22ct Gold Chains

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Everyone loves jewellery, but chains have always been especially popular. They have a huge number of advantages. Perhaps that's why they are so often chosen by men and women alike to create a look for a holiday or every day. We at FJewellery offer an extensive collection of these products. The 22ct gold chain is a great choice if you want to buy a piece of jewellery as a gift for her or him. It will also be a great option if you have the custom to please yourself for no reason.

22ct Gold Chains

What are 22 carats?

As you probably know, the purity of gold is measured in a unit of measure such as the carat of pure gold. Examples:

  • 24 ct is the purest gold. It does not contain any impurities. It is soft and supple. It is not used in jewellery. It is used for bars and coins. Gold is used for making high-precision equipment.
  • 22 ct is the most sought-after alloy in jewellery. 22 parts are pure gold (22c) and two more parts are alloying metals.
  • 18 ct. As you have already understood, such an alloy has 18 parts gold, 6 parts alloy metals, etc.

Carats do not equal the weight of the piece. 22 karat gold jewellery can have a wide variety of weights. For example, thin 22k gold chains that are 18 inches long can weigh as little as 4.46 grams.

Silver, zinc, nickel, etc. can act as alloying metals. The colour of the alloy depends on the percentage of the alloying metals. For example, in a white 22kt gold chain, palladium, silver, and nickel act as alloying metals. If you want to buy 22k gold chain in a pink colour the composition will include copper and silver in addition to gold.

It is the 22 k gold that makes the strongest pieces. They are 92% soft gold reinforced with 8% alloying metals that give them solid and resistant.

Another name that can be found on vintage items is 916. This was the hallmark of items in Russia before the revolution of 1917. It corresponds to the usual 22crt in Europe.

Please note that all our products are branded with 22 kt, which confirms their quality.

From theory to practice

How to choose gold chains 22 carat? The choice is really enormous. You can find on sale pieces of different lengths and widths, with different decorations, hollow, full-bodied, flat, voluminous, etc. How to understand this variety? The chain is a universal thing, so you can wear it with any piece of jewellery. It can be beautiful hoop earrings or brutal spanner bangles. This jewellery will look good in any set.

We offer you a little guidance. You can also always ask the FJewellery concierge for help if you need help.

Full-body or hollow?

First of all, it is recommended to make a choice - do you want to wear the product occasionally or will you wear it quite often? In the first case, either option will work for you. Feel free to choose a hollow chain, if you like its design. In the second case, you should not do this. Hollow products may be less durable. You will have to keep an eye on them or wear them less often than you would like. They are quite easy to break, crumple and difficult to repair.

As you understand, a chain made of solid gold costs more. It is the most expensive, but also the most reliable option at the same time. Such chains are stronger and more durable, regardless of the design.

22 karat Gold Chains

Which style to choose?

You can see a huge number of designs for sale. How do you choose your own design? Only with the heart. Everything about beauty is chosen solely according to one's idea of beauty. We can only recommend a few of the most popular models. But as you browse through our catalogue, you'll realize that there are many more. So, our rating of popular products:

  • Clasp. The most popular and common type of weave. It is flat, looks simple and stylish. The links in the chain are round.
  • Figaro. One of today's most popular types, which is rapidly gaining popularity. It has a rather distinctive pattern that is difficult to confuse with others: one long oval link is interspersed with two to four short round links. It looks fashionable.
  • Rope. Not long ago it was the second position in our rating. This kind of weave is always relevant. Thin or massive chain - it does not matter. It always attracts attention. It consists of many small links, which are twisted together.
  • Rolo. A stylish cast chain looks quite delicate and unusual. However, it is one of the most popular options. Here the round links are movably connected at right angles. Not a bad option if you prefer unusual things.
  • Wheat. The second name is Spiga. The oval links are intertwined with twisted oval links, forming the same pigtail-like pattern on several sides. A very textured and stylish piece.
  • Snake. A favourite of many, this unusual chain, despite all its flaws, is one of the top favourite products. Our customers love it. The links in it fit together quite tightly, forming an endless flat surface. Of course, it looks just perfect. But it is recommended to wear it carefully, as it is fragile. Also, those who wear long hair should be careful. It is believed that such chains can get tangled and tear out the hair.
  • Box. It can have a different appearance, but all variants have one key feature - a link in the chain has a square shape. Crossing at right angles, the next two links resemble a box. The closer the links are to each other, the less noticeable this feature is.

