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For those parties who can’t help but desire to add some blossoming flavours to their average outfits, necklaces will become a worthy solution. Undoubtedly, their diversity and extreme versatility will allow any enthusiast to find the best eye-catching model for their needs. The FJewellery site is a welcoming space to get introduced to marvelous gold chains for women and discover their hidden potential. Let’s get it started!

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How to Wear Female Chains

If you are looking for excellent ideas on how to style a golden chain for women, you have come to the right place. This assortment includes multiple solutions to experiment with. The only thing you need is to switch your creativity on and decide whether you are a fan of classics or would prefer non-typical custom jewelry:

  • Several modern chains come in intricate and non-typical shapes. This effect is achieved by combining unusual link structures and interlining a couple of chain rows. Among the samples, you can find a popular double curb chain or fancy necklaces within this catalogue. Such products stand out on their own and don’t usually require auxiliary goodies to shine.
  • If you would like a more eye-catching image, it is a good idea to layer two thin necklaces of different lengths. Wheat and Spiga chains are excellent partners from this perspective.
  • Of course, it is reasonable to take into account your current lifestyle and wardrobe. Big and voluminous chains can add a gorgeous note to a casual yet business-oriented fashion trend. Just imagine what a white blazer, a deep blue shirt, and a gold chain for her look like (you will find proof of this gorgeous statement in photos easily).
  • Long necklaces like opera-lengthed chains are excellent in images. They will work for wool dresses or clothing with a high neckline.
  • Don’t hesitate to match different elements of your look. Numerous photos where necklaces are layered with scarfs or accompanied by glasses or hats will come in handy.

Chains made of Gold for Woman

The rules of pairing are versatile when it comes to woman gold chains. The divergence of sizes, lengths, wire gauge diameters and carat weights has led to their incredible catchability and suitability — necklaces are crafted with customers’ opinions in mind. Here are some alternative types of jewellery for creating unique images for her:

  • You don’t have to be a fashion guru and follow the latest trends to understand necklaces and pendants are soulmates. One of the brilliant options to try on is cluster pendants. Light weight charms will be a nice touch to her mood and the message she shares with her today’s jewelry ensemble.
  • Spiga bracelets will surely work for Spiga chains on the neck. However, it is an interesting idea for girls to vary the pattern for the neckline. Greek or Belcher chains deserve more attention from end users.
  • Female accessories are usually multifunctional and have a lot of senses. Infinity symbol earrings will be suitable for several face shapes and become an excellent friend to both long and short necklaces.

Designs for Her Personality

If you want to get closer to satisfying your ladies' genuine wishes and desires, it is a reasonable act to find out about the chain variety of the jewellery market. The ways designers create their masterpieces are more amazing than it seems:

  • Cable — designers choose oval- or round-shaped links. This basis can be diversified by altering the size and length of separate components. You will find so-called eternity cable chains, where standard oval links come hand in hand with a pair of small-sized ones, resembling an eight-like format. Such constructions can be also doubled, which creates a unique pattern. If you consider flat cable necklaces, the links won’t typical tube foms. Instead, they will be hammered appropriately to lay “tight” and neat on a target user’s skin.
  • Barleycorn — the best small link on the list resembles a teardrop shape. Such pieces are extremely delicate and create a finished look without a lot of supplementary accessories.
  • Mesh — one of the solid kinds of necklace can boast of its fine construction and incredible flexibility. This timeless elegance is crafted by weaving metal wire. The production approach creates an impression the chain is made of real fabrics.
  • Rope — manufacturers take metal and literally manipulate it like a real fiber, which leads to such beautiful necklaces in turn. Depending on how tight the connection between the particles is, modifications can take place. French rope chains are a perfect sample. Masters reduce the space between the links in order to get a braid with a spiraling visual illusion. By combining rope chains with other types of necklace, new creations appear and start their exciting journey. The Singapore style will definitely steal your heart. It is appreciated as a synergy of classic rope and unique curb links.
  • Franco — it is a simple yet stylish option, which is based on the rope chain principles. Instead of typical links, the plates are tightened in such a way to create a V-like interlocking.
  • Spiga — also known as wheat chains, these goodies are frequently called rope link variations. With the help of V-shaped parts, a unique exhibited effect is achieved.
  • Snake — shopping online, customers will obviously come across such patterns. Resembling the real animal’s skin, the wire remains flexible and has closed plates.
  • Love — it is one of the fancy necklaces. There are multiple shapes of links, which resemble numerous geometric figures, cultural ornaments, and letters. In this case, the heart silhouette is selected as the leading contour. This methods of machining links won’t provide a flat chain as a result.
  • Box link — resembling a square box, such links are captivating and durable. The main element is flat and folded. The corners can be round and half-round.
  • Figaro — the suggested appealing design combines short and long links simultaneously. Once a pattern is chosen, it is repeated from one end to another. In this case, solo curbed elongated parts go after three ring-shaped pieces. Such necklaces belong to the category of pretty heavyweight solutions.
  • Curb — another type of flat chains is curb. At least, this is valid for their pioneer and classic versions. If you want to experiment, this style will still suit. The links can be created with marquise and twisted structures, which adds more space to them.

