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Earrings are jewelry for women known to people since ancient times and have not lost their popularity for more than one century. Topaz earrings are amazing in their beauty products that are suitable for literally all ladies. These stones are used both in the most luxurious and expensive accessories, and in childrens - the secret of their success lies in the wonderful purity of the crystals and their incredible strength, due to which it's so easy and pleasant for jewellers to work with them. In the assortment of our store, we have collected for you only the most beautiful and trendy models at a very pleasant price, so we guarantee that you will definitely not be able to leave the FJewellery boutique website without a precious purchase! Come visit us and see for yourself!

What is the magic of this stone?

Topaz is a special type of semi-precious mineral that impresses with its beauty and radiance. It comes in many various shades from neutral transparent to all tones of yellow, brown, purple, deep red, green and very soft pink. But still, the most common and well-known colour of this stone is blue, clean and light. However, it also has its own shades, which have specific names and differ in their intensity and saturation. There are three of them:

  1. Sky blue - impeccably clean, like the sky in bright sunny weather.
  2. Swiss blue is a very bright and deep colour with exceptional saturation.
  3. London blue is a strong, dark and slightly greenish shade that is rarer than others and is one of the most expensive.

This gemstone is called a symbol of prudence, joy and strong friendship, and it's considered a birthstone for all who were born in November. It's also, along with a diamond, suitable as a birthstone for those people who were born in the warm spring month of April. In ancient times, mankind believed in its mystical properties and attributed special magic to it. So, the Egyptians believed that topaz was a real gift from the god Ra himself, personifying the sun. In Greece, they believed that he would grant his owner unprecedented superhuman strength and even invisibility, while the Romans saw in him the halo of greatness and power of Jupiter himself.

The subtleties of cutting and combinations with other minerals

Genuine topaz requires a noble frame, and therefore the most common combination is a mix with yellow gold. The warm and expensive shade of this metal perfectly sets off the natural colour of the crystals and makes them shine even brighter and richer. With white metals, the stone also looks amazing, therefore, jewellers often choose a duet with silver. They also use an additional coating for metal, which allows them to completely change the style of the product and give it an extra charm. So, rhodium plating enhances the natural brilliance and creates a kind of inner glow emanating from the metal, and blackening on silver gives a sophisticated vintage shine.

One of the outstanding features of topaz is its strength and reliability, which means that it can be easily processed and can be created from almost any shape. In many ways, it still depends on the size of the stone: its height, volume, width. For smaller crystals, traditional round and oval cuts or soft cushion are more often used. With large gems, the variety of shapes is much greater and various fancy techniques are used more often, such as a heart, a marquise, a rhombus or a luxurious trillion cut. The most traditional are considered the classic emerald cut or a strict and clear square cut. To create delicate and elegant accessories, a pear shaped, and an elongated briolette are used. The last two are most often used in drop earrings or small fancy studs, when they are shaped into a delicate precious flower and the crystals are used as graceful petals.

You can find out about the features of each particular model in the description of the goods on Fjewellery website. There are always real pictures and characteristics, including:

  • all information about metal and inserts,
  • types of clasps,
  • condition,
  • design details,
  • and so on.

How to wear and with what to combine?

As we have already mentioned, topaz stone earrings are suitable for all girls, regardless of age or habitual style. They are light and elegant, and therefore they are equally well combined with loose casual dresses, laconic business suits, and luxurious evening looks. Such jewellery complements the outfit, emphasises the femininity and grace of the image - they are literally created for beautiful and uninhibited women who are not afraid to demonstrate their tender strength and passion to the whole world.

Tiny blue topaz earrings are ideal for the smallest fashionistas - delicate stones perfectly set off the eyes and look very light and graceful on ear. Combinations with fluffy children's dresses and light summer sundresses look very cute.

Such a pair of gemstone earrings looks harmonious with almost any womens accessories - based on them, you can create a truly unique and exclusive jewellery set. There are many products on sale on our website that will help you with this. For example, from us, you can buy such suitable decorations as:

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