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Bring the Fierce with FJewellery’s Men’s Gold Chain Selections

Gold has always been associated with wealth, power, and prestige. Even in ancient times, kings, emperors, and pharaohs were known for wearing gold chains to symbolise their status and cement their authority. Looking for that special something to elevate your ensemble? A men’s gold chain from FJewellery can help complete your look. Available in a wide variety of lengths and styles, our men’s gold chains are fresh, funky, and forever stylish. Wear one on its own, or layer multiple gold chains for a more striking visual that’s sure to turn heads and make a statement.

Chains made of Gold

How Many Chain Types Are There?

This question seems to be very easy to answer. But the closer you come to an actual reply, the more difficulties you face. Beginners are more aware of the materials and gemstones that are widespread in the market. The divergence of links isn’t a part of the knowledge base of an average person.

It is high time to fuel your memory with new information about necklaces. Jewelry’s versatility and flexibility are unique points to obtain:

  • Anchor — it is a massive-looking necklace version that is awesome for men. This pattern is also represented in more delicate varietals in rolo and rope necklaces.
  • Belcher — this is one of the samples when the chain gets its name not thanks to related associations. Named after Jem Belcher, it is a symbol of strength and excellence. If you desire to get a piece of a timeless classic, our assortment will be the best place to find divergent pieces of this design.
  • Cable — for enthusiasts who are willing to increase the value of their necklace wardrobe with simple shapes and smoothness in lines, the presented design will suit enormously. This golden chain is outrageous whether it is thin or wide.
  • Curb — links that are placed oppositely to each other create a well-known layout under the curb necklace title. It is a cool and stylish choice for casual styles and is distinguished by its comfortable touch to any appearance.
  • Double curb — it is not as heavy as alternative designs, but it will surely catch your eye. The name is self-explanatory. It is presented on multiple websites, and this fact states in favour of its popularity.
  • Rope — customers who believe it is the most sought-after solution won’t be significantly wrong. Thanks to its rope-like shape, this is a universal solution for men and women. For those who plan to get tiny necklaces that are still attention-grabbing, this style is worth it.
  • Rada — if you aren’t satisfied with the standard bestsellers, change the perspective and seek normal yet appealing layouts. This is a certain milestone in creating shiny and sleek images.
  • Wheat — do you know what real wheat is? Then you have a clear understanding of what inspired jewelry masters decades ago.
  • Snake — bearing in mind such necklaces are unique in their custom structure, they aren’t flat enough to hang a pendant ideally. Without additionals, this accessory will stand the test of time and prove itself as a luxurious and independent jewellery piece.
  • Box link — this series of links is a bit chunky yet charming. Cube-like shapes that are mainly used for such samples can be adjusted to highlight the neckline of ladies and gentlemen effortlessly.

The biggest concern is to select the right clasp style. As evidence shows, this element can be the same among multiple necklaces types, which signifies its decent features for end users. A dainty chain with either a spring-ring clasp or a hook fastener is a fine solution to seek at any shops.

Chains Gold

Unusual Links for Particular Occasions

The previous section has highlighted the most typical chains in the industry, but let’s bridge the gap in understanding how multinational the market of necklaces truly is a bit more:

  • Coffee bean — it is a unique accessory for her. It is not as delicate as cable chains, but its value lies in its unbelievable quality and meaning. Created back in the 1970s, it has become a valid symbol of life and its origins.
  • Love link — thanks to its breathtaking twisted wire than resembles heart shapes, this layout is appealed to large target audiences.
  • Popcorn — as in the case with other necklaces on the list, the name implied what this product resembles. The pattern is achieved by giving preference to convex chains elements and overall beaded composition.
  • Franco — natural V-shaped contours create marvelous antisymmetric ornaments. Keeping in mind their sturdy structure, this chain is an excellent option for hanging pendants.
  • Serpentine — the main pattern of links resembles an S-shape, which makes its surface smooth and delicate.
  • Byzantine — it is another variation of texture design chains, which weave is adorably fascinating. In practice, it can be considered the next version of rope necklaces.
  • Foxtail — even if the necklaces of this type are pretty narrow, their wire gauge combination shows an intense and tight line of slanted links. Oval shapes are intertwisted, which results in a stunning thick layout.
  • Paper — just imagine you need to create a chain from separate strips of paper. It will be a layout with links that are connected perpendicularly. The same concept is applied by designers of jewellery.
  • Tassel — masters take separate strings of chains and connect a bunch of them as one necklace. It looks like ropes that are knotted.
  • Mesh — coming with a beaded pattern, this chain seems to be crafted from lines of interconnected small balls. It usually reminds a graphic representation of organized molecules.

