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Jewellery always saves the situation when something is missing in the image. They perfectly cope with this task, helping to create unique images. The FJewelery website has a large selection of fancy gold necklaces. The models in the collection are both modern and vintage. They are perfect for gift-giving. To make your choice easier, we offer you a detailed guide to them. From the article, you will learn how necklaces appeared and transformed, how different necklaces and pendants are, what the male and female models are, and of course, we will give you some tips that will allow you to always look flawless.

Men's Gold NecklacesMen's Gold Necklaces

Historical reference

The history of this jewellery goes back thousands of years. According to historians' statements, the first forms appeared in the Stone Age and were products made entirely of natural materials (vines, hemp, shells, clay beads, and so on). Today, it is rather difficult to judge how they were used. Perhaps it was just an ornament, or such necklaces had some meaning.

With the advent of metalworking, the process of creating new forms and models was greatly accelerated. Throughout their history, necklaces have been transformed and adapted to the needs and fashion of their era. We can literally trace the trendy trends:

  • Classic Roman and Greek necklaces,
  • Egyptian collars encrusted with precious stones.
  • Celtic hoops.
  • Gothic and Renaissance models are decorated with precious stones and are solemn and sometimes slightly pompous.
  • Craving for modern materials after the discovery of plastic, light weight, and minimalism.

Every historical era has contributed to the creation of a huge collection of this beautiful jewellery. Necklaces can now demonstrate your taste, preferences, and sense of style. At this stage, we use everything that has been created over the millennia in all shapes and designs.

Necklace and pendant: What's the difference?

For clarity and understanding of the question, let's understand the nuances. A necklace consists of a base (a chain) and pendants attached to it. A pendant is something that cannot be worn without a chain. You buy the base and wear the pendant on it. If you have a desire, you can always hang the pendant on another base (leather, chain, etc.). A necklace is a mono-composition that cannot be remade, with a few exceptions when it comes to transformer models.

In modern culture, the difference between these two parameters is completely levelled, and when we talk about pendants, we often mean necklaces with oversized or massive decorative elements.


In this section of our catalogue, you will find a necklace in gold. It is a unique material that can be used to describe eternity. But it is not necessary, because it has been appreciated by many generations, and today it is an indicator of wealth and taste. You can find gold pieces on sale with the next characteristics.

Necklaces in GoldNecklaces in Gold


The colour of gold varies depending on the presence and amount of ligature metals. The most popular option is yellow gold. This shade is obtained by mixing pure gold and copper. This is a slightly reddish shade and looks great in different shapes of jewellery. This gem has a lemon shade when a large quantity of silver is added. This is why products made of electrum (the second name for this shade of gold) look very bright and stylish, even in images. Rose gold is an alloy that is made by mixing pure gold, copper, and silver. Thanks to the latest element, the shade can be excessively described as neutral or even cold. And, of course, the favourite of recent seasons is white gold. Instead of copper, nickel, and palladium, these are added here as ligatures. They give the metal that beautiful, slightly yellowish-white colour. It is chosen by those who like silvery metals but prefer gold to silver.


As you are probably aware, there is no or very little jewellery on the market made of 24-karat (real) gold. There is a simple explanation for this: gold itself is a rather soft material. As it is worn, it quickly becomes covered with a fine mesh of scratches. This leads to the appearance of breeding on the surface. It is necessary to polish such items quite often to give them a presentable appearance.

Jewellers, realising this problem, have created four basic alloys in which gold is enhanced by different metals. These can be copper, silver, nickel, palladium, etc. As a result, the ligature creates a solid golden piece of jewellery that is resistant to various external damages. We love 18K, 14K, and cheap9K gold pieces. They all look amazingly beautiful and can help you create a unique look. Speaking of differences, 18-carat gold will have a richer colour, while 10-karat gold will be more delicate. The same goes for the price, the higher the carat (the percentage of gold in the piece), the more expensive the model. The cost of any piece of jewellery is calculated from the cost of gold in grams, the presence and cost of precious stones and work.


