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Wearing a striking necklace made of silver is an elegant detail to make you stand out. Whatever ensemble interested parties come up with, silver necklaces contribute to their quality. At the FJewellery online shop, it is a matter of moments to encounter charming patterns with filigree ornaments and fall in love with gorgeous and distinctive models to put on the neck. Here you will easily discover a fine accessory to go with any outfit, regardless of its fashion labels. Whether you are searching for necklaces for him or for her, you will reach the right destination in a few seconds. Veni, Vidi, Vici!

Silver NecklacesSilver Necklaces

Bestseller Types of Necklaces in Real Silver? Byzantine, tennis, layered, and lavalier chains are the top of the iceberg. However, instead of describing each link pattern in detail, this store welcomes you to join a quick on-site trip and check out in practice what models are captivating. While V-shaped links or the mix of rope and curb necklaces aren’t meaningful when shown in words, their detailed photos make a difference.

How to Select the Right Sterling Silver Chain

When you choose what to wear everyday, the quality of the product is essential. With the help of sterling silver necklaces, a lot of potential issues are eliminated by default. What’s the next step in making an ideal decision? Here are the most crucial parameters to double check and verify before spending money on the chain you like. To make a suitable statement, don’t consider vogue terms as your top priority. Instead, consider what will transform out-there fashion trends for customised designs for you.

The Best Necklace Size for Him and for Her

Each model offers a size chart, so it won’t be a problem to verify the best fit in advance. Designer chains can have unique tips on taking measurements and defining the right match. The sizes for gents and ladies are basically the same, but the way they look on different end users varies. That’s why several teams distinguish male and female charts when there is a need to accessorize a particular jewellery wardrobe.

For Her

From a collar style fit to extremely long chains that rest below the bosom zone, the collection of female sizes is more advanced:

  • The minimum size in the chart is a 14 inch chain. Since it fits tightly around the neck, it works well with several filigree images, including clothes with off-the-shoulder neckline designs.
  • With two inches added, the fit is closer to what fashionistas consider modern chokers. Whether you would like to recreate vintage or futuristic vibes in your outfit, this size will be a suitable option to test. Numerous models owe their existence to divergent cultural traditions around the globe.
  • When you consider a princess style, an 18 inch chain will fit on the collarbone. Like in the case of female flat necklaces will fit the same as for men.
  • The matinee length rests between the collarbone and the bust area, which is considered a perfect fit for the majority of customers. It also works for engraved plates and substitute pendants. Please note that the bigger the size, the more solid and durable the chosen chain type should be. While curb necklaces are secure on their own, snake layouts won’t be appealing when oversized.
  • Opera chains are from twenty-eight to thirty-six inches in size. They are marvellous for evening gowns and clothing with high and stylish necklines.
  • Rope chains are also those that are bigger than the opera style and reach forty-two inches at maximum. It isn’t the most requested dimension. Taking into account that it is more suitable for elegant outfits, this style is more characteristic of fancy models.

For Him

The collection of sizes for men isn’t as varied as in the bespoke rich palette of choices for girls. A lot of details will be predetermined by the person’s height, but you won’t make a mistake by choosing middle sizes like 20 inches and 22 inches.

925 Necklaces925 Silver Necklaces

So here are four big chain styles for male users:

  • The smallest size to work for men starts with an 18 inch necklace. It rests at the base of the neck and goes well with unbuttoned shirts or low V-neck designs of clothing.
  • Two inches more result in are more traditional and versatile fit at the collarbone. In this case, chosen oval, knot, or other pendants won’t get lost on selected tennis or anchor chains.
  • Another increase of two inches provides a perfect fit for people who like to see the necklace sparkle below the collarbone zone.
  • Last but not least important, 24 inch jewellery in silver rests above the sternum and is peculiar from a fashion standpoint. It will work for large charms like padlocks and will obviously attract attention to your gangster-like vibe.

