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Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings

Buy hoop earrings made of yellow gold in store FJewellery

Yellow gold hoop earrings' popularity continues to grow, and the main initiators are celebrities who wanted to return to the fashion of the 90s. F Jewellery hoops are the most common types of classic earrings; they are smooth (often hollow, weightless), round in shape, and vary in size. Fastener is made in the form of a thin invisible pin. Despite its simplicity, it is considered one of the most reliable. Such earrings can damage your earlobe, so take them off before going to bed.


They can be small – up to 0.1...2 cm in diameter and large 3...8 cm. The unusual models are made of two intertwined hoops. Gold earrings without inserts and with stones are popular. Our jewellers make smooth, shiny, inlaid cubic zirconia, diamonds, sapphires and other precious crystals. We use pearls for exquisite models. Butterfly, star or teardrop hoops are popular with children.

Сontemporary hoops can be different. The diameter of the classic model is no thicker than 0.5 cm. They can be of non-precious metals, plastic, wood, and have stud’s fastener into ear, but from the front side they look like hoops.

They differ in diameter and width. The style often depends on their size. Earrings can be smooth or patterned, with diamonds and other precious stones. Сontemporary jewellers decorate earrings with decorative elements, combine different materials in one product. The choice is huge.

Our designers prefer to experiment with shape and size, moving away from the classic options. We have, for example, large diameter hoop earrings. The world's celebrities loved this trend.

Some tips for wearing

Celebrities prove that they look great both on stage, on special occasions and in everyday life. The main thing is to choose the right model. Small earrings are perfect for business style, casual look, combined with other elements of the outfit (silver bracelets, etc.).

For a bold look, use large rings. They will be appropriate for a sundress, a glam-rock look, or a disco-style image.

Hoops can be called universal - they fit any face type, best combined with tall hairstyles (bun, ponytail, braid). They look great with loose long hair, but it is important not to let them get lost in the lush curls. They look great with a short haircut, trendy turban, tied on the head with a scarf, covering the hair.

It is important that the product is attached to the ear. The models are equipped with a reliable lock. The mechanism is surprisingly simple: two parts of the ring are closed in an endless circle; one thin edge is inserted into a specially cut cavity of the other. We advise you to remove the jewelery before you go to bed so that it does not become deformed.

A gorgeous gift

Choose a gift according to the following criteria:

  • Size. For everyday wear, it is best to look for small, office-style models.
  • Shape. If the product is intended for her (e.g. pendants initial), then it is better to pay attention to the classic small hoops models.
  • For a girl, those with butterflies or half rings will be excellent. This will emphasise the romantic character. Moreover, it looks fashionable.
  • Presence/absence of precious inserts. If you like jewellery with stones, then pay attention to their location and size.

The cost depends on the number of precious inserts. Even the largest piece of yellow gold jewellery alone can be cheaper than earrings with small gemstones.

Who can wear hoops?

Despite the fact that the round earrings are not suitable for round faces, these earrings are considered the most versatile. The visual perception of the face can be corrected by choosing the diameter, insertion and colour. It is possible to choose not a completely round shape, but, for example, an oval shape.

Hoops are well combined with studs or miniature design rings. For contemporary men, stylists recommend yellow gold hoops of small diameter, smooth, interspersed with small diamonds.

Miniature lightweight gold hoops are recommended for little girls - they won't get tangled in their hair, the clasp won't be visible or disturbing.

Gold is a solid metal that not only mesmerizes with its flawless appearance, graceful shine but also looks beautiful in combination with leather or clothes that shade it. Many women would like to have yellow gold earrings hoops or other jewellery made of this precious metal.

Of course, buying gold hoop earrings is always the right decision - a good investment and jewellery that never goes out of style.

Where to buy it?

This is the eternal dilemma of all shoppers. The advantages of online shopping include:

  • Lack of queues and annoying sellers.
  • The purchase price does not require extra charges, as there is no need to pay for the rent.
  • The product catalogue is available at any time.

Our store offers customers original hoop earrings at the most affordable prices. The assortment includes luxurious items made of different kinds of gold. Do you prefer to get exclusive gold or silver hoop earrings? The F Jewellery online store offers a large selection of exquisite pieces for sale (wedding rings included). Properly selected jewellery can highlight and embellish almost any style of clothing.

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