Men's Silver Rings

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Do men love jewellery as much as women do? That’s the question, but here is a simple answer to it — your gender doesn’t define your role in the fashionista role. Feel free to get whatever style you find beautiful and appealing. A lot of customers pay attention to the assortment of silver accessories. It is not that its cost makes it one of the most popular metals in the jewellery market. There are several other reasons why you should consider silver designs for him. To get started, why not check the catalogue of rings for men in silver? The FJewellery online store will help you make your shopping an adventure time. Onwards!

Men's Silver RingsMen's Silver Rings

Why Do Men Like Silver Statement Mens Rings?

Gentlemen can now accessorise their outfits with attractive and durable jewelry sets that suggest a great degree of affluence but are reasonably simple to put on and enjoy during the day. Enthusiasts are aware that top-notch plain designs can last for years and are not as ostentatious as equivalents in gold might be. The overall usability and lasting performance are among the leading factors that form such a solid popularity background for male jewellery.

Of course, that’s not the end of the list:

  • Versatility — these elegant and understated accessories are compatible and look awesome with other precious layouts and clothing. If you go casual, you will enjoy the brilliance of simple and plain gents silver rings. For people who are impressed by vintage collections, unique aged styles that root their origin hundreds of years ago will come in and win over your heart.
  • Compatibility — silver accessories will make you look good no matter what, whether you prefer neutral casual clothes or rock-music vibes in your outfits. At the same time, the use of silver jewellery is hassle-free when it comes to matching the metal tone to the skin tone.

The Best Sterling Silver Bands

The most lucrative offer for a man will be quite simple — it is the band he is really going to wear. It serves no purpose to spend your time seeking the ideal accessory if it is just going to be left lying in the dresser to accumulate dust.

Taking into account the divergence of such layouts on the site, you will surely want your homework to be done before you really make a purchase — it is more time- and cost-efficient. Since you already know what you are searching for, you won’t stay online for ages and make an inefficient impulse purchase. Here are some impressive models that are worth your attention:

  • Wide men silver rings are classic. Just check the pictures of how great signet bands with cubic zirconia stones shine and sparkle. They are a practical realisation of neat elegance in jewellery.
  • Roller watch bands are eye-catching and will work for business style as well. The size varies, but you can find the best match and wear it as a pinky signet.

Rings for Men in SilverRings for Men in Silver

  • Another unique design will be an unprecedented offer for men — sterling silver buckle rings prove that intriguing lines and complicated patterns suit gentlemen too.
  • The variety of pieces with gemstones can’t help but impress. Aside from the most standard type with onyx stones, there are a lot of colourful options to buy and wear every day. Silver will highlight the aesthetical properties of any gemstone.
  • Smooth lines and simple designs are typical for such jewellery as well. The collection of simple bands varies in size and width of its sides.
  • Micro-pave pinky rings are glorious. Check the site and see their attraction on your own!
  • Silver jewelry can deliver different messages and meanings. One of the recent trends in the market is a DAD ring — it promises to be a marvellous gift for any man who has already experienced his role in fatherhood.
  • Male accessories aren’t deprived of interesting patterns and unusual craft decisions. One of the samples is a medium-sized knot band with cubic zirconia stones.
  • Although gentlemen are less known as fashionistas, based on the number of jewelry stores for men and women, they also have long-lasting customs in the field. If you opt for an accessory with a long history and non-trivial design, saddle rings will serve you excellently.

How to Style Wearing Custom Mens 925 Sterling Silver Rings 

No matter how accustomed you are to putting pinky pieces on your hand, such accessories will stay here. It is the right moment to change your picture of the world and discover the genuine beauty of silver jewellery like women do. Here are some great tips to wear bands like a pro. Let’s get straight into it!

Go for Confidence

The chosen style doesn’t really play a role if you wear your favourite accessories confidently. If you aren’t sure about how this or that layout fits, even the most appealing and gorgeous chunky pieces will lose their magic. It might feel a bit awkward and strange to have something on your hand, but there is a way out. Instead of traditional heavy layouts for thumb fingers, don’t hesitate to shop for lightweight types within the presented collection of jewellery — thin and delicate models will do.

Thanks to a wonderful opportunity to order mens silver 925 rings online without spending a fortune, you will be able to test how efficient these ornaments are in your particular case.

