. Take a tape measure or a string and size the knuckles of four fingers. It has to be the widest part.
  • Correlate the achieved results with the size chart or sizes in millimetres on the official page. For instance, a8 inch size is around twenty-three centimetres, which refers to a medium size. While 6mm-wide pieces radiate a more traditional vibe, 3.5mm-wide models.
  • If you already possess a stunning bangle sample that fits you, simplify your approach. There are additional charts, which define the piece’s inside diameter in millimetres. It is typically due to verify what you’ve got from the first measuring method. If the form of your bangle is not just round but oval or square-shaped, check professional pictures to see where the diameter is measured.

Once all the preparations are done, you are all set to focus on getting cute, minimalist, or gorgeous layouts. With this shop’s customer-centric policies, it is a breeze to obtain a stunning piece of jewellery in gold at a premium discount.

How to Wear Luxury Gold Bangles

The idea of wearing a few bangles on the same hand isn’t new. There are multiple fashionistas who appreciate the same concept on both hands. In this case, certain considerations are must-haves:

  • When you pack a couple of accessories on the wrist, whether its weight is 4 gram or 10 gm will totally make a huge difference.
  • If wearing bracelets with a watch seems a good idea, the weight and the size shouldn’t be neglected. It is a wonderful tactic to mix and match divergent layouts to let the magic happen without wrongly balanced metals.

For novice users, there is a light step-by-step introduction to actually putting this trendy piece of jewellery on and off:

  • Repeat the same gesture as if you are taking measurements for a bangle.
  • Once again, your hand should be relaxed to let your knuckles and thumb finger remain flexible. If you overpower your strength, an accessory won’t slide over your hand.

It doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to discover these methods. Although a bit of practice will be helpful, following these tips and recommendations is a great opportunity to explore how many dainty and vintage styles are out there.

How to Match Popular Bracelets

There is no need to follow what’s trending on the market. If you don’t like skinny minimalist accessories, why should you choose this option for casual wear? Don’t hesitate to check the photo and stick to your own vision of the bangle beauty.

New & Pre-owned Gold BanglesNew & Pre-owned Gold Bangles

Luckily for non-experienced users, these accessories match a lot of other models. While it is better to be careful about combining different colours of gold when a few bangles are worn in sets, other multicolour marriages within the same ensemble of jewellery are great.

To add more custom charm to your fashion choice, add real engravings to selected designs. It is a relatively cheap upgrade that can transform simple and plain patterns into magnificent models with meaningful engraved messages.

Silver St Christopher Pendants. Whenever you seek long-lasting pieces of jewellery, the latest images of St Christopher pendants are definitely on the list. This type of fine accessory is regularly rumoured to be outdated, but that’s just another reason to stay tuned. You will come across so many modern designs with impressive meanings. Such layouts are transformed into modern masterpieces thanks to the game with twisted metal lines, hollow zones, and colourful gemstones.

Hollow CrossesOriginal styles of this kind have a religious label. In practice, you don’t have to worry about sharing wrong messages through your outfit and matching accessories. This collection includes multiple beautiful crosses, which become perfect pendants for numerous types of chains. Links and more solid constructions of bangles are unexpectedly good together.

Moreover, interested parties are welcome to save funds on pendants and can easily purchase the lowest gold quality. They just have to ensure that chosen metal tones are to their liking and enjoy a durable and tempting design that highlights the neckline.

Fancy NecklacesDesigner chains are eye-catching with and without pendants. Matched with stacked bangle bracelets, they create a unique harmony of modern fashion senses. Choosing chunky chains is also a good idea, especially if you wear multiple bangles on your hands. Such styling is season-dependent — you will hardly prefer this airy freedom in winter when you put on a lot of fluffy clothing. Bangles with twisted lines and gemstones will contribute to the fanciness of necklaces and vice versa.

CZ Cluster Rings. With elegant bands on hand, you don’t have to worry about attention-grabbing accents. This small addition to your outfit can highlight its delicacy and tenderness. Classic models like eternity bands or modern layouts such as double halo or knot-shaped pieces with tinted stones are very popular.

Diamond Stud Earrings. Taking into account that bangles come in multiple sizes and styles, it is possible to match them with male and female fashion concepts without difficulty. Coming with screws, lock backs, standard posts, or with clasp of other varieties, these magnificent goodies can also be a wonderful gift idea for a kid. Match a nice pair of earrings with an expandable bangle to hit the jackpot.

Where to Buy Gold Bangles

When something is made of gold, it can’t help but attract attention. If wondering about the gold bangles cost, the FJewellery catalogue presents large decision-making capacities — it is an open marketplace for lovers of smoothly accessible and affordable jewellery. Whether you give your preference to a single flat bangle with thick “borders” or a range of small and thin pieces, it is as simple as ABC to get acquainted with incredibly personalised deals in the UK market.