Bridal Set Rings

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The wedding ring is considered the symbol of marriage. This is the embodiment of purity, devotion and infinity in the traditional meaning. Today, wedding rings are more than just jewellery - they are works of art. Especially if you buy a bridal rings set. This is an engagement and wedding ring in one set. They always compliment each other harmoniously. This set is available from the Fjewellery online jewellery shop.

Why you should pay attention to the bridal sets rings

The custom of giving a girl a wedding ring has been around for a long time. Not everyone celebrates their engagement today. However, the tradition of giving a girl a ring continues. There are no special requirements for an engagement ring. Have you decided to buy an engagement ring? Keep in mind that women often wear both rings (engagement and wedding) at the same time. Moreover, the model should fit perfectly with each other as well as with other jewellery, such as pendants lockets, etc. In this case, it will be simple for the girl to create a stylish image.

A wedding ring is usually of a laconic design. An engagement ring can be more luxurious. This usually indicates the groom's serious intentions and solvency. Often, jewellery with gemstones inlay is chosen for this. Such a piece does not have to be worn every day. It can be stored for special occasions. But when the occasion arises, it should effectively complement the engagement ring and emphasise its merits.

What kind of ring for a bridal set ring can be

Wedding jewellery can be made in silver or gold (white, yellow, pink). They can also be models that combine different types of metals. Their designs can be classic or modern. The most common designs are:

  • A smooth wedding ring. It can be designed in a classic style and will complement the engagement model. The latter will almost certainly feature a large stone.
  • An engagement ring with a large stone and decorative elements around the perimeter. In this case, the wedding is often decorated with the same pebbles in a semi-circle.
  • The perfect bridal set. The engagement ring has an arc where the stone is on the engagement ring.

Let's talk about the material. White gold is the best option for wedding sets. Silver rings are just as striking with a white wedding dress. Moreover, they are cheaper than gold ones. Wedding rings can be encrusted with a range of precious stones from diamonds to cubic zirconia.

To be able to guess the choice of ring, you need to know the bride's preferences. Observing what kind of jewellery she prefers in her everyday life can help. For example, silver or white gold can be effectively combined with a pendant or cross of the same metal, bracelets ruthenium, etc.

Wedding sets from Fjewellery

You can always find sets of rings for her. We offer inexpensive jewellery with unique designs. This is possible thanks to our own workshop. We also have new and pre-owned jewellery on sale. The jewellers pay particular attention to the creation of wedding jewellery. Each set has a creative design. The craftsmen take into account that wedding rings are intended for everyday use. That is why they make them as comfortable and resistant to various influences as possible.

In the shop you can find:

  • Chic white gold sets with a diamond band at the top. The wedding ring is encrusted with the same stones along the rim. This is the set every girl dreams of when she gets married.
  • A set of white gold engagement ring with a large diamond (1 carat) and an engagement ring with a band of small stones.
  • Inexpensive, but very striking sets of a silver ring with cubic zirconia. Its flawless facets blend so naturally with the reflections of light that you cannot tell it from a diamond.
  • A laconic smooth silver ring set with stunning large cubic zirconia.
  • An inexpensive used wedding set in pristine condition. The only difference from new is the lower price.

Each set is available in several sizes. This ensures a perfect fit. If scrolling through the catalogue you do not find a photo of the set you would like to have for your wedding, you can order it. To do so, you will need to explain your wishes in detail to the company's concierge. The jewellers will make the rings that you will have in the shortest possible time. Together with the wedding set, you can choose or order other jewellery to create a stylish look. These can be earrings topaz, original necklaces, etc.

You have entered the Fjewellery. We value every customer. But we especially love newlyweds-to-be. That's why you can buy bridal ring set at the most affordable prices. We also offer discounts on purchases quite often. Ordering is simple: choose and order. Don't forget to specify the size. You can get ready for your wedding. The company will take care of the delivery of the jewellery.