14ct Gold Crosses

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The 14k gold cross is not only a beautiful and stylish accessory, but also an important symbol of faith in God. Some people prefer to wear it for show, as a fashionable attribute. Others, on the contrary, hide it from prying eyes and treat it as a protective amulet. Today, the pectoral cross has become one of the most popular jewelry and almost every person has it in the collection. In addition, this is a great gift, for example, for a child on his first birthday or, more often, for a christening. And if you have not yet acquired such an accessory - it's high time! The FJewellery online store offers the largest assortment of religious pendants​at the most affordable prices. Here everyone can find a precious piece to their liking. Explore our site and see for yourself.

Jewellery with spiritual meaning

The 14kt gold cross is not a classic piece of jewelry. First of all, it is the most important Christian symbol, which is of great importance for believers. The very first crosses gold were quite simple and small, they were worn, as a rule, on the neck under clothes, closer to the heart. Later, in the Middle Ages, the design of these symbols underwent changes. They began to be decorated with precious crystals and inserts made of natural stones, and their size became much larger.

Usually, priests wore big 14 carat gold crosses, while ordinary people could not afford crosses made of valuable metals due to their high cost.

14ct Gold Crosses

Today, this jewellery have become much more affordable, and they are perceived somewhat differently. Men and women wear such accessories not so much as a tribute to tradition, but as a fashionable addition and solid to the image. They are less and less hidden under clothes, but on the contrary, they are specially selected for an outfit. Very often the 14ct gold cross is worn along with several other pendants on a leather tourniquet and chain. And sometimes they are worn as charms on a bracelet.

From year to year, jewelers create more and more original and unusual types of pectoral crosses. So, models for her are very often decorated with diamonds or other precious stones, openwork engraving, jewelry ceramics and enamel are added. Mens options are more restrained in decor, but they look much larger and more massive.

If you don't take into account the unusual and extravagant models, we can safely say that the golden cross is a very neutral decoration that goes well with any style of clothing. That is why it's easy to combine it with other precious accessories such as:

In the online catalogue of FJewellery for sale there is a wide range of accessories made of precious metals, and you can easily buy for yourself a unique 14 karat gold cross. Choosing a decoration is quite simple: just select the models you like, examine their detailed pictures, study the main characteristics and place an order. In our store, we strive to save your time and make your shopping as comfortable as possible. Welcome!