Types of Necklace Closures to Be Aware of

Your convenience as an end user of a jewellery product means a lot. If you fail to put a target accessory on and off after the purchase, this struggle will worsen your satisfaction for sure. Ease of use and security are the two most crucial components of your decision-making success in this regard. This way, there are fewer prospective barriers on the way to wearing your favourite silver necklace with confidence.

Just imagine how irritating it is to spend long minutes trying to close your chain because of an inconvenient clasp it has. That’s why paying more attention to the analysis of available closures shouldn’t be omitted or underestimated.


The name of this hook is quite self-explanatory when it comes to its way of performance. But its design isn’t as simple and minimalist. It is the right choice when you would like to introduce more flair to a particular layout. The interior part is constructed out of a marquise-shaped detail, which is typically decorated with an extra elaborate pattern. Despite the fact it can’t be considered the frontrunner on the list, its popularity is steadily increasing. This is true for sophisticated and unusual chains. Because of this clasp, the overall cost of the ensemble might be a bit more expensive though. If you opt for fashionable-looking closures, it is the right solution.

Mystery Clasp

Another popular option is basically invisible since it is constructed to visually merge with the general palette. As practice shows, this style serves best for designs with beaded lines or pearls on the silver thread. It makes people wonder where the end of the necklace is — it looks like a flawless circle with beautiful ornaments.

Since the construction is chameleon-like, there is also no need to feel concerned about its security — it is safely attached with no risk to fall off the chain. The presented type of closure isn’t widespread because it won’t be able to mimic costume chains such as Figaro or classic wheat links.

Box Clasp

You will surely find this type of closure among the bracelets you wear or see online, but it is also a secure fastener for necklaces as well. Thanks to its composition, this layout works perfectly for wide chains, and Cuban link necklaces are definitely on the list. It doesn’t seem heavy and provides the right degree of protection for an accessory.

It is also a nice option for people who don’t like to struggle to wear their favourite goodies on the neck. Along with its functionality, its usability is a bit limited because such slightly cumbersome fasteners aren’t universal. It won’t suit thin and delicate necklaces.

Layered Clasp

When fashionistas first see this unique construction, they don’t know how efficient it truly is. Unlike traditional options, it is a modern approach to keeping a few necklaces under control when you try multi-layering. Instead of securing each of the chains separately, enthusiasts are enabled to utilise the same means to solder them. To prevent tangling, professionals suggest using a stacking clasp.

When you are interested in the aforementioned option, the following aspects have to be taken into account:

  • This construction isn’t lightweight, so you have to consider what types of necklaces you are going to layer to highlight your neckline.
  • Switching out chains with this kind of closure increases the cost of the jewellery product.

Toggle Clasp

This simple closure is easy to use even if you just see its picture. The marriage of a bar and a basic circle has resulted in an efficient tool for fashionistas who admire silver necklaces. All that you need is to slide the bar through the ring and let gravity do its magic, securing the bar’s position. Compared to other options, it is a pretty bulky choice. Besides, it doesn’t work for just any chain kind.

Necklaces made of SilverNecklaces made of Silver

Magnetic Clasp

If you opt for instant and hassle-free results, this solution is a luxury choice. It doesn’t work for bracelets because of more intensive security threats but remains a solid way out for chains on the neck. If you have weak fingers, it might be lifesaving. But you should always be aware of potential drawbacks that await you here. Sticking to the varietal will be great for tiny 16 inch chains, but their usability for large necklaces is under debate. What’s more, magnets tend to lose their strength over time or under the influence of fellow factors like heat.

Lobster Claw Closure

It is probably among the most popular solutions in the market. Not only does it provide the desired degree of security, but it is also far from extremely challenging for end users. You will still require some effort to open and close it, the cute “O” ring will secure the hook, regardless of your manipulations.

Spring Ring Clasp

It is not a twist in the plot — it is the closest rival of lobster claws in the jewellery industry. Don’t pay attention to its last rating on the list. On the contrary, it is a frontrunner in terms of popularity and well-balanced efficiency. By that, experts usually mean the right ratio between its usability, weight, and price. Their perfect match is a small or short necklace with a plain pendant.

