Tanzanite Earrings

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Tanzanite earrings in a setting of precious metals are an exclusive and very unusual accessory; every contemporary woman dreams of getting such a luxury in her jewelry box, because for her this is a real rare treasure and an opportunity to show her impeccable taste. Chic, incredible brilliance, many available cut options - these are just a few of the benefits of these stunning decorations, and thanks to the FJewellery boutique, they can be yours! In our online store, we have collected only the most amazing and trendy models of such earrings and offer them to you at the most affordable prices! Join us, get nice discounts and enjoy shiny new precious items right now! Welcome!

So, what is this amazing stone?

Tanzanite is a very rare and unusual type of mineral that is mined in only one place in the world - in the northeast of beautiful Tanzania, in hot Africa. This gemstone was discovered relatively by the standards of other minerals - only in 1967, and therefore is considered a bright novelty in jewelry. Initially, it was mistaken for a special variety of sapphires, since it very much resembled natural corundum in its structure - this was expressed in:

  • the same rich blue colour,
  • striking precious brilliance,
  • flawless purity,
  • high hardness.

A little later, the researchers realised that the found samples were a variety of zoisite, and it immediately became clear that they would be in high demand in the jewellery business, due to their unique properties.

These stones have one more feature that contemporary designers and master jewellers liked so much - this is their colour. The genuine tanzanite can be of a variety of shades, from already voiced deep blue to intense purple, which allows craftsmen to create truly non-standard and original accessories based on it.

The cost of this gem, of course, isn't comparable with natural diamonds, but it's also not very cheap. It's all about the only deposit of these crystals, the reserves of which are very limited. Some scientists believe that its resource will be enough for literally 10-15 years, and this makes the mineral a real treasure, and the rarest on the planet.

Jewel features

The popularity of tanzanite came thanks to the famous brand Tiffany - it was this fashion house that gave the name to the precious crystals found at the foot of Kilimanjaro. They were the first to create accessories with this mineral, including magnificent tanzanite stone earrings.

The most common setting for such stones is gold - its incredible shades are able to very subtly emphasise the depth and perfection of the stone, convey its brilliance and luxury. Silver is used less often, but you can still find unique models that are not devoid of vintage charm. This effect is created due to a special coating that changes the very perception of the jewellery and gives it a stunning radiance and durability - most often it's rhodium plating or blackening.

We have already mentioned that the hardness of the stone is very high (more than 7 units on the Moss scale), which means that it can be given almost any shape without losing its natural qualities. Among the most common types of cut of these crystals are the following:

  1. Classic oval. Delicate and soft, it perfectly conveys the deep tone of the mineral and fascinates with its impeccable shape.
  2. Strict square. Clear, concise and perfectly even - this type of cut helps to enhance the glow of the stone due to the endless facets.
  3. Cushion - it's also called a soft square, and it looks the same. It looks great in small studs and even visually increases their size.
  4. Emerald cut is a classic stepped cut that has been used for the most exquisite and expensive gemstones since ancient times.
  5. Princess cut - very popular among contemporary fashionistas, thanks to its special facets that add a striking brilliance to the stone.
  6. Trillion - is one of the youngest and most unusual types of cut, due to the fancy shape of the triangle and the huge number of facets.
  7. Pear - a delicate and graceful cut, reminiscent of a precious tear. The part is used in fancy accessories, in the form of a plant, flower, petal, and so on.

Very large tanzanites are rarely used to create earrings, usually these are crystals within 1 ct, 1.5 or 2 carat. No matter how paradoxical it may seem, but the stone looks especially impressive with a small width and height - this way its deep and bewitching shade is better revealed. This is also due to the fact that most often tanzanite is used as the main accent in jewellery, and the design is complemented by transparent diamond crystals - a duet that literally has no equal. Thus, the most common options for frames are: halo, traditional pave, multifaceted cluster.

How to wear and what to mix with?

If you decide to buy tanzanite earrings, you should understand how special they are, which means you can guess that with their help you can transform your images beyond recognition. Such a bright accessory is a highlight that is designed to make your style recognizable and unique, as if from pictures in fashion magazines. But you are free to use it as you wish.

So, a pair of earrings with shining tanzanite can complement both a casual look and a strict business suit - elegant discreet models with comfortable clasps are suitable for this, which won't cause you discomfort when worn and won't interfere with your daily activities.

Small studs with tanzanites are ideal as a childrens accessory for the youngest and most stylish ladies - they will look playfully and gently on ear and emphasise with their radiance all the charm of child's spontaneity and beauty.

For glamorous evening outings, an elongated model with voluminous tanzanite, studded with tiny iridescent diamonds for extra sparkle, is perfect. This decoration will literally make you the star of any party or reception.

If you want to create a beautiful kit based on these earrings, then we suggest you pay attention to the following accessories from our assortment, namely:

Study the models presented for sale on the FJewellery website, and you will certainly create an exclusive and sophisticated look that will become an example for many!