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Mens Silver Chains

Buy sterling silver chains for men in FJewellery online

Precious gifts have always been considered the most pleasant and sought after. Mens silver chains are a great status present for any occasion. They go well with many outfits, and the variety of designs allows you to find a unique model, and make the gift special and personalised. Such jewels can be easily described in one phrase - elegance in simplicity. The FJewellery online store presents a huge and diverse range of men's silver necklaces at the most affordable prices. In addition, we have regular discounts and promotional offers for both new and regular customers, as well as very convenient payment terms and delivery of your purchases. Join and welcome!

Sterling silver chains for men

A bit of history

Since ancient times, our ancestors wore decorations, a special place among which was occupied by necklaces. The very first specimens found date back to around 2500 BC. It's noteworthy that men were the first to wear them. Initially, such gizmos were made from simple improvised materials:

  • shells,
  • stones,
  • feathers,
  • beads,
  • real animal bones,
  • flowers,
  • etc.

In those days, such items served as amulets, protected their owner from any manifestations of evil, and demonstrated his position in society. They could also be part of a custom or talk about belonging to a religious cult or personal achievements of a man.

Time passed and people learned a lot, including mining, processing, forging and soldering metals - this is how the first silver items appeared around the neck. Then they were created exclusively by hand, their forms were the simplest, and the links were large and chunky. In combination with luxurious silver, precious gemstones were often used. The cost of such necklaces was extremely high, so only noble persons, kings or priests could afford to wear them. Such accessories emphasized the status and wealth of their owner, his high position in society and power.

However, over time, everything has changed, and today almost everyone can buy mens silver chain. In addition, a huge number of types and varieties of these accessories have appeared - among the entire assortment available, it's easy to find the right model for him. And in order not to make a mistake with the choice, we have prepared some tips on the selection of chains on the FJewellery website, and we hope that they will be useful to you!

Mens silver chains

How it's done

Mankind has been familiar with silver for many centuries, but the industrial and mass production of items from it occurred at the end of the 18th century. Due to the fact that this metal is quite soft and elastic, various impurities are added to it, and you can understand the proportion of pure silver in the product thanks to the sample. For jewels, it's always 925.
And if everything is clear and easy with metal, then special attention should be paid to knitting methods. There are three of them:

  • stamping,
  • machine,
  • manual.

Stamping is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way. But, at the same time, the most unreliable. The links are prepared separately and are not soldered, and then a chain is formed from them. Most often, this method is used to create bijouterie and you shouldn't count on the durability of such an accessory.

The machine method saves a lot of time and is considered very reliable. Contemporary machines can create very small links from which light and thin jewels are made. Sometimes their weight is calculated in just a couple of grams. Such accessories are very often bought for children. But this method also has its drawback, and it consists in a limited number of designs. Unfortunately, the machine isn't capable of reproducing the unusual and ornate weaving patterns hand-crafted by skilled jewelers.

Manual. The most ancient, time-consuming and therefore expensive method. But most of all, accessories made by the hand of an experienced jewelry designer are delightful. Handwork is highly valued, and necklaces made using this method are considered the strongest, highest quality and most durable.

Silver chains

Varieties of weaving

Over the years of working with silver, experienced jewelers and eminent designers have invented many types of weaving necklaces from this amazing and noble metal - there are about 70 of them! Some of them are more popular, while others are less common. Our experts have identified the most popular varieties of weaving silver neck chain for mens:

  1. Anchor. Usually oval or round links are used, connecting at right angles. For male models, large and massive elements are more often used. Such weaving in several rows looks especially impressive. This name is due to the fact that visually such a necklace is really very similar to a real seagents chain from a ship's anchor.
  2. Venetian. It's considered a subspecies of the anchor, but has its own distinctive features and characteristics. The chain elements are square or rectangular, and fit very tightly to each other, and each link is attached perpendicular to the previous one.
  3. Armor. The flat links of this chain are less bulky and more even than previous versions, making the jewellery more practical and ideal for everyday wear.
  4. Figaro. One of the varieties of armor knitting, and its main difference is that it is less uniform and consists of elements of different shapes. Most often it looks like this: one big link, followed by 2,3 or 4 small ones, and they all add up to a single pattern that repeats in a circle.
  5. Bismarck. This type has two other names - Cardinal or Kaiser. This way is the oldest and therefore the most reliable. It also has many of its own subspecies, in each of which the elements differ in their shape, size, number and method of weaving.
  6. Rombo. From the name it is clear that the chain links are diamond-shaped. Most often it's made in two or three rows, it looks very concise, simple and elegant, due to which it fits any outfit. It goes especially well with the same bracelets.
  7. Snake. Here, too, the name speaks for itself - visually, the chain is very reminiscent of snake skin scales. The jewellery has a smooth, rounded surface - ideal for wearing pendants or lockets.