What colour of a product to choose?

Above we wrote that the colour of gold depends on what alloying metals and in what percentage are used in the product. But how do you choose your choice?

If this isn't the first exquisite piece in your jewellery box, chances are you've intuitively chosen the most appropriate piece of jewellery for you there. So just take a look at what's available. White (silver) jewellery works best for people with skin that has a cool (bluish, purple) undertone. It can be white gold, platinum or silver. If more yellow metal jewellery, yellow or rose gold is likely to suit you.

How do you determine your type if this is your first piece of jewellery? It's pretty simple; there are several ways to figure it out:

  • Look at the veins on the back of your wrist. Are they green or greenish? Chances are you have a warm undertone. If they're blue or purple, you're more suited to silver alloys.
  • Do you prefer warm colours? Pink and yellow gold is more likely to suit you. Do you prefer cool colours? White gold and silver are your choices.
  • Also, you can always ask for help from a stylist. He will help you make a choice.
  • All options are suitable for neutral types. You can say that you are lucky. Therefore, you can safely choose gold jewellery in any shade.

Chains 22k Gold

Long of pieces

Another very important parameter is the length of the chain. The sizes can be very different. From extremely short, and will go practically around the neck. This option is also called a choker. Or as long as possible, which can only be worn over clothing. As a rule, the optimal is considered length 22''. The bottom of such a product runs exactly along the middle of the chest, at almost the same distance from the collarbone and chest. Such a piece can be worn on its own or with your favourite pendants.

Also, do not forget about a very interesting trend that accompanies us for several seasons - tiered designs. We recommend choosing for them not only chains with different types of weaving but also different lengths and widths. It looks very stylish!

How do determine the width?

The following tips will help you choose the width:

  • Do you plan to wear the chain alone or only with the pendant? Wider options should be chosen if you want to wear the jewellery solo and something more sophisticated with the pendant. Cat pendants with a rope-style chain, for example, will look very nice. A wide chain looks beautiful in the upper third of the bust. They are not worn under clothing, as it begins to bristle. Thin chains can be worn over or under clothing. Also, when choosing a pendant chain, don't forget that it should be flexible and tear-resistant.
  • Look at your physique. The proportions are a very important parameter. You should choose the length and width of the chain, as well as your height and weight. Everything should look harmonious.

Coated items

Jewellery is often coated with rhodium to add lustre and greater protection from external damage. This is a very good move. But you should realize that any coating is short-lived, and you will have to have this procedure done by a jeweller from time to time if you like the result.

Chains made of 22k Gold

Chain clasp

Another important parameter is paid little attention to. For your chain to last a long time, choose strong screw clasps that will protect your piece from loss. Polish it from time to time and take it to a jeweller for inspection so that he or she can repair the piece in time if he or she notices any damage.

The lobster clasp is the most popular of modern products. It resembles a claw. It is quite difficult to break or crush. It is a reliable option in many cases. In addition, it is not afraid of repeated cycles of opening and closing.

The second strongest option is the clasp ring. Usually used on thin items. It looks very feminine and stylish. Not the most comfortable option, and quite often to put it on or take it off, you have to ask for help.

The third place is occupied by one of the oldest options - hook-and-loop fasteners. They are certainly durable, since they are devoid of various mechanisms, but they are not safe, since the product can get caught on clothing and undone.

In addition, chains can be embellished. It can be diamond cut (notches that the jeweller makes on the chain links) or inlaid with precious stones.

Shopping online

We at FJewellery have done everything to make it convenient for you to choose a product and make a purchase. Our customer service is always on hand, and our concierge is always ready to help. All goods in the assortment of our store have high-quality pictures, full descriptions and price. It's convenient when you want to pick something specific. We wish you a successful shopping experience!

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