Don’t vacillate to see the dignity of these models — check their pictures on our official page. Theoretical and practical realization of how valuable the crafting and designing styles are will make you appreciate any chosen necklace and its individual soul.

Tuning the Link Honor

The sky is the limit — that is literally the main motto in the jewellery market. Necklaces are a result of several tactics and strategies, which aren’t usually noticeable at first. The list of such features is represented below:

  • Design diamond-cut — these custom pieces belong to the most expensive design for the additional layer or inserts of diamond particles. On the one hand, such a construction becomes even more precious. On the other hand, this decision enhances the degree of sparkling drastically.
  • Engraved — the general quality of engraved options is more than just nice. The texture is more eye-catching and amusing to analyze.
  • Geometrical — round and oval patterns are the most common decisions, but you will be able to see more original ideas that are implemented in reality. Square and infinity-like allusions are popular.
  • Greek key — the beauty of this design is worth checking in more detail. Don’t wafer analyze its images.
  • Solid — such links consist of metal completely, forming durable and worthy pieces. Hollow chains are the opposite option, more lightweight, and less expensive.
  • Textured — the link surface isn’t plain and flat, which drives these necklaces way ahead of their competitors.

Classic Decorations for Necklaces: Gems

Designs that come without gemstones are understandable, and enthusiasts have just to pay attention to how top-notch this or that metal layout is. The scenario is a bit different when another compound of this composition appears. Without a doubt, gemstones will be an outrageous touch to any gold chain. There are a few ways precious crystals are inserted:

  • embedded;
  • types with pendants.

A vast number of little additionals can be selected to create the right accent on the neck:

  • Diamonds — they are truly the queens of the jewellery industry. With their top-rated hardness, they are the most durable and also brilliant stone to look for.
  • Cubic zirconia — although the properties of cubic zirconia don’t coincide with how diamonds perform, they are pretty similar and come at good prices. You will come across the latest designs with this crystal without difficulty.
  • Colourful stones — an embarrassment of riches, as they say. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and other stones will gladly reveal their secrets and show unique their palette of tones is. To add more meaning to the chosen composition, it is a good tactic to purchase original birthstones like amethyst, aquamarine, and bloodstone. If you desire to get the most colourful gemstone ever, solutions with tourmaline will work.

Whatever gem you would like to pick up, it is important to understand the difference between carats, gemstone weight, and size. The weight and size aren’t both doubled with the increase in caratage:

  • Two grams form one carat, while the approximate diameter is six and a half millimeters.
  • Just compare the previous variation with two carats. This figure will equal eight and two millimeters in diameter and four grams.

What Does a Good Gold Chain Look Like?

Leading manufacturers in the UK market are talented masters, which is certainly proven by our assortment and its divergence. This treasure chest can boast of not only gorgeous patterns and constructions. In this category of goodies, all that glitters is genuine gold, but its peculiar colours influence a lot.

