Silver Halo Rings

Buy halo rings made of silver in FJewellery online

Today's jewellery market offers a huge range of choices. It is also characterised by rapidly changing fashion trends. But there are pieces of jewellery that have been around for years. These are Halo rings. The FJewellery online shop offers to choose an amazing silver Halo ring.

Why you shouldn't be afraid to buy silver rings

Not everyone likes silver jewellery. Sometimes this can be explained by the fact that silver oxidises and darkens quickly. To a certain extent, this is true when it comes to pure silver. This is why modern jewellers prefer sterling silver (925 standards). The silver content in this alloy is 92.5%.  The rest are ligature components that give the silver hardness and prevent dark plaque from appearing. This is why sterling silver halo rings and other jewellery retain their appearance perfectly. Ruthenium-coated silver jewellery (ruthenium necklaces, bracelets, etc.) also looks very interesting.

Sterling silver Halo rings

The Halo ring is in the jewellery boxes of many women. Others dream of having it. And such a ring does not have to be gold. A sterling silver ring is cheap but looks just as stunning. A large stone, surrounded by a halo of small size gemstones, is mesmerizing in its amazing brilliance. Silver rings are most often crowned with cubic zirconium crystals. Despite their low cost, they look very luxurious.

Sterling silver halo rings

The Halo silver ring is an elegant piece of jewellery for her with a simple design. The central insert can be made of a clear or coloured stone. The shape of the cut can also be very varied. Model in Halo style suits both young girls and respectable ladies.

When choosing a ring, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • A slender ring with a refined top will accentuate a girl's delicate fingers.
  • Rings with large stones suit older women.
  • For a hand with short, chubby fingers, choose wide rings with oval or rectangular stones.
  • If your fingers are long and your palm is wide, choose a solid piece of jewellery.

This ring can be given as a gift for any occasion - engagement (if the girl prefers silver jewellery), wedding anniversary, Mother's Day, or simply to please a girl, mother or sister with a beautiful little thing.

How to choose a ring in an online shop

Do you want to buy a ring for yourself or as a gift? Today, you don't have to spend a lot of time looking for one. The internet helps you shop without leaving your home. You can choose a ring or other jewellery from the catalogue. The beautiful images give a full picture of each model. It only takes a few minutes to place your order. In addition, the price of goods when purchased online will be lower than in a jewellery salon.

The FJewellery online shop offers a wide range of rings and other jewellery. In addition to silver jewellery, in sale items from yellow, white rose gold. The assortment of the shop includes:

You can choose jewellery for a casual, business or evening look. If you can't find a ring in the right size or if you'd like to own a unique piece, you can to order one. The company's jewellery workshop is ready to fulfil any order in the shortest possible time.