Traditional gold jewellery can be coated with a thin film of rhodium. This coating is only one micrometre thick, but it protects the surface of the precious metal from scratches and abrasions. But sooner or later, such a layer may wear off, so from time to time (depending on the appearance of the item and how often it is worn), a gold necklace coated with rhodium must be taken to a designer to have it recoated. Rhodium, in addition to providing protection, improves shine and colour depth. The shine literally shines through in these items.


Gemstones are one of nature's most beautiful creations. They define the character of any metal piece. There are several options for choosing a gemstone gold necklace:

  • Just trust your heart and choose the best option that is close to you.
  • Choose the best shape. You know that minerals come in different shapes and sizes. Perhaps you prefer a crystal heart or a sapphire marquis that has won your heart.
  • Stone according to birth month. This method allows you to relax completely and leave the choice in the hands of fate. According to custom, birth-month stones can bring good luck and protect you from bad people and deeds. In fact, it becomes your talisman or amulet.


Another great way to make a plain golden necklace elegant and unique. Using this method of metalworking, you can make an accent, such as engraving a letter on a disc or even a phrase, or create a decoration from scratch by completely covering the surface with intricate patterns. In addition, engraving remains a great way to turn a standard model into a personalised piece of jewellery.

Women's Gold NecklacesWomen's Gold Necklaces

In addition to gold pieces, you can find pendants and necklaces made of silver and platinum.

Let's move on to a description of the necklaces themselves. This is just a list, not a list by popularity. By understanding what you can buy, it is sometimes much easier to make a choice.

17 types of necklaces for women

Yes, that number is real. Moreover, there are many more kinds of necklaces. Note that we list only those forms that can be made of gold.