Rings made of Silver for HimRings made of Silver for Him

Go for Comfort and Convenience

If you don’t like how the chosen piece fits, namely, it is too tight or loose, then you're trying to make the most of a bad situation and will have little performance efficiency. Wrongly chosen male pinky rings and other types of accessories might hurt from how much they “overcrowd” your finger and disrupt the normal flow of blood. Thinking about these questions will help you stay on the safe side:

  • How much work is handmade by you during the day?
  • What is your main hand to operate?
  • Do you need to type continuously?

Understanding how big models can alter your routine will  let you decide on the right style and number of accessories to put on your finger. There are cases when people are absolutely comfortable wearing five rings at the same time — three on the right hand and two on the left if they are natural left-handers.

Go for Matching Cool Silver Rings for Men UK

This advice relates not only to how you combine personalized accessories and bracelets, pendant necklaces, or earrings. It is also crucial to pay attention to how the colour of sterling silver jewellery works for your skin tone. There is a simple life hack to define what is yours. Check the colour of the veins at your wrist after you stop doing something with your hands — green stands for a warm skin tone, while blue appears on a cool one.

Go for Well-Balanced Looks

If you fail to define how aesthetical and harmonious the view of solid 925 sterling silver mens rings is on your hands, the poor visual weight of the scenery diminishes its value and worth instantly. While your preference for the number of bands on fingers is personalised, the actual size of the accessories matters. Use a mirror to get another perspective of how the chosen bonds will look.

Go for Meaning

Last but not least important, why do you start wearing personalised solutions? What should they say about your style and individuality? It is hard to disagree that vintage and plain bands have different vibes, so you should consider them carefully.

There are other patterns that add more meaning to the chosen layout. For example, the design can be done with specific cultural elements (like Greek-styled ornaments) or birthstones. A man’s ring can also have its unique symbolism. A Claddagh design will be a brilliant sample — its outrageous layout with two hands caring a heart and decorated with a crown stands for friendship and loyalty.

Rings in Sterling Silver 925Rings in Sterling Silver 925

How to Match Unique Sterling Silver Rings for Men

Online shopping might be exhausting, especially when you have no idea what to get started with. The presented collection is rich in male jewelry for sale, but that’s not the only treasure to search for within the catalogue. Even if you can’t boast great experience in matching precious pieces of jewellery, the suggestions below will come in handy. There are several universal and multifunctional combinations with real silver designs — make your favourite mens designer silver rings stand out:

  • Singapore chains — over time, the number of designs that can be considered both male and female has drastically increased. Although it might be more complicated and challenging for him to style his image, such classic matches will solve the problem at once. Despite the visually tricky construction of Singapore chains, they look gorgeous on the wrist. To define the right size, you just need to take measurements and compare the result with the size chart on the site.
  • Hollow crosses — another way to highlight your outfit’s elegance is to match your cheap solutions with hollow crosses. Taking into account how universal these accessories are, your statement will be quite straightforward. Of course, they differ in style and design as well. So it is a great chance to play with your ensemble’s vibe by switching a few details only.
  • Slave bangles — these thin and solid bracelets will be a stunning match. If you are interested in creating a gorgeous image without overwhelming your outfit with too many accessories, it is a promising solution. There are several pictures showing how these pieces of jewellery work together. However, if you aren’t sure how many slave bangles will be convenient for regular wear, don’t put a lot of items on the wrist — prefer a comfortable yet minimalist style instead of unrequited beauty.

Professional Pure Mens Rings 925 Silver Cleaning and Care Tips

Are you aware of any jewellery that sparkles more brilliantly than silver? Jewellery lovers will definitely consider this material as the best in the market. It is a pretty strong, adaptable, and lovely material for your daily statement accessories. However, cherishing your collection of silver jewellery at affordable 925 mens silver rings prices isn’t a once-in-a-while duty. On the contrary, it should become a regular activity. Plan your routine accordingly to ensure you always have time to protect your bands from premature damage and tarnish.

Clean & Sound

If you are going to buy such designs and expect them to self-clean, that’s not how things work. It is simpler to clean while the filth or tarnish is still minor as opposed to when this layer builds up. If you let your favourite band rust, it might harm the alloy itself. The major part of silver jewellery comes with a rhodium coating applied — for more protection and brilliance. So early precautionary measures will definitely prolong its lifespan. Remember that the longer you take your time and avoid cleaning, the more difficult it will be for your silver jewellery to come back to life and its former shine.

