What to get for your wedding anniversary?

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Anniversary gifts? Of course yes! Everyone loves presents. Especially since you probably have something to celebrate together. We offer you ideas for wedding anniversary jewelry gifts that are easy to bring to life. FJewellery offers a large assortment of beautiful jewellery that is sure to make your loved one happy. When choosing a gift, remember the most important thing: choose it with your heart and your loved one will love it.

When and what dates to celebrate

The ritual of celebration is thought to have come to European culture from the East. There, it is customary to celebrate every even-numbered year of life together in a noisy way and to celebrate double dates (11, 22, 33, etc.) in a quiet way. It's also customary to celebrate every 1 year up to 5 years, and then only round dates and quarter-centuries. But, no one forbids you to have a nice celebration, if that is what you want, and give each other gifts.

Gifts for him

What to get a man? Jewellery for a memorable date is a great option! The right accessories can be the highlight of his style. And note that you should buy them from a shop with a history, from jewellers who value their reputation. So, a man can be given as a gift:

Agree that these are very good options. Just don't forget that you need to know the size of the man's finger when choosing.

Garnet earrings

Gifts for her

The design of the jewellery is entirely up to you. After all, you probably know your partner best. You can make it easier to choose by incorporating the filters that every shop has. What can you get a woman for her wedding anniversary? Be romantic. A frying pan, chocolates and household appliances are not the best option. Jewellery is the best option to leave another life together in your memory. You can find on sale:

All this can be inlaid with gemstones, appropriate to the year, or without them, and decorated with engravings or other decorations.

1st Anniversary

The first year has passed. Gold jewellery is traditionally given on this day. It can be chains, bracelets, pendants, lockets or earrings of any precious metal and colour. They are usually unencrusted but can be engraved or otherwise decorated.

2nd Anniversary

The beautiful gemstone can come in many different shades, but it is common to give bright red garnets in gold for anniversaries. They represent passion and are said to protect feelings. Garnet earrings or other jewellery with fiery red minerals would be appropriate for such an occasion.

3rd Anniversary

For such an anniversary you can say "I love you" with a beautiful pearl necklace, earrings with natural or synthetic pearls or a bracelet. All these pieces of jewellery look very feminine and delicate.

4th Anniversary

It is customary to give topaz jewellery on such occasions. It can be a rich or pale blue, a natural colour. Topaz rings can be given to both men and women by choosing a pair set. It will look very beautiful and elegant.

5th Anniversary

Sapphires are a unique gemstone and are usually given as a fifth anniversary gift. They symbolize fidelity, purity of relationship and truth. For such a day, a set of several pieces, such as earrings, a necklace and a bracelet, or a ring can be chosen. The mineral looks great in yellow and white gold. It's also one of the strongest gemstones and can withstand anything.

10 year

This is the decade to give a diamond necklace, which can be given alone or in a pretty set. The clear mineral with the right cut will shine and remind you of your relationship. Quite often couples choose couples gifts with an engraving on the inside of the ring. Only you will know what you will write there.

20th Anniversary

The mineral of this date is the green emerald. A gemstone so loved by all royalty. It symbolizes pure thoughts, strong relationships, boundless love and fidelity. Perfect symbolism for such a day, isn't it?

25th Anniversary

It is common to give a gift of silver jewellery on such a day. The metal is considered feminine, but both men and women love silver jewellery. On such a day, you can choose something original to symbolise a relationship that has lasted a quarter of a century. So much for the date!

Rings weddings

40th Anniversary

Ruby wedding is a real event that doesn't go unnoticed. As the name suggests, it's customary to give red ruby jewellery on such a day. Although, if you prefer other shades of the mineral, that's acceptable too. A ruby heart on a gold chain, earrings with rubies, a bracelet in yellow or white gold can look beautiful.

50th Anniversary

Does it all start at the beginning? A time of memories, nice gifts and gold jewellery. It can be gold of any colour and purity. A solid ring, an elegant chain, a beautiful ring or earrings. Nothing limits your imagination!

You can find all this jewellery in the FJewellery online store. We offer a huge collection. The large catalogue is conveniently structured and allows you to select items by catalogue, description and catalogue. You can also always ask questions to our concierge. We are always in touch and ready to help you choose the best gift for the occasion.

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