9ct Gold Chains

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A gold chain is an accessory that never goes out of style. It can be worn alone or combined with a pendant, locket, or medallion. Many people use a chain as a pendant for a talisman or amulet, never parting with it for a day. The item for everyday wear should be reliable, resistant to mechanical and other external influences. A gold piece with a high alloying metal content is the best way to accomplish this task. In the Jewelry online jewelry shop, you can choose a 9 ct gold chain for every taste. High-quality, practical and beautiful items will be your constant companion.

9ct Gold Chains

Features of 9kt gold products

The 9k purity alloy contains only 37.5% gold; the rest is additional metals. They make the alloy light, strong and durable, protecting it from scratches and other mechanical damage. Therefore, 9 carat gold chains can be worn every day on the neck for a long time, following the simplest rules of care.

Because of its low gold content, the value of 9k alloy items is lower than those of higher-purity precious metals. Its color and luster can vary greatly depending on the type of alloying metals and the amount of each. Jewelers managed to pick up an alloy composition that makes its color very close to the color of high-carat gold. It is from it that they make:

The gold chain 9ct looks very presentable and has a very reasonable price.

Types of gold chains

Chains are distinguished according to several criteria.

Depending on the consumption of the precious metal:

  • A solid (cast) chain is a piece consisting of links made entirely of gold. Such jewelry is heavier and durable.
  • Hollow (inflated) - a voluminous piece that imitates solidity. Relatively cheap and at the same time a presentable decoration.

Style of weaving. The modern jewelry industry represents a huge variety of styles of weaving. Among the most popular are:

  • Anchor weaving. It is a simple weave of oval links arranged at right angles to each other.
  • Belcher. Type of anchor weaving that uses round links.
  • Armored weaving. Provides a connection of links on the same plane. Can be used at the same links as well as products of different shapes and sizes.
  • Figaro. An interesting variety of shell weaving, which determines the laconic and original design of products. Provides a connection with a certain frequency of elongated and rounded links.
  • Singapore weaving. It uses slightly curved links, thanks to which they smoothly curl into a spiral. The result is a refined product with a wonderful shine.
  • Combined weaving type "snake" or "popcorn", performed in the form of double or triple weaves.

Each type of weaving is represented by men’s and women's models. They can be used singly or as a base for pendants.

Jewelry size:

  • Chains can be represented by thin elegant items for girls, universal medium-thick chains, or thick voluminous ones for respectable men.
  • The length of jewelry can also be very different - from models that fit around the neck to long chains that are worn over clothing or can be laid twice around the neck.

How much worth a 9 kt gold chain? It’s dependent on the weight of the precious metal used to make it, the complexity of the weave, and other factors.

9k gold chain

How to choose a gold chain

Many people start their choice of chain with the style of weaving, because
The aesthetic qualities of the product depend on it. The weaving determines not only the attractiveness but also the durability of the jewellery. For everyday wear, it is better to choose a product of simple weave. Thin links in twisted weaves break much more often.

Men tend to prefer products with massive, voluminous weaving (Anchor, shell, etc.); women - more sophisticated (Singapore, Figaro, Snake). While thin chains look fine on girls, respectable ladies, it is advisable to choose pieces with thicker links.

The length can be chosen according to your own preferences, as well as depending on how you intend to wear the jewelry (under the neckline, over clothing, with or without a pendant, etc.). The pendant must also match the chain. A light openwork pendant will work with a thin chain; for a large pendant, choose a solid chain.

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9ct Rose Gold Solid Rope Chain DSHCN0640
9ct Rose Gold Solid Rope Chain DSHCN0640
RRP £ 2 465 | £ 1 700 -31%
Y/G 2.2mm Hollow Figaro Chain DSHCN0567
Y/G 2.2mm Hollow Figaro Chain DSHCN0567
RRP £ 185 | £ 130 -30%