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Womens Brooches

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Womens brooches are one of the most noticeable and expressive accessories that can turn the simplest and most boring look into a bright and elegant style standard. These unique jewels are simply made for brave, strong and beautiful women who are not afraid of everyone's attention and admiring glances. And if you have been wondering for a long time what to give your beloved girlfriend on an important anniversary or on another special occasion, then be sure that a chic and stylish broach will be the perfect present for her! No girl can resist such a precious gift and that's a fact! In sale on the FJewellery shop there is a large assortment of diverse models for every taste and at the most pleasant prices. Here you'll surely find something unique and fully meeting all the preferences of even the most demanding lady. Welcome!

How it all began

The popularity of jewelry is cyclical, but constant. What was considered antiques yesterday was at the peak of fame 100 years ago, and tomorrow it will again be in demand. This is the law of the modern fashion industry, and it has a good reason.

Broach for Ladies

The French word "broché" has given its name to one of the most controversial yet luxurious accessories of our time. The well-known writer marquise de Sevigne made the brooch one of the most popular pieces of jewelry at the French court in the 17th century. Her legendary decoration in the form of a bow with a pendant became a new fashion trend of those times, which was picked up with great pleasure by all the noble ladies of Paris.

A second life was given to this jewellery by a no less famous and beautiful Frenchwoman - a bright, talented and magnificent Coco Chanel. She loudly announced a new round of fashion for this accessory, walking on the podium in it at the end of her own collection show, and since then, brooches for women have become an integral part of a stylish and sophisticated look.

Today, this unique and elegant jewelry is in the collection of every famous brand and its popularity is only growing. However, just buying an accessory isn’t enough - it is important to be able to wear it correctly and fit it organically into your wardrobe.

How to wear a broach on clothes and what to combine with

Suit blazers, classic coats and traditional denim jackets are perfect for this kind of accessory. The same brooch can be presented in different ways, for example, a gold model with pearls in combination with a business suit will look defiant, but spectacular, with a coat - laconic and appropriate, and with denim fabric - extravagant, original and fresh. Just one decoration and as many as three different styles, three new dissimilar looks - real magic!

Large and unusual vintage cameo brooches combine all the luxury of the classics with a touch of contemporary chic. Such models are usually voluminous, have floral or animalistic ornaments and are worn as a separate independent accessory. The eye-catching design goes well with wide scarves, shawls and stoles beautifully draped around the neck and shoulders.

Love to wear classic female shirts and light blouses, but tired of the monotony? Dilute the image with a silver or gold accessory and the usual outfit will sparkle with new colours. A large brooch will look good on the collar, in the center, or you can use two small ones and place them on both sides of the lapels. The second option can be made even more original by connecting two precious elements with a pair of thin chains - this simple technique is very popular now, and it will definitely add novelty to your image.

Womens Brooches

A luxurious evening or cocktail dress can become much more refined and memorable. It's enough to add an elegant brooch with one or more gemstones to the outfit, and the ideal places to put them will be:

  • décolleté zone,
  • shoulder,
  • belt,
  • back (if the dress has a cutout at the back).

It's important for girls to always look bright, shine and bewitch. That is why, many ladies are not limited to one piece of jewelry, and prefer to create beautiful sets. But in the case of brooches, you need to be careful, because this is a very self-sufficient accessory in itself, and you need to combine it correctly so that the image doesn't turn out to be oversaturated and overly flashy. Decorations for such a precious kit should be selected concise and minimalistic, such as:

Ladies broach is that special thing that every woman simply must have in her personal collection. You can choose and buy the perfect model of the highest quality in the Fjewellery store. Our website has a fast and convenient search system throughout the catalogue and the search for the right accessory will not take you much time. You can examine and study the selected product in detail with the help of several pictures and a full description, including all important characteristics. We do our best to make you enjoy online shopping with us. Join now!