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Believe it or not, male jewellery is gaining momentum these days. There are way more unique and extraordinary designs to be impressed by. Men don’t have to be strict and limit their desire for sparkles and non-expected images with male accessories. If you want to take part in the fight in a rather simple and easy way, it is necessary to begin with casual models that will work for everyone — gold pendants for men. Your age or occupation won’t be a barrier to refusing to wear what you really like. You just need to select what seems appealing. The prices at FJewellery are user-friendly, so your journey will be exciting.

Gold Pendants for Men

What Pendants Should Gents Wear?

Gender norms don't apply in the realm of jewellery. Individuals are indeed constrained by their own aesthetic choices. Particularly, pendants for chains are an ornament with a lengthy background in menswear. There are a variety of patterns available:

  • Initial pendants are commonly referred to as the most basic and perfect-match idea to stick to.
  • St Christopher's designs are popular protection talismans for travelers or people who would like to start a new project or something else. It makes it a gorgeous cheer-up present for everyone.
  • Zodiac sign pendants are classic. They can be presented in several forms. For instance, Pisces can be a separate construction of two fish or the same image as an ornament on a square, oval, or round plate in gold.

Instead of focusing on what design is worth it, you should rather consider the more practical purposes of the target goodie. What is the right pendant size? It is always a game when the second player is needed. Without a chain, you won’t be able to define what pendant style is your cup of tea, and here is why:

  • Necklaces have to be twice heavier to be capable of withstanding the strength of handing pendants in the long run.
  • The gold necklace length and construction will also predetermine how multicomponent the design of the pendant itself has to be. Chains that are massive and heavy won’t complement elegant and rather tiny solitaire gemstone pendants at all.

In choosing your dream pendant style, don’t be driven away by its affordable cost or how limited the collection is — it is a must to double-check what size the pendant’s loop for attachment is and correlate that with the diameter of the chain. It would be a mistake to assume that small pendants have little bails and big charms have larger ones. It isn’t true to life in 100% of cases. On the official page, this information is provided in a pretty memorable and comprehensive way. You are lucky to check photos of pendants near the ruler and see how long the pendant and the bail are. The data is available in both centimeters and inches.

Pendants Gold for Men

Here is another choice parameter to bear in mind — the quality of gold. Your cool skin tone is typically not less crucial than personal preferences. Rose gold isn’t the best partner for customers with pinkish skin tones. Pictures online are pretty accurate and show the colour of metals precisely, so you will be able to understand in advance whether yellow, white or rose gold is your ideal partner.

How to Wear Male Gold Pendants

Matching one and the same style of the gold pendant with other accessories will depend on some simple factors:

  • who the target recipient is — your boyfriend or father, for instance;
  • whether you are searching for a gift for men who are young or grown-up already;
  • what tastes in jewelry he has and so on.

These little nuances will define whether it is better to stick to luxurious or minimalist images. The latest trends in the market let interested parties come up with their own ideas on how to combine accessories. The key factor will be still to remember about the right balance for necklaces — pendants shouldn’t be heavier than a chain itself.

Here are some designer models to pick up if you desire to find a perfect balance between innovative and classic models for man:

  • If you don’t want to keep complaining about how expensive models with gemstones are, consider stunning male gold pendants with onyx, Besides the image can be completed with onyx rings. It is better to consider the same metal carat value to ensure the brilliance of your ensemble isn’t distractive and imbalanced.
  • A real pleasure is to invest in a solid piece of jewellery. It will last for ages and isn’t prone to damage and deformation that much, unlike peculiar cases with hollow solutions. You are welcome to wear a couple of pendants on the same chain in gold, for example, zodiac sign and clever leaf charms for good luck and more peculiar individualism.
  • When it comes to matching gold with other metals, you can opt for top-notch silver crucifix crosses. On neck, it will be a magnificent statement. However, small necklaces don’t usually compliment any hanging accessories — it might feel inconvenient. After you take the measurements to define the best-fit size, it is still necessary to check whether a selected length won’t disturb you after wearing an extra locket. Let’s be more precise, 20-inch styles fit near the collarbone, and it won’t be a problem. But if you select choke-collar-like sizes, a crucifix cross might bring discomfort.
  • Another excellent sample of silver accessories at a good price is saddle silver rings. Their designs are historically traditional but a bit non-typical according to modern fashion terms. Just take a look at the picture on the website.

Most Good-Looking Combinations of Necklaces

There are various reasons why men fall in love with pendants. Whether they are fashionistas or not, it is an exciting chance to represent your own vine of luxury and personal self-expression. If you don’t like to follow the rules, your image can truly show it. When worn close to the heart, such accessories provide their owners with courage and solace or become a symbol of emotions, features, or memories that are extremely crucial in their lives. Meanings can be idiomatic (like in the case of St Christopher or other typical good-luck-wishing pendants) or personalized (people implement unique senses in boxing gloves, anchors, hearts, or other designs).

Here are a few glorious staples when it comes to pendants for necklaces and chains themselves, but you are welcome to alter them as desired:

  • Rope chains are surely among the bestsellers on the site. They come in different sizes. But if you want to wear them with chains (and you do here), it is better to pick up models in the range of two to four millimeters. Necklaces of seven millimeters with charms will look too hip-hop-like. Their delicate structure looks glorious along with classic yet a bit twisted designs like crucifix crosses.
  • The most basic sort of link is undoubtedly the curb wire. It is a fantastic choice for any occasion and complements every kind of clothing. Warmer skin tones' beauty is emphasized with white and yellow gold.

In the corresponding category on the official web page, you will find other chain ideas to go well with a target gents gold pendant. There are many deals for sale, and even positions that aren’t included can be rather cheap. Your choice of the jewellery ensemble for him will obviously be full of investigation and analysis. Knowledge is power, so it will benefit you anyway.

Gents Gold Pendants

Where to Buy Exquisite Gold Models

More and more customers answer this question alike — online assortments are attractive when it comes to cheaper prices and varied types of jewelry. If you don’t know what to buy, virtual agents will let you compare different models here and now and recommend solutions that aren’t available in the catalogue yet. This will surely happen after you try to search for the right solution at FJewellery. Whatever style and metal carat you are interested in, the diversity of decision-making for online shopping at this store is second to none. Just check it out!