Here are the main metal hues for interested parties to take into account when they desire to purchase a lasting piece of jewellery:

  • Yellow — it is a traditional choice for multiple accessories, including engagement rings, earrings, and cross pendants. The natural tone is maintained by smaller parts of other metals, and the latter doesn’t have to be sun-like. Several stores distribute alloys, where silvery-white metals are present in yellow gold combinations. Adding only copper results in red gold, so silver and zinc are selected to lighten the mixture.
  • White — this member of the gold alloys family is an extra durable material largely thanks to adding more silvery-white finishes and covers to the design such as palladium.
  • Rose — a typical rose gold alloy with the caratage value of eighteen has a high content of pure gold, namely, seventy-five percent. The second winner is copper, and its percentage is slightly more than twenty-two percent. The last nominee is silver with a content of less than three percent. This sample illustrates how rose gold is born.
  • Yellow and white — in the majority of cases, the preference is given to styling and tuning separate links that go one after one with the appliance of different metals. Necklaces where whole parts are made of white and yellow gold consequently aren’t so widespread.
  • Multi-colour — three main types of gold alloys are harmoniously incorporated within one style. The use of divergent metals makes custom chains with unique patterns more recognizable and noticeable than other necklaces of this jewellery fabrication category.

How Pure Is Your Gold?

Each and every model within this catalogue comes with a hallmark denoting its original state and value. In jewelry-related terms, gold purity is a notion that is used to describe how many parts of the natural mineral are present in the alloy. This kind of raw material isn’t preferable by designers because of its improper qualities:

  • A gold nugget itself isn’t pure. Its mineral composition can consist of up ninety-five percent of mono-material, while other places of this so-called rating are occupied by the traces of silver, iron, and copper.
  • In its original state, gold is known for its excellent malleability and visual attraction — bright and sparkling gold as people know it. In the jewellery market, this is analogous to 24 karat gold, which is closer to a theoretical concept rather than a highly-used option. The reason for that lies in the fact that the analyzed structure is too soft to be applied straightforwardly.

By adding other materials like silver or copper, professionals achieve unique results. Gold as a separate entity is known to the majority of people, would they be beginners, amateurs, or experienced fashionistas. Getting to know more about what solutions are offered to end users and what is hidden under quality hallmarks will simplify investing in inexpensive yet marvelous pieces. It is not a problem to satisfy your objectives with the following variety of metal subcategories:

  • 9 carat — there are multiple new and pre-owned models that are crafted of 9kt gold. By buying this type, customers will achieve a durable piece that is resistant to scratch, brilliant and doesn’t corrode. It is one of the most lasting solutions on the list.
  • 14 carat — with the increase of gold in the content, the hue becomes brighter and more intense. Unlike 9 k pieces that contain a little more than thirty-seven percent of the distinguished mineral, the next popular option has twenty percent more.
  • 18 karat — with seventy-five percent of pure gold, it is a gorgeous bestie to wear for special occasions. If you worry about the price, please check our 18k models on sale.
  • 22 ct — it is the purest gold alloy that individuals can use without worries it will destroy easily. Of course, the rules of care and maintenance are obligatory to consider. It is not recommended to take a shower while wearing such accessories since it can have a negative impact on the model’s shine itself.

How to Choose a Suitable Necklace

One of the greatest characteristics of modern fashion is its convenience for everyone. If you desire to wear a gorgeous layout, you are welcome to do it. Since a lot of designs are universal, it is harder to distinguish the female from male accessories. There is no superstition that jewellery for gents can’t contain any sparkling elements such as gemstones, unlike solutions for ladies. The only thing to actually take care of is the necklace appropriateness if your task is to pick up the right model and size for children.

White gold chains

It will be simpler for you to define what is trendy if you are aware of the preferences of a future owner or try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Another crucial parameter is their face type:

  • Short chains aren’t recommended for owners of round faces. From this perspective, long accessories will be more functional.
  • On the contrary, small necklaces are excellent for personalities with heart-shaped faces.
  • If you have an oval face, don’t hesitate to experiment with styles.