Additional processing can also radically change the appearance of the chain. So, for example, diamond cut gives a special shine and radiance to decoration, and is used for most knitting methods.

Based on these variations, craftsmen create more and more new, unique and amazing models, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages. The FJewellery online catalogue contains all of the above and many other types of weaving, and the price for them is very pleasant. Here everyone will find a special necklace to suit their taste and budget!

How to choose a chain for a man

Jewelry is an important component of the image; one might say its highlight. It should fit the appearance of a person, his character, be appropriate and organic. Sterling silver mens chain is an accessory that can be presented to both a young guy and an adult man, the main thing is to pick up the right one!

It's believed that necklaces for men are always massive and heavy, but when buying, one should take into account the personal preferences of a person and pay attention to what he wears in everyday life. So, young men often prefer unusual designer models with ornate patterns. They create additional volume and attract attention. Suitable options with blackening or gilding. Mature men are truer to the classics - traditional types of weaving, good handwork, strong, reliable, solid and exclusive.
Separately, it is worth focusing on the required chain length. In this matter, there are certain standards that will be useful:

  • 15-16 inches - the shortest;
  • 17-18 in is short and a good option for teenagers;
  • 20 inch is the most standard and optimal;
  • 21-22 in is already considered long and will suit a tall guy;
  • 23-27.5 inches - extra long and usually quite wide.

The width of the chain is also important and there are also standards here:

  • 2-3 mm - thin,
  • 4-5 mm - medium,
  • from 6 to 17 - thick and very heavy.

Both of these parameters affect the weight of the jewelry, and hence its cost. So thin models of medium length will be cheap, unlike very wide non-standard ones.

And the latest but not least significant point when selecting is the clasp. Its design must be strong and reliable so that the chain isn't lost and the lock doesn't open on its own under the weight of the necklace. The strongest and most durable are spring and carabiner. When buying, it is better to check that the clasp is comfortable, opens and closes well, and matches the size of the chain itself. On male models, it's important that it isn't too small. On the FJewellery website, you can always seek advice from our consultants online. Specialists will be happy to answer all your questions and suggest the best options.

Silver chains for gents

How and with what to wear

Men's silver chains are universal basic accessories that are ideal for different styles of clothing. But here there are a few nuances that should not be ignored. Any decoration should always be appropriate and relevant. We have put together a few tips that will help you avoid mistakes and always look stylish and elegant:

  1. Large massive necklaces are not compatible with business suits.
  2. The length of the chain should always correspond to the size of the neck or even be a little longer.
  3. Plain chains look unobtrusive and concise, unlike complex and openwork ones.
  4. Necklaces with pendants look very impressive in the open collar of a shirt, but you should not wear them over a buttoned shirt.
  5. The combination of several models of different lengths and widths looks interesting, and each can have a different design and knitting method.
  6. A large and voluminous chain can emphasize the brutality and masculinity of a man, his self-confidence, but you shouldn't overdo it here - everything should be in moderation.
  7. Depending on the design, these wonderful accessories can be used as spectacle necklaces, which are extremely popular these days.

If we talk about combining with other jewellery, then such chains are, without a doubt, simply ideal for creating beautiful and original precious sets, and this is their main advantage. You can afford any combinations: mix colours, shades, styles - any variations that come to your mind, without restrictions! For example, a kit can be made up of:

You can find all these accessories for sale in the FJewellery boutique collection. Selection of models and placing an order on the site will not take much time. We have a convenient and simple search and filter system, with which you can pick up specific decoration from the category of goods you are interested in. Also, each product has a full description, including all its main characteristics and several detailed pictures, so that it's easier for you to compare different models with each other. We are constantly upgrading and improving our store, expanding the range and introducing new bonuses and promotions to make your online shopping comfortable and enjoyable with us! Well met!