14ct Gold Necklaces

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14kt gold necklace is that unique accessory that looks spectacular with any outfit and should be in every girl's collection! Its main feature is completeness and fullness - it will literally become the finishing touch and highlight of the style!

If you like only the best and unique things, and don't agree to compromise - this is for you! And the most luxurious models can be found in the assortment of our FJewellery shop, where the best gold accessories are presented at the most affordable and pleasant price! Enjoy the shopping!

A bit of history

It's not known exactly when our ancestors began to wear these accessories, but archaeologists often find them in the most ancient burials of different civilizations in all corners of the world. Therefore, it's not surprising that the 14 ct gold necklace is considered one of the most ancient types of decoration and to this day doesn't lose its popularity. In ancient times, these were of great value and not everyone could afford to have them. As a rule, it was the privilege of kings, priests and wealthy nobility. During the Middle Ages, heroic warriors and kings wore them over their armor to demonstrate their status and power. And during the period of the magnificent Renaissance, large, luxurious 14 kt neck jewelry became an integral part of the outfits of queens, duchesses and noble ladies, in which they appeared at luxurious balls and receptions.

Today master jewellers create truly chic designs of women's necklaces - real masterpieces, but now any lady can afford to buy them and this is wonderful! By the way, the custom of wearing them with luxurious evening dresses is still relevant.

What kinds of jewellery necklaces are there?

14k gold necklace are a special kind of neck decorations. It differs from others by the presence of a central element that surpasses others in size and this is its specialty. This could be:

Also, 14 carat gold necklaces very in length and thickness, and each model has its own name:

  • collar (up to 12.5 inches) is chunky ​and wide, often worn over a shirt or jacket;
  • choker (13.5-15.5 in) is flat and elegant, it fits snugly around the neck and focuses well on the collarbones;
  • the princess (no more than 19 inches) goes down to the neckline and draws attention to the chest, and the main detail is located just under the collarbones in the center and looks very delicate;
  • matinee (up to 24 in) long and stylish, it drops to the middle of the chest or even lower.

There are also intermediate types of 14ct neck accessories, but these four are the most common, and you can find them all in the FJewellery online catalogue. Our advice will help you choose the right product as a gift for yourself or your girlfriend. And such a surprise will definitely be special for her!

How to choose the right one and what to combine with?

When buying such decoration, you should pay attention to the clasp, since the safety of the product depends on it. For more massive accessories, a toggle lock is better, and for light ones - a carabiner or a box-clasp.

It's also important to clarify separately how to properly care for jewellery, how and with what special means it's worth cleaning. But the best option would be not to forget to take the necklace to a jeweller at least once a year for professional care: to clean, polish, etc.

14kt gold necklace

This precious 585 gold necklace is a real classic that will suit any look and style - the main thing is to find the right model!

For lovers of minimalist accessories, a delicate chain with tiny links and one small sparkling crystal in the center would be ideal. A thin choker is well suited for young girls who prefer casual wear. The jeweled collar is the perfect piece for a business lady as it's luxuriously combined with tailored suits and looks very solid. The adornment of several chains of different lengths looks fine and very stylish - they can be complemented by a light summer dress or a sundress, or they can be combined with a loose T-shirt and simple jeans, which will also be very unusual. It is customary to wear large necklaces with evening or cocktail dresses: voluminous ones are more suitable for bright and lush outfits, and flat ones are better combined with dainty ​and sophisticated looks.

Golden chains and necklaces are perfectly combined with other precious accessories, the main thing is to maintain a uniform style and choose the corresponding models in colour. A good addition can be:

Having decided what kind of 14 karat gold necklace you want to buy, two questions immediately arise: "Where to do it?" and "How much cost?". Of course, we all understand that such a luxurious piece of jewellery cannot be cheap, but it's important to find a store where the value for money will be the best.

The FJewellery website offers the highest quality gold accessories for sale, and our prices can pleasantly surprise you. We also offer discounts and bonuses for regular customers and for those who are with us for the first time. A convenient search system on the site will help you quickly find the desired model by the main characteristics or pictures. We are doing our best for your comfort!