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The modern universe of male jewellery is certainly gaining momentum. There are fewer obstacles for men to look exactly the way they want. Without such strong social pressure, a lot of freedom has appeared and allowed for the diversification of the present market of goodies. The other little challenged occurs though: many beginners doubt what the best gold chain for men is. There are numerous opinions on the topic, but listening to your heart’s content and what experts at the FJewellery store recommend will improve your decision-making.

Gents Chain made of Gold

Wonderful Types of Necklaces for Men

Online shopping for a second-to-none golden chain for men requires background knowledge about divergent chain link accessories in general. Don’t miss a chance to get acquainted with their brilliance in detail:

  • Trace — for those parties who can’t wait for a clean and plain chain to purchase, it is your favourite. Its round-shaped links are as accurate and precise as possible, which creates a corresponding mood for this jewellery piece. Also known as a cable chain, it can easily become the most durable and reliable sort of necklace for your needs. However, it is more recommended to pick up more solid models for wearing along with hanging elements.
  • Spiga — in the industry, this kind of link is believed to be one of the most appealing and strongest. They accompany excellent lightweightness and durability. Its braided look is exactly what you need for boys.
  • Box link — the name is self-explanatory here, implying the structure of links. Box-shaped compounds create an unparallel appearance of this product, letting it be a strong leader in the category of gold chain for male users. For a better understanding, box-like links can be compared with cubed figures, where the wire is flattened and later united in this marvelous necklace.
  • Anchor — a lot of current trendsetting production approaches in the jewellery market applies the combination of differently sized and shaped links. This chain is a bright sample. A row of bigger and smaller oval rings is going to look brilliant, whatever gold carat value you would like to select.
  • Rope — this twisted pattern will work for any gender due to its outstanding appearance. It resembles an original rope yet is made of such a precious metal as gold. To reduce the cost, you are welcome to pick up hollow models with discounts on our website.
  • Belcher — if you are tired of flat chains, this commemoration of D-shaped links is an absolutely fine and appropriate alternative. Created back in the nineteenth century, it has become a pure attraction for multiple fans around the globe.
  • Double curb — another solution when customers require non-standard approaches and manufacturing tactics, this style interlinks two single curb layouts in a tricky design.
  • Figaro — three circles and one elongated link form a typical Figaro chain. It is pretty flexible and usually worn by gentlemen, so this style is a notable idea for male jewelry.
  • Fancy — intricate and non-typical designs can enter the category of fancy necklaces. Unique pieces with inserted gemstones or non-traditional link structures with handmade patterns are available here. Whether long or short, such necklaces are excellent gifts to prepare for guys.

If you don’t seem to find your dream chain, this shop offers contacts of the user-friendly customer support team. They reply at your earliest convenience and will let you know whether there is something suitable among their partner suppliers and workshops.

Mens Chains

The Right Fit for Him

Looking for a suitable chain for men, it is better to keep in mind the range of sizes can vary enormously. A lot depends on what style of necklaces you actually choose. If you opt for universal models, there will be more possible solutions, including the longest lengths like opera and rope varietals. This is necessary to satisfy the needs of ladies. When it comes to gentlemen, they don’t usually select too large and big measurements and prefer daily comfort.

If you want to stay on the safe side, the following sizes will come in handy:

  • 18 inch — this size is pretty convenient for end users. It won’t fit as a choker or collar. You can easily visualize its fit by imagining a standard crew neck shirt — it will sit slightly above. Taking into account its relatively small length, the analyzed goodie is preferred to wear on its own (whether thick or thin chains) or with tiny pendants like crosses. Heavy necklaces won’t be efficient and are likely to cause discomfort, so you have to check their balanced construction.
  • 20 inch — probably, it is the most widespread option of gents gold chains. It will work perfectly when you need to switch from business images to more casual outfits. Its simple yet appealing vibe is smoothly complemented by supplementary pendants or lockets. As a decent bestseller among the models, it is one of the excellent universal solutions in the market. This length is usually presented by multiple designers and manufacturers.
  • 22 inch — two inches do make the difference. It is a bit loose style that will work along with warmer and cozier clothes, for instance, winter/autumn seasons with their numerous layers of clothing. It will let the necklace remain visible and visually attractive. In the majority of cases, this size fits below the collarbone of customers. For those who are looking for stylish and non-typical designs, this category will show off a lot of surprising perfect matches.
  • 24 inch — by adding extra two inches, you will forward the fit to the bellow-bellow-collarbone area, above the sternum. If you are interested in unique outfits where there is enough freedom and breathing room, it is the right one. Such lengths will gorgeously suit layering. The latter means a fashionable idea of putting a few elegant chains on the neck simultaneously.