Reasons to Start Wearing Silver Chains

Whenever you see gorgeous layouts to make your style personalised, necklaces without additional decorations, with pendants, or as an ensemble part will be the right answer. Compared to alternative metals in the industry, silver definitely deserves its fame as one of the most sought-after and popular materials for jewellery production. It has a wide range of applications thanks to its distinct features, but what makes the metal so advantageous in the market?

Simply put, its durability, malleability, and visual aesthetics form people’s interest in it. Since the fourth millennium BC, when it was first used to make bands as a money format, the silver evolution path has become a truly magnificent adventure time. In Ancient Egypt, for instance, this precious metal was more precious than gold because of its rarity — it was an imported goody. Thanks to its spreading from Mesopotamia to other civilizations, people can enjoy its spectacular performance in the twenty-first century.

Even putting aside its historic value, the distinguished material has a great number of benefits. Find out why purchasing such a necklace in its dainty and chunky shape is far from a bad idea.

Extreme Durability

It has stood the test of time and proven its status as a resilient metal. Silver can surely endure for a very long time. You have to be careful about the rules of maintenance. Although they aren’t extremely challenging, neglecting them will cost you your favourite piece of jewellery. To say “yes” to an even greater degree of reliability and longevity, feel free to consider sterling silver chains.

While preserving its purity, the analysed material truly pushes its limits. In turn, this only serves end users for the better. There is no need to be concerned about loose diamonds or other gemstones or shattered chains when wearing jewellery made of silver.

Sterling Silver NecklaceSterling Silver Necklace

Highlight Your Personality

The images of sterling silver necklaces on the website are gorgeous and delicate at the same time. If you add bright tones or decide to highlight the metal’s beauty on its own, your intention will pay off with a lucrative style. No matter whether you are going to pick up a ball link or cable chain — even minimalist pieces of jewellery can perform excellently as statement necklaces on the neck.

When decision-making, it is crucial to pay more attention to the meaning of a chosen ensemble. A snake chain will be an unusual expression of your fashion sense on its own, and bringing more pieces like charms or lockets with messages stamped on will only contribute to their value.

Smooth Care and Maintenance

A lot depends on the metal’s purity when it comes to how much a necklace can endure. When it comes to their brilliance, top-notch alloys like a 925 necklace guarantee marvellous results. With sterling silver, enthusiasts achieve a strong material. However, please note it is susceptible to tarnish after prolonged exposure to the air and other environmental influences. If you can’t keep your silver accessories cleaned regularly, it will take some time and effort to restore their original brightness.

Although more and more necklaces are rhodium plated by default, it hasn’t become a rule of thumb. If you ensure this additional layer is present, you will kill two birds with one stone. While preserving the durability of the piece, it is a great opportunity to intensify its sparkle.

Emphasise Your Features

Of course, it is crucial to consider whether a choker that suits your mood will work for your attire for today. Depending on what your fashion intentions are, you are welcome to check what characteristics to highlight through dedicated accessories. Pure silver layouts are eye-catching, regardless of how wide and thick they are.

What’s more, with a necklace or two layered on the neck, interested parties can smoothly create the right touch to their appearance. For example, it is a simple trick to make your neck seem longer by selecting bigger chains of 50 or 60cm. With a pair of elegant earrings or a contemporary fancy bracelet, your image will be complete.

If enthusiasts prefer vivid and strong accents along with silver jewellery at a cheap price, these elements will conjure up an energetic type of personality. Chains with pendants will contribute to the prominence of evening gowns.

Make a Colour Touch to Your Outfit

The distinguished ornaments go nicely in multiple scenarios, whether it is expected to be a typical routine day or you plan to hang out at a fancy event. Silver is a highly compatible metal, which sparkles your outfits. Just check how brilliant it is in the photo. In addition, it lets other elements of your look shine bright like a diamond. It is a matter of taste, of course, but colourful gemstones are juicier when they are “equipped” in silvery-white armour.

The lustre this material gives to the outfit is one of the reasons why people fall in love with its appearance. It is clear for black clothing, but the pastel tones of your wardrobe won’t suffer whenever you try a silver necklace on. On the contrary, it will present a new light on your image.

