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When it comes to engagement, lots of deals have to be done, and expectations toward the results aren’t less demanding and even stressful. One of the things that have to be perfect is the choice of an engagement band. For beginners and first-time buyers, it is literally Mission Impossible to figure out which concept is the best to pick up. FJewellery sincerely recommends enthusiasts to start with a ring solitaire design and get to know more about its key characters, namely, gemstones.

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Gemstone Setting Styles

Choosing the center stone is as important as selecting the right design of the solitaire rings. The catalogue features numerous models with traditional patterns and modern elements, so the overall style is easy to catch. But getting a deeper insight into the way stones are set and what consequences it leads to will only improve your shopping experience:

  • Bezel — if you are looking for a secure and firm fit of stones, this type is one of the average favourites. A gem is literally laced with metal, which acts as an attention-grabbing element itself. This approach includes two techniques — full-bezel and semi-bezel. The maximum protection of the chosen crystal is guaranteed.
  • Claw — as simple as it sounds, this kind of setting applies metal prongs to hold diamonds or other gemstones. The number of claws varies, but the most common solution includes four of them, enhancing the style’s durability.
  • Pave — this design is simple as it is but can’t help but amaze viewers. Around a central stone, there are multiple gems that are smaller in carat size and weight. Commonly, this effect makes the central crystal look bigger and brighter. It requires jewellers to be precise not to ruin the harmony of the layout. There are different types of pave variations, each of which differs in its metal beads. For instance, in the case of scalloped pave, gold or silver lines are cut out in the form of U-shaped patterns. Though it is not the most typical solution, its beauty is outstanding.
  • Channel — there are several images when the center stone is accompanied by multiple gems placed in the shoulders that are not so big in their diameter — two metal lines are parallel (or close to that form) and contain unique custom crystals between them.

These are just a couple of setting styles. The key thing to understand here is that some formats are more suitable for one gemstone, while others make numerous gems shine brilliant.

What Is a Head Design?

People tend to pay attention to the overall cost of the purchase, compromising other important criteria. Getting to know more about head styles of engagement bands is a certain prove solitaire bands aren’t one and the same at all (though some features are already predetermined). Here are both classic and modern designs to stick to:

  • Cathedral — in this layout, there are opened archways, making the center stone be more meaningful. Since it is a bit higher than the general ring surface, it is capable of catching more light and thus impress customers with its glorious delicacy and shining. Without a doubt, if you desire to get the best band for the best place on your future bride-to-be’s hand, that’s it.
  • Halo — several stones create a circle around the central element. It looks gorgeous on fingers and suits divergent outfits and fashion designs, from cocktail dresses to cozy casual clothes. The prices depend on the quantity and quality of stones. In the majority of situations, consumers can buy solitaire rings with the same crystals. Yet, there are jewelry pieces with double gems. Layouts, where the center stone is sapphire and others are diamonds, are pretty common. So there should be a contrast between larger and smaller gems. The latest designs include cubic zirconia and exclusive stones at once, making them more affordable. And don’t forget about the opportunity to get the most expensive model for sale at a reasonable cost.
  • Three stone shapes — the shoulders guide the center element, creating a row of similar gems. Its sentimental meaning is what is especially valued among the customers. It doesn’t matter whether the stones are equal or different since they will still represent the past, present, and future of the two loving hearts. This promise to stay together and share eternity and all the moments of the couple’s lives is totally beautiful. Original designs are plain in their approach to the overall metal ring construction, but there are always exceptions. Models for her with infinity platinum or silver lines are exclusive.
  • Basket — here consumers see the head which holds the main design element with claws, from four to six ones usually. Its flexibility allows designers to implement dozens of layouts ideas. For example, it is a solid fit for pear cut gemstones — you aren’t limited to round shapes only. Once you decide to buy solitaire ring, such small details will let you perform when shopping online.

How to Match Single Solitaire Rings

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On the one hand, the way you will have to wear solitaire rings largely depends on their design elements — the presence of twist metal shapes, number of stones, etc. On the other hand, it is a must to take into account the future owner’s tastes and jewellery pieces she already loves and enjoys. The cheap price doesn’t define the ensemble quality. So here are some possible solutions to consider:

  • Pendants butterfly layouts — this approach will suit if the target recipient is fond of natural patterns and vibes in jewellery. At the same time, it is a definite enhancer of romance and delicacy of the accessories under analysis.
  • Bracelets Greek pattern — it doesn’t mean your bride-to-be should have Greek origin to value this gift. On the contrary, Greek patterns will delight the most demanding taste with their elegance and uniqueness.
  • Earrings twisted pieces — if your ring isn’t plain, it is a good thing to match it with other units of similar designs. To make accessories from different collections look natural together, ensure they are made of the same metal and its qualities coincide (for instance, its shade and caratage).

Where to Order

All in all, checking how beautiful pics of jewellery pieces are is already helpful. Minimalists will look for tiny stones and simple layouts, while fashionistas will find it a real joy to wear dainty accessories with large accents. The FJewellery virtual store features a rich assortment to satisfy the demands of both customer categories and even more.