In the case of necklace width, the most average choice lies within 2-6 mm chains. It will be versatile enough to wear on its own or decorate by auxiliary means. This parameter is also essential for lovers of pendants and charms like amulets and crosses — the latter shouldn’t overpower the chain by their thickness and weight. The longer the chain, the more delectable solution is to increase its width as well. Otherwise, you simply promote increased risks of damage.

Gold chains

Here are the main proportional values of original necklaces within our collection:

  • 1-3 mm — such tiny and delicate chains are great in the appropriate small dimensions. That means an eighteen-inch size will be normal and strong enough, but the same link type yet for a twenty-four-inch necklace will be a disaster.
  • 4-6 mm — this size is averagely the safest option, which is suitable for numerous men, regardless of their height.
  • 6-10 mm — another perfect choice for men, it shows off its quality for putting on a few pendants.
  • 10 mm and more — although this width seems the best for wearing talismans, it looks better solely. A lot of pendants will be just lost in such a background.

How to Wear Male Necklaces

When you face the task to accompany such goodies with alternative jewelry pieces, it is a must to pay attention to the next parameters:

  • To ensure your final choice is satisfactory, sticking to cheap and inexpensive prices only won’t become the best strategy. Interested parties will place an order for truly luxury chains that are close to their liking when they consider a target recipient’s storytelling line. It is crucial to analyze what message this or that design will deliver. If a person has a nice and cheerful personality, presenting something heavy and chunky won’t be a great idea. Both silver and gold will be excellent solutions, and you can style the meaning of the gift with the help of extra pendants.
  • Checking a target recipient's wardrobe will be a basic step to defining the right width and length. A twenty-inch option is popular thanks to its unique compatibility with professional and business looks, as well as its excellency for casual and cool styles.
  • Trying to find a gift for boyfriends, ladies are welcome to consider the idea of pair necklaces. Aside from making it more personalized in such a way, it is easy to create a new layer of meaning, highlighting the real committed relationship between the two.
  • Investigate the metal and colour palette. Take your time to differentiate the benefits of gold over other options. Giving your thumb up to rose gold, for instance, is one of the latest fashion trends.

Chains for mens

Surfing through the catalogue for an exquisite product for any man, don’t hesitate to visit other custom jewellery categories on this site. An accessory ensemble will provide more flexibility and will also look gorgeous in pictures and in real life:

  • Star of David pendants will suit more solid chains. It is a result of composing two equilateral triangles, which creates a stunning star sign. As a sign of the Jewish culture, it is also a popular amulet worldwide, adopted for active use due to its protective works. Instead of simply buying light weight solutions, you need to make sure their characteristics exceed a charm. This is necessary to avoid any risk of link loss or damage.
  • If you are going to wear a necklace on top of your clothes, then it is absolutely worth it to vary chains’ sizes and to play with textures. Anchor bracelets will emphasize the style’s beauty. Feel free to check modern models photos and the way they combine different necklaces and links within the same gown.
  • Without a doubt, onyx rings have the strongest male jewellery vibe on the list. Black gemstones aren’t plain. They draw the attention of viewers thanks to their deep colour and visual royalty.

Wrap It Up

All in all, you don’t have to refer to the costume gold jewellery anytime you would like to buy gold chain for men. There are numerous alternative styles on sale, which impress with their beauty and lasting value. Since gold is a perfect balance between the durability of platinum and rather not the expensive cost of silver, necklaces made of this metal are especially outrageous. If you are looking for a flawless image for any occasion, the FJewellery assortment will complete the challenge for you smoothly and in a timely manner.

9ct Rose Gold Solid Rope Chain DSHCN0640
9ct Rose Gold Solid Rope Chain DSHCN0640
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