  1. Gold chain necklaces. Nothing superfluous or extra. A great option for an everyday look. On the market today, you can find chains of this weave, which themselves are already necklaces. Play with the type of weave and the thickness of the product, and you will be surprised by how original and stylish it can be. Chains are also great because you can always wear a single piece or make a tiered design, which has become popular lately. Only your imagination can limit you in this regard. They can be very expensive when each link is encrusted with precious stones, but the cheapest option is without jewellery.
  2. A necklace with one or more pendants (charms). Yes, we stated that it would be a list, not a ranking. But this position is true. It is the most popular form because of its versatility and ease of use. It's hard to count all the possible pendant designs. They are often divided thematically (religious, abstract, medallions, coins, discs, etc.), but the design options for such items are endless. A single chain of any type of weave (Figaro, Cuban, Belcher, Snake, Rope, Ball, Byzantine, Anchor, etc.) and small things with a loop are enough for this. There can be quite a few, as this is the plainest way to add nuance to any look.
  3. A locket necklace is one of the brightest examples of personalised jewellery. They securely hold your innermost thoughts and hopes, portraits of loved ones, and prayers as close to your heart as possible. In addition, it is a beautiful, chunky accessory that always attracts attention.
  4. Negligee. It looks like an asymmetrical chain, but it is a full-fledged amulet. The product is affordable to use and created in the spirit of minimalist. It looks very elegant with its tight necklines and high turtlenecks.
  5. Torque always looks interesting. It is a massive metal hoop that is twisted around its base. The shadows that appear when the spiral is formed add texture and style to the pattern. It can be embellished with additional elements. Solid in general, with a single cut at the clasp area. Look great with an open neckline.
  6. Chokers are gold necklaces that run down the very bottom of the neck. Quite often, they are decorated with various elements in the form of pendants, securely riveted at the same distance. They can have a repeating pattern or be asymmetrical, filigree, or visually heavy. Such a necklace looks fine with U-necklines and clothes that have a square neckline, as well as naked and bare shoulders.
  7. Collar necklaces are similar in composition to chokers but made entirely of gemstones. A very elegant necklace that looks great on clothes with bare shoulders, deep oval necklines, and tortoiseshell collars. A great choice for the evening.
  8. This nice festoon stylishly combines different materials. It looks great on clothes without a collar. It differs from a choker by the presence of chains, which decorate the main part of the decoration and are attached to it by their two ends.
  9. Matinee is a perfect combination of form and presentable appearance. Often, such a necklace is made of ornamental stones and beads. It looks like a beaded choker that hangs 22 to 24 inches long. Often there is a pretty composition in the centre of the model in the form of a flower or other element.
  10. Opera is the perfect choice for going to a classical music concert or creating an elegant evening look. The basis can be pearls, which will be extremely popular in 2023, or any other precious or ornamental stone. In the first version, you can often see a long string of pearls that is wrapped several times around the neck. In doing so, the first layer goes as close to the base of the neck as possible, and the second layer sags quite a bit.
  11. Sautoir came to us from the east. It is an extra-long necklace that is wound on the neck in several rows. The basis of the jewellery is a pendant element, which is often decorated with precious stones. The composition may contain one large mineral and several smaller ones, or it may be a scattering of little minerals.
  12. A lariat is Y-shaped and quite often used to create a casual look. The design of this jewellery is unique. The long chain (can be more or less than 18 inches) has an openwork element on one end and a bead or metal pendant on the other. Essentially, the necklace is a circular loop that can be adjusted by tightening the end with the bead (element) or letting it go. The necklace looks asymmetrical and ultra feminine.
  13. Lavaliere is another interesting symmetrical option, in which the main role is most often assigned to gemstones. At the front, we have a Y-shape, which is all lined with gemstones or ornamental stones in a single row. At both ends of this composition are attached chains that hold the necklace around the neck. The elaborate design makes it look solemn and light at the same time.
  14. Riviere is a chic choice if you're looking for a festive option to match your dress for a specific occasion. The shape is simple and looks chic just because of the gemstones. In this design, the largest stone is located in the centre of the necklace, and on either side of it, in the extension part, are minerals with a gradually decreasing diameter. This approach creates the effect of weightiness and massiveness, while still being dainty.
  15. Princess is pure luxury. The composition is simply breathtaking. Under such a necklace, a flat base of precious metal is poured, and big castings are placed, in which the jeweller inserts precious stones of various cuts, sizes, and shapes. This is perhaps one of the most majestic designs, and if you want to be remembered at a gala event, you should definitely buy gold necklace.
  16. If you're a fan of jewellery with semi-precious stones, check out the bib. By design, it is something medium between a princess and a lavaliere. The beauty and unusual composition are achieved by the original pattern of natural stones. They are cut into thin plates, and the cuts are polished to a mirror shine.
  17. The plastron is the most massive piece of jewellery, which, nevertheless, looks very stylish and pretty. Its peculiarity is that it does not need a special outfit. It can set the mood and decorate any dress on its own. It is a large, multi-layered chest-covering necklace that is stacked with multiple tiers, multi-layers, and repeating patterns.

Gold Drop NecklacesGold Drop Necklaces

Not just for women

Necklaces were worn equally by men and womens until the eighteenth century. After that, they were first seen on women, and thereafter they were embarrassing and uncomfortable for men to wear. It wasn't until the 1960s of the 20th century, when the foreign pop culture in general influenced world culture, that the first obese men appeared, called "love beads." Since then, men's necklaces have gradually gained a niche of their own, and today it is one of the most popular hobbies. The most important ones today are:

