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Silver Chains

Buy chains made of silver in FJewellery online

Silver chains are an indispensable attribute in any jewelry collection today. This basic unisex accessory is the ideal addition to any look, and a must-have in everyone's wardrobe. But among the huge range of models, choosing the perfect necklace isn't easy. FJewellery experts have compiled for you the most detailed guide on all types of chains and shared the secrets of selecting them. Join now and let's get started!

A bit about history

Our ancestors loved to adorn themselves with all sorts of ornaments from ancient times. Most often, such things were indicators of the social status of a person, his belonging to a certain noble society or a tribute to custom. Decorations were made from the simplest materials at hand and often looked extremely unusual. But from the moment when humanity learned to mine and process metal, everything has changed!

Initially, chains in silver were created only by hand, and this process took a lot of time, although it was quite primitive. The metal was melted, turning it into a long wire, and rings of various shapes were twisted from it. The links were interconnected, soldered and subjected to manual polishing. Accessories had a high cost and only very wealthy people could afford them: officials, nobility, kings or priests. Often necklaces were decorated with bright and chunky precious elements, gemstones and engravings. Found antique jewelry even today are of high value and exclusivity, are considered real works of art.

Today, these decorations have become available to everyone. They are a fashionable and stylish accessory that can become an elegant finishing touch to the whole look and emphasize the exceptional taste of its owner. Contemporary designers don't hold back their imagination and every year more and more new, original and unusual models appear so that everyone can find a special necklace to their liking.

How chains are created

Creating a precious necklace is a long and painstaking work. If earlier they were made exclusively by hand, then the modern manufacturer has managed to facilitate and automate this process by adopting several more methods. And so, today there are already three ways to weave chains:

  • handmade,
  • machine,
  • stamping.

Handicraft is still the most traditional and expensive way to create the unique, unusual and special silver items. Skilled craftsmen use this precious metal to create incredible and most exclusive designs. So, if you want a necklace that will exist only in a single copy, you should look in the collections of luxury brands or order a product from a jeweler.

The machine method significantly reduces the cost of the production process and speeds it up. It's used by most brands and craftsmen who create silver items for mass markets. It is important to note that such chains are in no way inferior in quality or beauty to those handmade, but their assortment is slightly less diverse. The thing is that automation is able to create good and reliable chains, but cannot repeat complex exquisite patterns. If you don't chase high prices and non-standard models, then this is the most ideal option for you!

The third option is considered the cheapest and simplest, but not so reliable. Its essence lies in the fact that links of a certain shape are made in advance, and then the stamped parts are simply fastened together without the use of soldering. Usually, this method is used to create inexpensive costume bijouterie and is rarely used for real fine jewellery.

On sale in the FJewellery online boutique, you will find chains of different production methods, and you can pick up a product based on your own preferences and budget. You can always clarify with our consultants any nuances regarding a particular accessory or read a full description and view pictures showing the product from different angles.

Existing types of chains

Jewelry fashion never stands still, and each season offers us more and more original trends, thanks to which new models and varieties of weaving are constantly appearing. To date, their number has already exceeded 50 and this is not the limit. We have prepared for you the detailed list of the most popular weaves - from classic to avant-garde:

Anchor weaving. This is perhaps the most traditional and simple option for lovers of concise and calm images. Oval links alternate in different planes, which are insanely reminiscent of a real ship's chain - hence the name. This type of knitting is one of the most reliable and strong, it is the basis for many models of mens and womens necklaces, and has many subspecies.

  • Classic marine chain. This is the base from which all other types and subspecies of knitting originated.
  • Rollo. Each link has a round shape, but the principle of their connection remains unchanged. Other names are Belzer or Chopard.
  • Double rollo. Very voluminous weaving with paired links. Its second name is Garibaldi.
  • Corded. Each link includes several others and is intertwined with two or more subsequent ones. The classic cord is very massive; therefore, it's more often used in creating chains for him.
  • Veneziano. A beautiful variety that uses thin and wide details in the form of a soft rectangle or square.

Armor weaving. All links lie in the same plane, which is very reminiscent of chain mail. Despite the brutal name, this knitting has varieties that look very feminine and gracefully. It also makes an excellent base for pendants and other accessories.

  • The traditional armor, with smooth and flat links, is considered the most durable.
  • Rhombus. The originality of this variety is given by the unusual shape of the elements. A double or even triple rhombus is also common.
  • Figaro. This is a combination of short and long links in a certain sequence. As a rule, they alternate after 2,3 or 4 elements.
  • Singapore. All elements are connected at a slight angle, which visually resembles a spiral.
  • Nonna. Beautiful and very openwork weaving, where small rounded rhombuses are added inside the large ones.
  • Snake. This decoration resembles real reptile scales, and it looks very impressive.
  • Love. The most unusual and romantic type, where the elements are in the shape of a heart.

Bismarck. A pure classic, proven over the years, which always remains in demand. This weaving got its name in honor of the famous Otto von Bismarck. This technique also has its own subspecies and names (Cardinal, Chancellor).

  • Flat Bismarck. The traditional option, in which the elements are twisted with each other in a spiral.
  • Python. An improved version of the traditional Cardinal, where the links run in three rows, forming a thin and strong chain.
  • Arabic Bismarck. Very fine weave, where the elements are reminiscent of Arabic script.
  • Royal. A refined and chic type of weaving, in which elements of different sizes and shapes alternate in random order.
  • Foxstail. Round, square and oval links are intertwined with each other, creating an interesting and whimsical thick pattern.
  • Openwork Cardinal. The tiny links connect gracefully with each other to form a very airy and light decoration.