How to Mach a Beautiful Sterling Silver Necklace

People often choose ideal partners for their silver chains based on what they consider male and female in terms of style. This approach might produce great results, but experimenting is always better when your mind isn't preoccupied with widespread stereotypes. There are both universal and quite specific pictures of jewellery to match divergent necklace versions:

  • Horse shoe pendants — whether you seek a wonderful gift for mens or womens, it is a nice and affordable investment into the target recipient's joy and satisfaction. Taking into consideration their symbolism, the talisman energy of such accessories is outstanding.
  • Onyx rings — despite their fame as a stone for men, a rich palette of onyx stones will serve different purposes to the greatest extent. Onyx rings don't have to be signets. Although eternity designs aren't typical to come with these jewels, the variation of fancy designs is gorgeously spectacular for him and for her.
  • Mariner bracelets — anchor link designs are more casual and work well together when a chain and necklace are of the same style. But that is not a compulsory condition to let the magic begin. Feel free to compare several images to find your perfect combination.


Should I wear mono-silver jewelry ensembles?

The biggest fashion fallacy is to never combine different metals in the same look. Experts once claimed that such a marriage would lead to a divorce. In practice, this rumoured Mission Impossible is quite an easy task. You are welcome to make your own stylish decisions and create your distinctive sense of beauty step by step.

New Necklace in SilverNew Necklace in Silver

Matching a few metals in the outfit would be wonderful for those who desire to bring more flavour to the chosen style. Depending on the design and gemstones in the combination, the final effect will vary — from an elegant harmony to an experimental fusion look.

Can my pendant necklace be created of different metals?

While some people can tolerate gold and silver when they are materials for distinctive products in the ensemble, they aren’t so unanimous in the case of chains with lockets and charms. Once again, there is no rule that stops you from experimenting from this perspective. The fashion industry doesn’t forbid such combinations, so you can frequently see famous celebrities and influencers in marvellous gold and silver accessories.

What clothing will compliment my silver jewellery?

Whether you choose clothes or accessories to purchase first might vary, but you will still require to understand how to match them for any desired result:

  • Discover what colours and shades do blend together. For instance, masters don’t recommend putting striped shirts and silver accessories on for the same outfit. Then your silvery-white treasure will be visually lost. It doesn’t mean that bright clothing is insufficient for the analysed type of jewellery. It only signifies the need for balanced decisions. You have to keep your fashion consciousness switched on to avoid eye-catching patterns mixed with silver necklaces.
  • Interested parties would rather avoid such accessories when their outfits include vibrant colourful patterns. Just a few tones in the palette won’t make a problem, but the abundance of hues is the opposite case. This is due to the possibility that the detected patterns and shades are too vivid and non-harmonious together, overpowering silver jewelry.

Can I wear silver accessories 24/7

Simply put, it is possible but not recommended by experts. If you clean your collection regularly and preserve its durability by any means possible, there should be no issues in enjoying the piece everyday. Don’t forget that taking a shower or similar procedures with any metal jewellery on is a bad idea in the long run. It might deteriorate the layout’s quality and lead to tarnishing, discoloration.

Where to Buy Silver Necklaces On Sale

Being square in a round hole or choosing classic designs — the FJewellery assortment will be an answer to any query. It is clear that interested parties will locate cool and trendy options on the site. So all that is left for you is to make your final decision. Coming at affordable prices and with secure brilliant coatings, this collection is second to none. You won’t desire to let such a luxurious chance to enrich your silver ensembles go and fade into obscurity.

925 silver chain necklace AS0045
925 silver chain necklace AS0045
925 silver chain necklace. 4.3 gram
£ 20
925 silver rope necklace AS0043
925 silver rope necklace AS0043
9 gram 925 silver rope necklace. 9 gram
£ 45
925 silver chain necklace with single tassle AS0036
925 silver chain necklace with single tassle AS0036
925 silver chain necklace with single tassle. 1.00 gram
£ 20