Ball Link Chains

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Ball chains are a very attractive and common type of contemporary necklace. As a rule, when it comes to such accessories, many people think of simple steel chains from the category of cheap bijouterie, but their assortment is much larger and more diverse. It's presented in different designs, styles, varieties of metals, shapes and sizes - you can explore this in detail on the pages of the FJewellery online boutique. In fact, such decorations made of noble metals can be an original and stylish addition to your personal precious collection, so let's study them closer and in more detail!

Weaving features

Ball link chain is a big cluster of tiny metal balls attached to a thin wire of the same metal. The wire passes through small holes in the balls and is tightly soldered, due to which the elements don't move and are located at an equal distance from each other. This is the simplest construction of such chains, however, there are more unusual variants of its designs.

One of the popular options for the manufacturing of such chains is the combination of metal balls with elements of other shapes, such as rectangular ones. The connection system is almost identical to the classic design, however, the difference in the shapes of the links adds a more custom look to the product.

Another variety is a chain of round, but flattened and faceted links. They don't look as voluminous, but very interesting, and the edges on the balls give the decoration more shine and radiance. Often, such chains are made up of two or three rows, due to which they seem more massive and bulk.

The most popular models for ladies are options where mini balls are located far from each other, and between them there is a long connection from a thin openwork chain, which looks very gentle and feminine. Diamond cut looks especially impressive on such accessories, which adds more radiance and luxurious charm to them. Such products, as a rule, have a small weight and length to emphasise the graceful line of the clavicles.

Also, clasps are an important design element of these decorations - as in any precious chain, they must be tight and reliable. A common option is a connector with special recesses into which the balls snap into place, and in this way, you can adjust the length of the decoration, since not only the final ball can be fixed. However, this option is more often applicable for simpler metal products from a low-price category. For jewellery, a carabiner or lobster lock is more often used. They are stronger and better guarantee the safety of the precious accessory.

Metal selection

As we have already said, the simplest versions of such chains are create of ordinary steel - the cost of such products, of course, is much lower, but in terms of their durability they are inferior to noble alloys. If you need a really high-quality, durable and beautiful accessory, then there are two options:

Both metals are very reliable and suitable for constant wear, so here the question is only in your taste and preferences. Golden alloys have more variability in terms of hue and carat, so if you are looking for unusual combinations and colour schemes, then gold is the best fit. In other cases, the 925-silver classic will be just as relevant and appropriate.

Who are these chains suitable for?

In fact, this jewelry is considered universal, and can be classified as unisex. There are no specific rules and rigid frameworks, it all depends on your personal style and compatibility with other attributes of your precious box.

The only difference between mens and womens ball chains is their dimensions. So, short necklaces with thinnest connections and airy filigree inserts are more relevant for her - they look more aesthetically pleasing on neck and can be a good addition to multi-layered kits. For him, the best option would be more massive and large items with big links and carved details - they look more bold, stylish and go well with other purely masculine accessories.

For girls, the optimal chain length ranges from 18 to 22 inches, and for guys this figure is larger - 20-24". Regarding width, female models are always thinner and more elegant, while gents, wider or even thick options are suitable.

What combinations are allowed?

The most classic and popular addition to such chains are military tokens or tag pendants. This tradition appeared a long time ago, and it's believed that such images look the most harmonious. However, we have already found out that the chain itself is universal, which means that you shouldn't get hung up on the standards - you can complement it with absolutely any decor, from small and graceful crosses to quite chunky themed pendants - this is just a matter of taste!

So, if in order to buy ball chain you are stopped only by the inability to come up with combinations for it, then here are just a few offers from our catalogue:

On the FJewellery website you will find even more interesting decor variations, and can combine them as you wish. Join now and create your exclusive and unique precious style with us! Welcome!