In addition to all those listed, there are more fancy and non-traditional types, such as:

  • Perlina,
  • Rose,
  • Chamomile,
  • Snail,
  • Turtle,
  • Popcorn,
  • French braid,
  • Bird's eye,
  • etc.

Each variety is unique and amazing - they all have their own characteristics and advantages, which means that it's worth trying different options before settling on one. You can study and examine them in detail on the FJewellery website, where a large selection of different types of weaving is presented, from the simplest to the most extravagant.

Metal selection

Since the main star of our article remains the sterling silver chain, here we'll talk about it. Argentum is the 47th element of Mendeleev's periodic table and one of the noblest metals, so beloved by jewelers since ancient times. Previously, it was in silver frames that the most expensive and exquisite gemstones were enclosed, since the cold and austere brilliance of this metal perfectly sets off the beauty and radiance of precious crystals. Today, vintage necklace designs have become very trendy; they are used to creating classic elegant looks not only for women, but also for men. To give silver a real retro charm, a blackening technique is used. However, dark metal is no less often used in contemporary men's accessories.

When buying a necklace, always check its authenticity. Genuine precious decorations will be marked 925, meaning that the alloy contains 92.5% silver. Also, important is the top protective coating of silver. The product is covered with the layer of rhodium, which makes the metal harder, protects it from damage and scratches, and adds extra shine.

Well, we figured out the main nuances, and now we can move on to the individual details of the selection of jewelry.

How to choose a necklace

If the style and design of the chain can be chosen in accordance with a specific outfit or mood, then the length and width are always very individual and depend on the person’s height and build. Before purchasing, you should measure your neck with a sewing tape or thread to understand which size is best for you. You can also check the length of the accessory you already have, which is sure to suit you. Don't forget that the sizes of women's and men's jewellery are different, so we recommend using the following tables.

Women's lengths options:

  • 14-16 inches - short necklaces, tightly fitting the neck; they are also called chokers. An option for little ladies or very petite girls.
  • 18" - a slightly elongated chain that will gracefully lie on the collarbones or be on the same level with them, depending on the girl's height.
  • 20 inch - the most standard length and perfect for a gift if you don't know the exact size.
  • 22" - the maximum wearable length reaching the chest; well emphasize the deep neckline.
  • 24" or more - long necklaces that are worn strictly over clothing; such models look good complete with shorter ones.

Men's options:

  • 18-20 inches - loose enough to wrap around the neck, without reaching the collarbone; suitable for guys of short stature and thin physique.
  • 24 inch is the optimal male length and the best option for wearing pendants.
  • 28" - similar to the previous size, but more suitable for guys with a height of 6"1' and above.
  • 30" or more - suitable for lovers of everything non-standard. Such decorations are worn only over T-shirts or hoodies.

When choosing the thickness of the chain, be guided by the following recommendations:

  • 2-3 mm - the thinnest and most delicate necklace, more suitable for women;
  • 4-5 mm - universal thickness for male and female accessories;
  • 7 mm and more - really fat jewels that are worn without additional decorations.

The second important point when picking a chain is its clasp. It must be reliable and strong, withstand sufficient weight, close and open effortlessly, but at the same time firmly fix the jewellery so that it doesn't get lost. In addition, it should be combined with the design of the product and not cause discomfort when worn. We have selected the three best options in our opinion:

Please also note that the price of a precious item is affected not only by the listed parameters, but also by the total bulk of the accessory and the presence of gem inserts in it.

We indicate all these parameters in the description under each product of the FJewellery online shop, so that you definitely don't make a mistake with the choice. You can always be sure of the accuracy of the information on our site and the highest quality of all our jewels - after all, our priorities are high standards of service and satisfied customers!

With what and how to combine

A chain made of silver with a classic weave is a really cool accessory as it can be worn with absolutely any outfit, combined with various jewels, and it will always look appropriate and organic. But there are also unusual decorations that need to be selected for specific styles of clothing.

So, for women, delicate and openwork accessories are more suitable, capable of emphasizing all the elegance of the image and bringing some sophistication to it. If you are a businesswoman and prefer to wear formal suits, choose traditional knit models without additional details or with very small ones, such as plain crosses or stud earrings. Girls who love casual style and are attentive to details should choose medium-sized chains with simple and concise pendants. Ladies who prefer light and romantic looks will be delighted with refined necklaces and opening heart-shaped lockets.

If you are looking for a set of accessories for a dainty evening dress, the necklace should be complemented with restrained diamond earrings or single stone rings. But under bright cocktail dresses, on the contrary, look for massive and sparkling accessories. Little fashionistas can be given nice patterned chains with cute pendants or fancy crosses.

Men should pay attention to more voluminous heavy chains and original themed pendants. Under a business suit, you can’t add other precious details, except for plain cufflinks or an elegant tie clip. Under an evening tuxedo, it's already quite possible to put on a large signet ring with a natural gemstone. For everyday outfits, you can purchase armored or anchor chains complete with leather or mariner bracelets. Fans of extravagant rapper outfits will love the combination of several chunky necklaces with large links and big pendants of irregular shapes.

In the catalogue of the Fjewellery website, you can easily select and buy silver chains of any size and style, choose a simple accessory for every day or assemble an original kit for a special occasion. Our specialists stay in touch 24/7 and are always ready to prompt and help with the choice. In addition, each of our clients can receive a personal discount or explore promotional offers, and you can place an order directly from home, car or office. We guarantee you fast delivery and availability of all necessary certificates for precious products. Don't waste your time and enjoy online shopping with us!