The link type isn’t super correlative with your face shape or curves, but the way any necklace fits depends on your height and body composition a lot. The general length guide includes the following sizes:

  • If you think the choker size is the smallest one, here is a little surprise for you: there is a so-called collar fit. Such lengths are tight around the neck and sometimes are considered chokers for children and teenagers, reaching thirteen inches only.
  • By adding an inch or two, the fit becomes slightly more loose, highlighting the base of the neck.
  • The next popular size has a sweet princess name. Looking gorgeous on any model, its object for emphasizing is the collarbone area. The length of this type is between seventeen and nineteen inches usually.
  • As the previous nominee, this kind of length is among the bestsellers. It is frequently preferred by women, and here is a simple reason why. Since matinee necklaces are bigger, staying in the range from twenty to twenty-four inches, their zone for fittin is up to the bust area. Of course, the higher a target recipient is, the more above the last necklace point is going to be located, but not higher than the collarbone.
  • With such a loud name, opera chains are luxuriously eye-catching. Their measurements fluctuate significantly. Accessories that are twenty-eight inches and almost ninety-four centimeters will both relate to the same category. The upper limit for this size is thirty-seven inches, while the minimum pattern is seventy-one centimeters accordingly. All the range of dimensions in-between is also opera.
  • The largest necklace you will come across in the market goes under the name of rope. It usually reaches the waistline zone with its maximum length up to sixty inches. Depending on the width of the accessory, it is a regular option for looping necklaces.

How to Wear Unique Gold Chains

Once you have come up with an idea of what sizes are suitable for your needs, it seems the challenge is completed. A lot of customers simply forget to match their current choices with several accessories that already possess in their home collection. Aside from paying attention to who the recipient is, it is a must-have to determine how online shopping for necklaces is influenced by clothing and other wardrobe elements:

  • Professional designers suggest selecting short links, including choker lengths, along with open-neck outfits. This will help enthusiasts to achieve a wonderful neckline eye-catchiness, making it visually slimmer and more elegant. The variety of necklaces is second to none, and the same goes for a number of ways to emphasize your natural beauty through clothes. For instance, strapless tops or items with off-the-shoulder or v-neck patterns will come in handy.
  • If you are interested in oversized clothes or would like to ensure the chosen necklace will be noticeable, it is recommended to pick up a slightly bigger notion than necessary. It will enable customers to achieve the most flattering results. Although matinee is usually the most convenient for daily wear, the usability of opera and rope lengths is excellent with evening gowns. Besides, such big sizes are excellent for putting the chain twice around the neck, creating a well-known looping effect.

Another thing that will make your fashion style more solitary is the way you match accessories. Thanks to our affordable prices and regular discount, your collection of jewellery will be extremely personalized:

  • Take a closer look at what you are going to order from the necklace category. If a target recipient is a beautiful lady, then CZ stud earrings are magnificent. These accessories are universal, suiting any woman. Cubic zirconia stones are not only cheap substitutes for diamonds in terms of their cost. These besties lose in terms of hardness to diamonds just a bit. It is also complicated to differentiate these gems one from another, so the choice is clear.
  • Graduation rings are wonderful pieces for mens. They will easily replace a signet ring, becoming its modified version. Their intricate styles are enriched by gemstones and unusual custom engraving. Such symbols will surely expand their meaning barriers, transforming into good daily partners as signs of owners’ status and mood.
  • Traditional prince of wales bracelets are distinguished with their ultra-polished links and warming construction. Their interconnected links are aimed at forming a stylish pattern, which has a certain 3D vibe even in photos, as well as enhancing the overall durability of the construction. It prepares its owners for important occasions or daily wearing to the full.

Rose gold chains

Wrap It Up

Attentive readers will get the main message of this storytelling at once — beauty is relative. The crucial purpose of such varying designs and styles even if some parameters are restricted by default (the use of gold only, as in this case), there is no reason to worry about a poor palette of choices. So many men, so many minds, and at least one piece within the FJewellery list of accessories will make your heart beat faster. Don’t wait to buy gold chains at a reasonable cost and follow the fashion trends as you see them — determine what pretty is by your own sample.

9ct Yellow Gold Cuban  3.5mm
9ct Yellow Gold Cuban 3.5mm
RRP £ 475 | £ 315 -34%
9ct Rose Gold Solid Rope Chain DSHCN0640
9ct Rose Gold Solid Rope Chain DSHCN0640
RRP £ 2 465 | £ 1 700 -31%