Take Care of Silver-Cleaning Supplies

The cleanliness of your ensemble isn’t the only task to fulfil. You should also ensure all the applied equipment is ready for the next use and maintained in its original state. For instance, your microfiber cloth can’t be wet and dirty. It is also necessary to renew it from time to time. This way, it is possible to ensure your supplies will be suitable for light and gentle cleaning instead of scratching the surface of fashion rings for men in silver.

DAD Silver RingsDAD Silver Rings

The Best 925 Mens Rings Storage

You won’t store a dirty piece of jewelry, will you? This process is no less important than the cleaning itself:

  • If you wear designer solutions regularly, it is better to prefer tarnish-proof storage materials. For instance, keeping your ensembles away from prolonged air exposure won’t be a challenge with flannel pouches. On the contrary, relying on wooden boxes and cases won’t be the most efficient approach. Despite how beautiful and appealing they might look, the wood acids they contain might negatively influence the finish of your stylish options and damage it in the long run.
  • Naturally, standard cardboard and paper boxes won’t work either. Those materials aren’t hermetic enough. This solution might, on the other hand, hasten the oxidation process because of intense exposure to sulphur in the air.
  • There are special anti-tarnish and air-tight bags to store layouts for any man without difficulty. If you plan to prepare a great present for your beloved ones, taking care of such details will be extremely touching and heart-warming.

Work with Professionals

If you doubt your skills to take care of sterling silver bands, there is nothing wrong about asking for third-party assistance. On the site, you can contact this user-friendly team to find out more about great and sufficient cleaning techniques and solutions. At the same time, local professionals can even take care of all the related hassle in your stead.


How can I start wearing rings?

Just do it. The first thing is to actually buy your chosen layout. If you hesitate, feel free to reach out to the on-site professional customer support team or avoid going hard from the initial trial. Don’t go for oversized layouts. It is more efficient to pick up minimalist options for him.

What type of male silver band shall I wear daily?

Stick to the tips in the main part of the review — your consideration shouldn’t interfere with your confidence, self-esteem, and comfort. Simply put, it shouldn’t restrict your movement or break your clothing style. If you perform a lot of manual labour, choosing heavy jewelry won’t be wise. Statement bands can be casual too. A timeless accessory with sturdy components and simple lines is always a good choice. For more detail, check the assortment of mens silver statement rings on the official page, where you can see current price and buy silver rings mens.

Final Thoughts: Are Mens Silver Rings UK Worth It?

Whether the pictures of vintage or their contemporary alternatives seem appealing, it is high time to understand where you can buy the desired beauty. The FJewellery online store is a great consideration in this case. With its huge and ever-developing assortment rings of silver for boys and guys, you will have a large choice of how to compliment your home accessory ensembles or create one from scratch. The cost is commonly discounted, so you shouldn’t stick to particular forms like thick or thin mens silver rings only.

925 silver roaring lion ring AS0047
925 silver roaring lion ring AS0047
925 silver roaring lion ring. 20 gram
£ 100
925 silver spinning ring with rope weave design AS0041
925 silver spinning ring with rope weave design AS0041
925 silver spinning ring with rope weave design. 7.6 gram
£ 35
925 silver Celtic cross ring AS0015
925 silver Celtic cross ring AS0015
925 silver Celtic cross ring. 10.50 gram
RRP £ 75 | £ 50 -33%
925 silver gladiator ring AS0009
925 silver gladiator ring AS0009
925 silver gladiator ring. 7.10 gram
RRP £ 55 | £ 35 -36%
925 silver spinning ring AS0039
925 silver spinning ring AS0039
925 silver spinning ring. 10.40 gram
£ 50
925 Sterling Silver Cz Set Dad Ring
925 Sterling Silver Cz Set Dad Ring
RRP £ 65 | £ 55 -15%
925 silver roaring bear ring AS0007
925 silver roaring bear ring AS0007
925 silver roaring bear ring. 14.3 gram
RRP £ 105 | £ 70 -33%
925 silver Skeletor ring AS0030
925 silver Skeletor ring AS0030
925 silver Skeletor ring. 14.2 gram
RRP £ 105 | £ 70 -33%
925 silver leopard ring AS0001
925 silver leopard ring AS0001
925 silver leopard ring. 9.4 gram
RRP £ 70 | £ 45 -36%
925 Sterling Silver DAD ID Ring
925 Sterling Silver DAD ID Ring
RRP £ 65 | £ 55 -15%
925 silver spinning skulls ring AS0020
925 silver spinning skulls ring AS0020
925 silver spinning skulls ring. 13.8 gram
RRP £ 100 | £ 65 -35%