  1. Dog tags appeared during World War I. At first, they were purely practical. A soldier had to have two dog tags on his body. Of course, nobody thought of making them out of precious stones at that time. The first remained on the body, while the second could be used for identification. A whole generation of people grew up regarding such an object as an indicator of courage and strength. Thus, a whole line of such necklaces appeared. They could be adorned with precious stones, have a diamond cut, or even remain empty. Either way, they look cool and set the tone for the whole outfit.
  2. Chains remain the most popular kind of necklace for men. They can't help but like it. A quite large selection of weave types that look different in different widths allows you to choose your own unique style. For a successful choice of such a product, you should pay attention to the weave itself, as well as to the padlock, which will be responsible for the safety of the jewellery.
  3. Necklaces with pendant are an extremely popular theme. It allows you to wear not just jewellery but something personalised that says more about the wearer than just clothes. Mens more than women pay attention to the meaning of pendants. Feathers represent freedom, anchors represent stability and security, crosses represent spirituality, and so on. Therefore, jewellery can tell a lot about a person's character.
  4. Religious themes are also in demand. It can be a cross, a medallion with a saint, an amulet, or any other form. They look stylish and often do not attract much attention, as most people wear religious jewellery under their clothes. Unless, of course, the cross becomes part of the image. Then it is worn over clothing and may be encrusted with precious stones.
  5. Lockets are one of the cutest personalised items that will allow you to solve three issues at once: use the jewelry as an accessory, create your unique image, place your favourite prayer in the centre of the photo, and wear the value near your heart.

How do you clean a necklace of dirt?

For your jewellery to last as long as possible, pay attention to its condition and take it to a jeweller from time to time. Can you clean your home? Sure. It's the right thing to do every now and then. To do this, simply do the following steps:

  • Fill a small container with warm water.
  • Add a few drops of mild detergent to the water. You can lather it up a bit.
  • Take a soft, lint-free cloth and wipe the pendant to remove any dirt.

Gently wipe the gold pendant with a dry, lint-free cloth until it is shiny.

Do not use harsh detergents or fluffy rags.

Chain Necklaces in GoldChain Necklaces in Gold

How to wear double or triple necklaces

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. We've prepared a little guide for you to help you create the perfect composition.

  • Choose a point on which you want to focus. This choice should depend on the outfit you plan to wear. The largest element of your necklace is the most prominent, and you can base any look on it.
  • Experiment with different colours. Yes, properly matched mono-compositions look divine, but who says you can't play with colour? If one of the necklaces has a multi-coloured mineral or an original pendant with enamel, it will be fun! Such a variant looks especially interesting in summer: stylish, bright, and airy at the same time.
  • Necklaces are the kind of jewellery that accepts experimentation. If you have chosen several options, try to see how they will look in different shades and stacking. Layered necklace compositions are just the right option where you can afford a little freedom and playfulness.
  • Choose one minimal win-win option. Buying a special insert (chain) can save the day. This way, you can adjust the length. Now just try on a piece of jewellery with minerals that will be like a choker at the base of your neck, and place the second one just lower (use the insert). The second necklace can be anything: with tiny gemstones or gold pendants. Experiment! Perhaps this variation will become your favourite.
  • Always a win-win option: a short necklace with a small decorative element. It can be in the cleavage between the collarbones (very sexy), higher or lower.This option can become a staple for any of your casual looks.
  • Don't just use simple and cute shapes. They are beautiful! But if you want to create a more elegant, romantic look, try something different from what you are used to. Something asymmetrical, original, and stylish.

As with choosing the right outfit, experimentation plays an important role in finding the perfect companion for your outfit. Try a few options to find the perfect one for you. Don't be afraid to experiment. That's how unsuccessful things turn out.

Online store FJewellery offers a large collection of necklaces and other accessories. On the virtual shelves of our shop, you can also find on sale:

  • Are tonnes of bracelets in gold and silver, with and without gemstones. These can be popular anchor bracelets, tennis, curb, cable, or wide, thick chains.
  • A wide selection of rings, including engagement rings, will help with rings with a single mineral, such as topaz rings, or without. They are definitely worth accessorize your look with.
  • A huge collection of earrings made in different designs and styles. For example, silver fancy earrings will fit perfectly into your everyday look.

We make shopping convenient. Each model has a detailed description as well as a picture. The latter can be enlarged to see the design in detail. If you have any questions, you can always ask our concierge, who knows the assortment very well and will be able to pick up what you want based on the description. We also have not only contemporary pieces in our collection, but also vintage pieces, and if you have the desire and thoughts, we can make any exclusive version to order.