What You Should Know About Gold Jewellery

The natural beauty and outstanding lasting value of this metal aren’t under debate. One of the reasons why this material is so preferable is its malleable characteristics, durability, resistance to tarnishing, and non-corrosive essence. It is believed to represent the sun and is beloved for its warming vibes. At the same time, gold can play several roles and is a classic sample of royal and noble accessories. When it comes to chains, you have to consider the factors below.

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White, rose, and yellow gold metals have fulfilled the jewellery market. Such accessories have found their audiences and spread their popularity to new local niches, enhancing the influx of culture- and custom-oriented necklaces. Pure gold is compared with the sun thanks to their similar tones. By adding other metals to the alloy, designers can solidify their structure.

The inclusion of more unusual components aside from standard copper, palladium, zinc, and silver, results in rarer and unexpected tones of gold. With the advent of nowadays smelting and other production technologies, alloys will surely make customers hold their breath:

  • Rose gold can be transformed into red formats. The secret lies in adding more copper to the alloy. Let’s be more precise. When you desire to purchase a solid thick chain of a bright tone, 18 karat options will work. With seventy-five percent of fine gold, pink gold includes up to five percent of silver. Alternatively, a red metal varietal consists of twenty-five percent copper.
  • Green gold is a medium option between yellow and white types, considering its content. You will find copper, zinc, and silver in different proportions, which will define how deep greenish reflections are.
  • For those enthusiasts who are opting for more exotic tones, blue, purple, and black gold are useful sources of inspiration. Although they are rather brittle, compared to traditional tones, and much less widespread, you might be lucky to come across such hues among second-hand pieces. The price for both chunky and plain models will a real lifesaver for your budget.


If you desire to take a closer look at the alloy’s content, then fineness is the right parameter. This will help approximately define the shade and quality peculiarities of particular caratage. Both yellow and white gold chains in 9 carat have the same content of pure gold — thirty-seven and a half percent. The additionals are different: while yellow gold compounds are silver (forty-two and half percent) and copper (twenty percent), the compared analogue possesses silver only (sixty-two and a half percent).

From this perspective, white gold can be considered a slightly more durable alloy. If you decide on a model with a rhodium cover and diamond cut, the difference will be more noticeable.

Womens gold chains


24 karat is the purest gold alloy. Given its overly soft nature, it is a rather theoretical notion, which isn’t practically applied in the jewellery industry. The caratage value usually predetermines the fraction of gold in the alloy. If we have 18/24, that would be an 18 kt piece. When the fraction reaches 9/24, it results in a 9K product.

The overall correlation is clear. It is high time to answer the most popular and confusing questions about this choice-making parameter:

  • Which karat should you buy? A lot depends on your budget and interests. If you are up to more brilliant and shining surfaces (when models without additional finishes and covers are considered), solutions with a higher karat will be more excellent choices.
  • The more pure gold, the better? The relatively low fine gold content doesn’t signify its low quality. The overall durability is based on the features of components for gold mixes. Silver, palladium, or copper will influence the alloy’s color and longevity. These differences can be minor, but they are meaningful in the long run and predict how well the original value will be preserved in the future.
  • What is the best weight for a gold necklace? The answer will depend on its thickness and size. Besides, the fact whether they are solid (namely, consist of gold solely) or hollow (accordingly, have a tube-like composition) is influential. Deciding between chains that weigh 10, 15, 16, 20, 30, 40 grams, it is a must to sort out your priorities and verify whether heavy chains are good and convenient for you to wear on the neck.


Is it a normal tactic to wear chains daily?

When gold reigns, your jewellery-related experiences are protected from failures. Naturally, several rules have to be born in mind and followed. To preserve the metal original state instead of turning it into a cheap alternative, it is better to take it off during physical activities or taking a shower/bath. Exposing these products to moisture is likely to lead to the loosening its brilliance in the long run.

Can I wear a necklace at night?

When going to sleep, the best decision is to put any jewellery piece to avoid related risks. You can accidentally lose or break the chain, so staying precautious is a winning option.

Are there any cases when gold chains can be actually damaged?

You will weaken the necklaces’ joints and other components by taking them to hot tubs or pools. The reason for that is there interaction with such chemicals as chlorine and bleach. Another possible outcome is the occurring of cracking zones over the chain.

Are gold chains safe?

When it comes to gold, it isn’t completely deprived of allergic-causing effects. When combines with other metals that have similar performance, the reaction can occur faster. If you see any signs of contact dermatitis, it is better to take the product off. You can sell or gift it.

Wrap It Up

On top of all of that, original styles of ladies gold chains are excellent gift ideas for any occasion. Even if you aren’t a master and it is your first-time purchase, selecting a bestseller in the medium length will largely increase your chances to stay on the safe side.

The FJewellery collection is a marketplace where individualism is favoured. You can find both new and pre-owned pieces, which will enable you to get on sale deals with a long success story. It is high time to buy gold chain for women of your dream.

Y/G 2.2mm Hollow Figaro Chain DSHCN0567
Y/G 2.2mm Hollow Figaro Chain DSHCN0567
RRP £ 185 | £ 130 -30%
9ct Rose Gold Solid Rope Chain DSHCN0640
9ct Rose Gold Solid Rope Chain DSHCN0640
RRP £ 2 465 | £ 1 700 -31%
9ct Rose Gold Rope Chain DSHCN0628
9ct Rose Gold Rope Chain DSHCN0628
RRP £ 1 560 | £ 1 080 -31%